Kotagede Yogyakarta

Kotagede Yogyakarta: Classic, Artistic, Rich

Kotagede Yogyakarta: Classic, Artistic, Rich

Kota Gede Walking TourKotagede is a historic administrative subdistrict in Yogyakarta. It keeps the remains of the first capital of Mataram Sultanate which established in 16th century. Some of the remains are the royal cemetery, the royal palace, defensive walls, moats, and the royal mosque. For international world, this Kotagede may popular for its silver crafting. It’s true, but you should notice also that Kotagede is the center of culture in Yogyakarta where historical heritages from the Mataram Sultanate still can be seen. We recommend you to join our Kotagede Walking Tour to get to know well about Yogyakarta and its ancestors. Or, join the Kotagede Cycling Tour in Pamitran Tours where you can get around Kotagede while cycling casually.

About Kotagede

Kotagede was a forest named Mentaok. Until in 16th Century, Ki Ageng Pemanahan (ruler of Islamic Kingdom of Pajang) opened the forest. Since then, he established settlement and named after his title ‘Ki Gedhe Mataram’ means the Lord of Mataram. After Ki Ageng Pemanahan died, his son Sutawijaya continued the development and pembangunan. Sutawijaya then conquer surrounding kingdom near Mataram and make Kotagede as the capital city. The name Kotagede was used to show that Kotagede is a great city. During this time Kotagede was fortified with walls.

By the end of 19th century, transportation and economy improved in Kotagede. Because of that, this place started to produce silverware. Since then Kotagede is popular for the best silver craft in Yogyakarta and nowadays the place is become a tourist center where many historical relics of Mataram Sultanate are still found such as the great mosque, Mataram cemetery, fort, and many more.

Kotagede Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction and Surroundings

In our cycling and walking Kotagede tour, you will find many interesting things. Kotagede tourist attraction as if it does not want to bore you even though it includes historical stories that can sometimes make you tired. The splendor architectural of its buildings, as well as the artistic aspect that cannot be released from Kotagede, will make you know the history of Java and admire its beauty.

Kotagede Mataram Royal Cemetery

Kotagede Mataram Royal Cemetery is a must visit place. There is no entrance fee and this is the place where the rulers of Mataram buried. The building uses brick as its walls. The architecture is similar to temple building in Bali. To enter the main cemetery you need to change clothes with the one available in the place. You need to wear jarik kemben (fabrics from batik that are used from chest to ankles)

The Great Mosque Kotagede

Beside the cemetery, the Great Mosque Kotagede is the next place to go in kotagede. The Javanese architecture can be seen very well, shows that this building belongs to Keraton. Dominated by the dark green color which is the icon color of yogyakarta.

Kotagede Silvercraft

There are many silver craft shops in this area. Every shops sell high quality silver craft. You can find rings, necklaces, earrings, and other items such as home decoration, tea set, and many other. You can also join the silver craft class.

Legi Market

This is the only traditional market in Kotagede. Legi Market still operated until now and become the support of the lives of the people in Kotagede. This market becomes crowded in Legi day in Javanese calendar.

cycling tour kotagedeTraditional Houses

It is not strange if in Kotagede you will see traditional houses. Joglo building can be found in Omah UGM. This place ever been used for filming purposes some time. Antique goods are still neatly stored inside the house. Other than Omah UGM, Rumah Pesik or Pesik House is also famous. Pesik House was a house for Kalang people, the Balinese descendant who is quite influential when the Mataram Sultanate established. Pesik House bergaya Java, Dutch, and Islam. The next is Langgar Dhuwur, a family mushola that build rather high. In the past Langgar Dhuwur was found a lot. Today you can find it in Jagalan. The architecture is a blending of Dutch and Java classic style.

Monggo Chocolate Factory

The new popular tourist destination around Kotagede is the Monggo Chocolate Factory. Monggo is a original chocolate brand from Jogjakarta. It is very unique because there are many flavors such as mango, rendang, ginger, white chocolate and many other strange flavors. In the factory you can see how the chocolate is made and packed.

Kotagede Alleyways

Other uniqueness in Kotagede is the narrow alleyways. Nobody knows why the alleyways in Kotagede are made very narrow, some of it even just enough for one person. Whether this is intentional or not, the explanation is never certain. The one that certain is it will be very fun to pass these small alleys by cycling. You can stop at some ancient and classic houses or buildings that you meet.

Get to Kotagede

Kotagede is not so far from Malioboro. It is easily reached by any kind of transportation. You can use bus (TransJogja), taxi, car, or motorbike. You can also use traditional transportation such as andong (a cart drawn by horse) or becak. Other transportation you can use is bicycle. To rent it you can contact Pamitran Tours. Cycling in Kotagede is very relaxing. For this, make sure you contact us. Or you can also use our Kotagede cycling tour. In this tour we will escort you to some popular Kotagede. This way your vacation to Kotagede is more secure and certain.

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