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Komodo Island Travel Guide

Komodo Islands Tour Guide

See the Largest Ancient Lizard in The World at Komodo Islands Tour

The island of Komodo is the habitat of Komodo dragon, largest-ancient-lizard on Earth, which is named after the island. Komodo Island is included as the new 7 wonders of nature in UNESCO, especially because the unique ancient man-eating lizard. So, when you think dinosaurs have already extinct, Indonesia introduce you to its friend, Komodo Dragon. Not only the dragon, when you come to Komodo Islands tour, you can enjoy diving, snorkeling, trekking, and visit a beach. There are three main islands to see the beauty of Komodo Islands in a whole; Rinca Island, Komodo Island, and Padar Island. And maybe, you can also visit other island like Sumbawa in the west and Flores in the east of Komodo Islands.

Introduction to Komodo Dragons

Komodo Island Tour

photo by: instagram/@xmskr

Before we talk so far about Komodo Islands tourism, we should know first the icon if the island, Komodo Dragons. It also called as Komodo monitor. Komodo is the largest living species of lizard on earth that can grow to 3 metres at maximum. While other mega fauna died out after the Pleistocene era, Komodo become the only one that survives. The fossils of Komodo even dating to greater than 3,8 million years ago.

Komodo Dragons is poisonous. They hide the toxic under its lower jaw which produce poisonous saliva. Its venomous bite can numb birds, invertebrates, mammals, and even human. In some case they attack humans also. The skin is reinforced by armoured scales. However it has poor vision at night. It only uses tongue to detect smell and taste.

Komodo prefers hot and dry places like savanna, tropical forest at low elevations, and grassland. They are solitary and active in the day. They only come together for breeding and eating. The mating period is between May and August. Eggs will probably laid in September. During this time, males guard the females and territory. The females will make many camouflage nests so the eggs will be save from other carnivore.

Komodo Indonesia Tourist Object

Komodo Island

Of course the first place to go in Komodo Islands Indonesia is the Komodo Island. It has been set by UNESCO as one of the world heritage. Except for the Komodo Dragons, Komodo Island has natural beauty characteristic of East Nusa Tenggara. In this island about 1.300 Komodo Dragons live and its population is growing every year since 2009. Meet the Komodo Dragons and admire its natural landscape.

Pulau Rinca

photo by: instagram/@pickkolder19

Rinca Island

Want to see the giant lizard in other place? Rinca Island is the answer. Besides Komodo Island, Rinca is the next habitat for the animal. You can explore the jungle with a guide to see the wild Komodo, wild pig, buffalo, and birds.

Gili Lawa Darat

Gili Lawa is famous as the entrance gate to Komodo National Park. What makes it gorgeous is the view of the sea and wide savannah. You don’t need to get into the summit, just go to the best spot you could have seen the unusual view of ocean and hills.

Kalong Island

Some prefer to go to Kalong in the end of the day, when sun is going to set. All your tired will be pay off when you see Kalong panorama. In sunset, you can see thousands of bats fly in the sky. This bat is that become the origin of the island. Kalong means bat.

Kelor Island

Kelor Island can be enjoyed by snorkeling or diving in the depth of the sea to see pretty fishes and coral reef. For you who are the beginner and afraid of komodo islands diving, Kelor Island can be explored by trekking to the summit of the hills. When you have arrived there, you can see the ocean from above. Capture the moments with photos.

Komodo Tours Destinations

Komodo Island Pink Beach

photo by: instagram/@hendrickhartono

Labuan Bajo

Flores is not so far from Komodo Islands. In Flores, there is one amazing harbor to visit, Labuan Bajo. The wonderful port city Labuan Bajo guarantees you will have perfect memories of sea, boats, and the magnificent green hills surrounding the area.

Komodo Island Pink Beach

What do you think of pink beach? It is where the sand on a beach has pink color, and that become the origin of its name. Pink Beach in Flores is very-very beautiful. Light blue and dark blue color of the sea blend together, the pink sand maximize the panorama, and added with the strong green hills surround the place, makes it a perfect tropical holiday.

Taka Makassar

Taka Makassar is a good place for snorkeling in Komodo islands tour. People can also see the sandbanks when the tide is low. The pristine water teases you to join them in the sea.

