Yogyakarta Palace Keraton

Yogyakarta Palace Keraton: A Live History of Culture and Art

Yogyakarta Palace Keraton: A Live History of Culture and Art

Yogyakarta Palace KeratonJogja Palace or also known as the Keraton Hadiningrat Yogyakarta is a place used by rulers and kings of Islamic Mataram. Keraton itself means a magnificent palace where important people or king in an area lived. So there are also other Keraton in other parts of Indonesia.

Keraton today is used as a museum that keeps artifacts and other historical heritage. Even the palace itself is a valuable heritage. Of course this unique museum is not boring like most museums in Jogja. By only visiting this place, you will be entertained with the beauty of an extraordinary tourist spot, witnessing the true Jogja local art, and get acquainted with its history and custom. Ngayogyakarta Palace Complex is very spacious, special and fascinating. Not surprisingly, many foreign tourists interested to come into the Yogyakarta Palace. Let’s dive into the Palace of Jogjakarta to make your vacation more memorable.

Yogyakarta Palace KeratonThe History of Keraton Yogyakarta Palace

Classic nuance will be found as soon as your feet step into the palace. As if you were taken to the past to be the son and daughter of Keraton. In terms of buildings, the Kraton royal palace Yogyakarta in the past was not much different from the present. Keraton palace Yogyakarta was established in 1755 after the Giyanti Agreement. This agreement made the Islamic Mataram Sultanate divided into two, Surakarta Palace (Solo) and Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace (Jogja). This agreement occurred due to two parties’ disapproval of Dutch rule in the land of Java. Until finally the first sultan of Kraton of Jogja, Sultan Hamengku Buwono I, chose to establish a new sultanate in Jogja area which was more in line with classic Java characteristics.

Jogja and Surakarta Palace are actually brothers from one kingdom. For this reason, until now the two palaces are still often related in various affairs. Keraton Yogyakarta once was thought to have been built as a resting place for the bodyguards who accompanied the body of kings of Mataram who will be buried dikuburkan, and given name as Garjitawati. But there are also those who say that the palace was before a spring in the middle of the Beringan forest.

Yogyakarta Keraton is quite spacious and consists of seven complexes and still has other parts around the Keraton that belong to the king. The seven main complexes are Siti Hinggil Ler which is the northern hall, Kamandhungan Ler, Sri Manganti, Kedhaton (the main palace), Kamagangan, Kamandhungan Kidul, and Siti Hinggil Kidul or the south hall.

The Kraton sultan palace Yogyakarta is a legacy of the Islamic empire that developed since at the hands of its first founder. This extraordinary architecture was designed by the Sultan HB I. In addition to the main part of the palace, the construction of a small gate and fortress in the corners of the palace complex was further developed by his descendants. Those included in Yogyakarta palace complex are North Square, South Square, Gladag Pangurakan Gate, Gedhe Mosque, Pagelaran Complex, Plengkung Nirbaya, Plengkung Gadhing, Pracimosono Complex, Roto Wijayan Complex, Taman Sari, Istana Putra Mahkota Complex, Keraton Kilen Complex , Baluwerti Fortress, Pal Putih Monument, Gedhong Krapyak, Beringharjo Market, and Ndalem Kepatihan (Prime Minister’s Palace).

The function of Keraton Yogyakarta as a home for the king to remain as the Jogjakarta government is increasingly visible with the architectural splendor it makes. The number of carvings and ornaments shows that it is not a place for just anyone. Even each building has a function tailored to its interests and position. Also no one ever thought that the sand in the main yard of the Keraton was sand originating from the South Coast which was later planted by certain trees. The door is made of thick teak wood and is called Regol by the Javanese. But despite being very traditional in style, the fact that Keraton Yogyakarta is adopted ornaments of Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese and Islamic styles cannot be avoided.

