Krakatau Tour Package

Wanting an escape to a totally new journey? Pamitran Tours invites you to take a trip to Mount Krakatau with our special offer of Krakatau Tour Package. You will see the beautiful and sturdy volcano in close range. Beside it, you can also visit exotic beaches in Banten and Ujung Kulon National Park.

Krakatoa Volcano Tour and Its Surrounding

Mount Krakatau or is also called Mount Krakatoa is an active volcano. A destroyer, many say, but in the same time gives people magnificent sight to see. It has beautiful underwater life surrounds it. Many knew about this fact, and that is why the area of Krakatau is now open for Krakatu tourism.

The Krakatoa is a caldera located in Sunda Straits. It is between the islands of Java and the southern part of Sumatra (province of Lampung). Krakatoa Archipelago is also used for the surrounding volcanic island group, that is: Lang, Verlaten, Rakata, and the fourth and the newest is Anak Krakatau (Child of Krakatoa formed in 1833). Anak Krakatau, the new island volcano rose above the waterline.

krakatau tour package

Though the explosion of Krakatoa is very damaging, the fact that it surrounded by beauty and natural wealth deserves to be an atractive tourist spot of krakatau volcano tour indonesia. The underwater is very rich of green, blue, red, and oranges colors with many animals inside.

If you come to this tour, you will not only seeing the volcano from close range with a boat but also experiencing snorkeling and diving into the deep sea of Krakatoa. The mountain recently has some best diving spots.

Amazingly if you come to this Krakatoa tours, as if it is not enough, you can also visit Banten tourist attraction and even Jakarta. Yes, though Krakatoa is in Lampung Province, it is easy to be reached from Jakarta or Banten. Banten is the westernmost province on Java Island. It is a new province in 2000 which was before included in the province of West Java.

The province of Banten has many attractions to see. Such as beaches and Ujung Kulon National Park. This Ujung Kulon National Park is the habitat of Javan rhinoceros and Banteng. Other animals can be found here are Javan leopard, Sumatran dhole, Java mouse-deer, Javan lutung, silvery gibbon, and rare species of plants. The area includes volcanic group of Krakatoa and smaller offshore islets just like Peucang and Handeuleum.

What to Do in Krakatoa – Destinations in Mount Krakatoa Tour Packages

Here are some destinations in Mount Krakatoa Tour you can visit. We also include them in our krakatau tour indonesia.

Hiking Mount Krakatau

Yes. If the condition is stable, you can hike Krakatoa though you cannot reach the peak. The trek will begin with thick jungle, but as you come to the main slope vegetation dissapears. It is set up by small stones and sand. If you think that climbing into the top is hard because of the slow walk, you should remember that you will see the lush green island surround Krakatoa volcano tourism and the blue ocean after.

krakatau tour package

Snorkeling in The Best Spots

As stated before, the area of Krakatoa has some of the best spot to snorkel. You can go to Cabe Lagoon and Rakata Island. The Krakatoa tourism spot is not very far from the volcano. You can see anemones, starfish, and beautiful coral.

Explore Ujung Kulon National Park

Going into the wild jungle is the best experience you should have in this tour. Ujung Kulon National Park, the largest troppical forest in Java Island is where you can get lost and see many amazing attractions. Three types of ecosystems can be found here, namely swamps, land, and marine waters. If you are lucky you can spot Javan rhino, Java bull, and other secies of birds, reptiles, fish, and coral reefs.

Visiting All The Wonderful Natural Beaches

The province of Banten is known for several natural beaches. Some of them are very popular, such as Anyer Beach, Tanjung Lesung Beach, Tanjung Layar Beach, Carita Beach, Karang Bolong Beach, Sawarna Beach, and Pasir Putih Beach. Also you cannot miss Ciramea, the beach which is a habitat for turtle.

Island Hopping and Snorkeling

If you like to take more days in the tour, you can do island hopping to some of the well known islands around Mount Krakatau like Sebuku Island and Umang-umang Island. Or to islands around Banten area such as Umang Island, Peucang island, Sangiang Island, and Bird Island. Those islands are wonderful. You can also snorkeling in the area.

Seeing The Cultural Attraction at Baduy Village

The Baduy are the native Banten tribe that famous for its persistence in maintaining custom. If you are a person who likes unique things, then just go to this Krakatoa tourist attractions and see the life of Baduy people that do not use vehicles for transportation or electronic equipment or even use footwear. They also still wear the traditional costume.

Canoeing in Cigenter River

Cigenter River is the little amazon of Banten. It features wild animals live aling the river. Canoeing in the calm river will be perfect, moreover if you spot some snakes, crocodiles, and many other wild animals.

Visiting Merak Port and Ci Bom

Indonesia is known as a maritime country. For this reason, there are many ports which are quite important. In this tour you can see Ci Bom which used to be a big port in the days of Duth colonialism. The view of lighthouses, old buildings, Dutch prison, and museum become the main highlight.

Meanwhile, Merak Port is an important harbour in the Dutch era until now. The port was built in 1912 and became one of the famous because of its strategic location. It became the golden route of trade that made the economy and politics in Java develop rapidly. You can learn the history of Java too here.

Krakatau Tour Package Price and All Mount Krakatoa Tour Packages

Those are several best things to do in Mount Krakatoa tour packages. If you join our Anak Krakatau Tour you will see all of those attractions. Our packages are ranging from the cheapest into some of the best one.

We guarantee your tour to krakatoa will be unforgetable. Some of Krakatau Tour we have are: Krakatoa Camping Trip, krakatau dive tour, Krakatau One Day Tour, Krakatau Ujung Kulon Tours 2D1N, and Krakatau Ujung Kulon 3D2N tours.

Krakatoa Tour Package is Starting from The Cheapest:

Rp 2.875.000

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All Krakatau Tour Package at Pamitran Tours

Example of Krakatoa Tours Itinerary

Day: 01

We leave from Carita Beach at 8;00 a.m,with speed boat cruise sunda strait to Anak Krakatau, Landing and Climbing until first level, than back to our boat continue to legon Cabe (Old Krakatau) for snorkeling and lunch, after that directly to Handeleum Island (Ujung Kulon National Park) Check in at accommodation, free program, at 4.30 pm, we have short tracking Program at this island, crossing the island to west side, for sunset, back after sunset, dinner around 7.00 pm, free program.

Day: 02

After breakfast, we go by boat to Cigenter river, take about 15 minutes for Canoeing program, Drop at Grazing land before canoeing. During 1 hours on the canoe, if we are lucky we can see many animal Piton, black monkey, crocodile, Rhinos and many kind of bird, stop at the middle of rivers to continue tracking program to head of the river, take about 1 and half hour, arrived at real jungle, resting and swimming at the small waterfall, then back to our boat, then back to the Island for lunch, after that back to Carita. End of Trip.

We are waiting you to join us at our Krakatoa Tour Packages. We guarantee you will get the best experience ever with us. The cheap price include accomodation, transportation, and entrance fee.

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