Padar Island

The third-largest island in Komodo National Park is a must-visit-places. It is also a home to Komodo Dragon. But what is popular here is the view from atop of the hill where you can see the body of the island and the ocean around it.

Places to Go in Komodo Island

Snorkeling with Manta or Turtles

Swimming or snorkeling with Manta Rays or turtles is not something difficult to get. Only in rainy season, the chance swimming with Manta is better. While sea turtles are almost everywhere in the ocean. Go dive or snorkel in Komodo Best Snorkeling Spot and you can easily find them.

Kanawa Island

It is a private-like island perfect for relaxing or barbeque-ing. You can swim and marvel the marine life beauty, the white-sandy beach, and more. Take your friends with you and the day here is almost perfect.

Rangko Cave

The cave is located near Labuan Bajo. What makes it interesting is the natural pool of the pristine-blue water in the cave. It contains salt, so even though it is deep enough you can floating easily.

How to Go to Komodo Islands

Komodo Islands is in the east of Java, Lombok, and Bali. You can go by airplane from Jakarta or Bali. There is no direct international flight to Komodo Islands tours. You will be arrived to Labuan Bajo Airport. From the airport you will need to take a boat to Komodo Islands. But for some money reason, you can also choose to go by ship from Lombok to Komodo.

Culinary Tour in Komodo Islands

Komodo Islands are included in the area of East Nusa Tenggara, so it has typical of Flores culinary and East Nusa Tenggara.

  • Se’i: Se’i is a name for a food where meat is cooked by the heat of smoke and not in fire. The cooking stove is made away from the flame tongue so that the meat is not too burnt. The meat used is varies from pork, beef, and venison which is a bit rare in this region.
  • Bose Corn: Corn is used to replace the use of rice. It is usually served on a traditional event. Corn that is used is white corn which is then mixed with salt and coconut milk.
  • Kolo: it is roasted rice. It is a traditional food from Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara. Rice is cooked by using bamboo and burned. Rice will be mixed with seasoning before entering into bamboo and being burned.

How to Plan a Trip to Komodo

Komodo Islands might be an unknown world for you as it is has different weather, climate, and condition. You need to pay attention to some important tips to make sure your trip to Komodo Islands is not a waste.

  • Choose the best time. The best time to get into Komodo Islands is from April to June and September to November. This is the perfect time where you can Komodo dragon sightseeing, snorkeling, and diving in the calm ocean.
  • Pay attention to menstrual period. This is for ladies, please make sure that you are not going to see Komodo Dragons while you get your menstrual period. Komodo can be aggressive if they smell the blood.
  • Plan Your Destination. Search which places you will visit in Komodo Islands. You may also desire to go to nearest places surround the island such as those in Sumbawa or Flores. Make the list and eliminate which are not so important. Then ask your tour agent whether those places can be visited in your trip or not. Pamitran Tours in this way will give you the best advice. We also guarantee you will have alternatives for several options.
  • Packing Important Thing. Komodo is a hot and dry island. So just take cotton-based cloth that can absorb your sweat. Bring also casual style clothes that will not bother you when you need to trek the hills and the national park. Swimsuit is a must thing as Komodo has dreamiest beach and sea. Bring also the sunblock with you to avoid skin damage because of the heat.

Other Tips to Komodo Tour

  • Camera Ready Wonderful panorama from land to land and sea to sea in Komodo Islands is all photogenic. Always prepare your camera in your bag to take memorable photo or magnificent landscape of Komodo island.
  • Cash Only. There will be no ATM in Komodo Islands, so before you go here prepare your cash first.
  • Join an Open Trip. If you want to be accompanied by many people, you can join Komodo Tour open trip. Besides going in a group is better than alone. It is also better if you go by choosing a trusted Komodo Tour Packages as those in Pamitran Tours. Pamitran Tours is the best travel agent to get trip to Komodo. You can also choose your own destination. If it is possible then going to Komodo trip as you like is an easy thing.
  • Be Safe. Komodo will not threaten you if you don’t threaten them. Don’t make sudden move or if you suddenly chased by the dragon, run in zigzag rather than straight and hide on the houses in the national park. Don’t climb the tree. Follow the guide instruction. Don’t go alone as Komodo might be attracted to a lone prey.
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