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Keraton Jogja Special Events and Performance

Now you already know that Keraton is a place where Jogja’s art and custom continue to be maintained and preserved. No wonder if regular events and performances in Keraton are held to attract the visitors and give knowledge to children and student who visit this palace. You can see traditional dance, gamelan, and puppet show. Below is the schedule of the performances:

  • Monday and Tuesday: Yogyakarta kraton Gamelan music  starts at 10:00 a.m.
  • Wednesday: Wayang Golek Menak (puppet show  starts at 10:00 a.m.
  • Thursday: The traditional dance performance (The kind and name of the dance performed is varied since there are many traditional dances in Jogja. To know what dance will be performed ask the information from your guide)  starts at 10:00 a.m.
  • Friday: Macapat (  starting at 9:00 a.m.
  • Saturday: Leather Puppet Show  starts at 9:30 a.m.
  • Sunday: Human Puppet show & Yogyakarta palace dance performance  starting at 9:30 a.m.

Information of Keraton Yogyakarta

Location of Keraton Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta palace sultan location is not difficult to find. Jogja Palace is located on Rotowijayan Street Blok No. 1, Panembahan, Kraton, Yogyakarta City, Yogyakarta Special Region. The distance between the Yogyakarta Palace and Malioboro is very close to around 50 meters. Then, how to go to Keraton Yogyakarta? From Malioboro many choose to walk because they want to enjoy also the Malioboro shopping area. Besides, the distance is very close. But there are also those who use horse cart and becak. From Keraton you can go to other nearest must visit place, Tamansari, by walking or either by becak.

Kraton Palace Entrance Fee

Do you wonder how many Yogyakarta Palace entrance fee is?

Kraton Palace Opening Hours

Jogja Palace is open at 8 a.m to 2 a.m every day. Usually from the morning, visitors are already crowded, especially if there is a study tour group or joint tourism work. Especially on Friday this place closes at 12 a.m.

Yogyakarta Kraton Tour

With the increasing number of study tours and other private tours to Kraton, there are now many travel agents offering convenient Jogja Keraton tour. Complete facilities and routes and the ability of a reliable agent can make a vacation more meaningful. Like in Pamitran Tours, there are many vacation packages to Jogja that include Keraton as one of its destinations. So if you don’t want to be complicated and definitely get to Yogyakarta Palace and the surrounding tour right away, don’t forget to contact Pamitran Tours team.

Yogyakarta Palace Facilities

Jogja Palace facilities are complete. Because it is located in the center of the city, there were many restaurants, batik and souvenir shops, traditional snacks shops like bakpia, chocolate factory, and café in this millennial era.

Restaurants around Jogja Palace

  • Gardi Resto A classic Jogja restaurant with authentic Jogja food à Rotowijayan Street No.5 (west of Yogyakarta Palace).
  • Pendopo Ndalem Resto An exclusive angkringan with cheap prices à Jl. Sompitan, 200 m from the Palace.
  • Royal Garden Resto Combining modern and classic Javanese style. The location is close to North Square. Chinese food and Asian food menus are presented here.
  • Ndalem Ngabean A restaurant plus hotel mostly foreign tourist will choose. 15 minutes walk from the Palace. Provide traditional Jogja menu and accompanied by gamelan music.

Café Around the Palace

There are many cafes around the Palace at this time. Surely is suitable for young people. Chating with friends and partner while accompanied by a glass of coffee, milk, or traditional drinks and snacks to make you relax.

  • Alun-Alun Café Jl. Langenastran lor no.16
  • Ruang Tengah Café Jl. Patehan Lor No. 8
  • Kedai & Galeri Ndalem Wong Kito Jl. Langenarjan Kidul No.3, Alun-Alun Kidul.
  • Tamansari Café Kompleks jl. Taman Sari No. 1/310
  • Mari_ngopi Jl. Ngadisuryan No.12
  • Kopine Eyang Jl. Panembahan Mangkurat No.9
  • Wedangan Rondjeng
  • Warung Bajigur & Bandrek Budhe Warsi Jl. Alun-Alun Utara No.1
  • Media Corner Avocado Jl. Langenastran Lor No. 22
  • Sastakarta Coffee Jl. Dagen no.14
  • Wanderlust Coffee Division Jl. Sosrowijayan Wetan Gg. 1
  • Kedai Kopi Mataram Jl. Mataram No.55
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