Best Waterfalls in Lombok

Best Waterfalls in Lombok

Best Waterfalls in Lombok

There is the highest waterfall in Lombok and there is also the most beautiful one that will make you amazed by its beauty. Watching the best of Lombok waterfalls will be a different experience. Surely Lombok is not only charming because of its beach or gili (small island). If you don’t want to lose to see the beautiful waterfall in Lombok, we will give you list of popular waterfalls in Lombok Indonesia. Some of them are still hidden and waiting to be rediscovered.

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Top 15 Best Waterfalls in Lombok Indonesia

Best Waterfalls in Lombok

Sendang Gile Waterfall

1. Kerta Gangga Waterfall

This multilevel waterfall in Lombok is very exotic. Three waterfalls are divided into two upper and lower levels. Exotic Kerta Gangga Waterfall even popular for foreign tourists.

2. Tiu Bombong

Tiu or waterfalls are many found in Lombok. One of them is Tiu Bombong. At a glance the water that falls slowly is similar to a weaving thread that dangles down. But when there is a large water discharge, Tiu Bombong will have two waterfalls.

3. Tiu Teja

Tiu Teja is still located in one location with Tiu Bombong, precisely below it. Teja which means rainbow is taken as its name because in this waterfall there are often rainbow reflections in the water. Tiu Teja is two waterfalls side by side showing the beauty of North Lombok.

4. Sendang Gile Waterfall

Sendang Gile Waterfall is one of the most popular waterfalls Lombok Indonesia. To be able to find it requires a struggle down 315 steps. But when you see it, all tired would pay off. There is a magical story here, that anyone who bathes or cleanses his face with Sendang Gile waterfall will be forever young.

5. Tiu Kelep

The most beautiful waterfall in Lombok is Tiu Kelep. The trip here will be very memorable. Visitors must pass through a water tunnel to see Tiu Kelep. Uniquely, the shape of Tiu Kelep is the same as Sendang Gile Waterfall.

Best Waterfalls in Lombok

Tiu Kelep @Jovi_Travel

6. Segenter Waterfall

This waterfall flows profusely down. Segenter Waterfall is included in the Nuraksa Sesaotini Forest Park Area. To be able to come here, you have to walk for about 45 minutes. Most of waterfalls in Lombok are indeed still hidden behind forest or even mountain.

7. Timponan Waterfall

The only waterfall that is the most difficult to reach but beautiful is the Timponan Waterfall. Visitors must walk 2 to 3 hours, so bathing in cold water from this waterfall after long trekking will be something recommended.

8. Benang Kelambu Waterfall

Not means to stop, Lombok has the prettiest waterfall named Benang Kelambu Waterfall that shows skill by displaying soft elegance panorama. Benang Kelambu in English means yarn of mosquito net. This waterfall is divided into several parts and descends like a curtain of mosquito net yarn between the trees that stick with shade on the walls of the waterfall. This non-heavy water has pool under it suitable for swimming.

9. Benang Setokel Waterfall

In contrast to Benang Kelambu, Benang Setokel Waterfall has 3 waterfalls lined up. Benang Setokel means Stokel yarn. The water that goes down is not heavy and slowly falls similar to a thread of stokel yarn that tied together.

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10. Jeruk Manis Waterfall

Jeruk Manis Waterfall or means Sweet Orange Waterfall is located in the Mount Rinjani National Park Conservation Area. The fresh water in this place is said to cure various diseases. But the main attraction is of course the beautiful waterfall that can be seen from any angle.

11. Mangku Sakti Waterfall

The height of Mangku Sakti Waterfall is 30 meters. This waterfall has a unique view of whitish gray grooved rocks. Water that is rather cloudy because it contains sulfur is believed to cure skin diseases and other diseases. Mangku Sakti waterfall is the newest popular destination now in Lombok Island.

12. Mangku Kodeq Waterfall

Not far from Mangku Sakti, there is Mangku Kodeq Waterfall which is not high but has a pond with turquoise green water color. Mangku Kodeq is also the beautiful waterfall Lombok.

13. Otak Kokoq Waterfall

Otak Kokoq Waterfall is quite popular among the people because of its uniqueness. This waterfall comes out from the root of a Banjur tree that is hundreds of years old, so it is believed to be efficacious for various things.

14. Semporonan Waterfall

Semporonan Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Lombok. The height is 30 meters and the water is heavy. The walls are overgrown with trees whose roots creep up to the waterfall pool.

15. Ulem-Ulem Waterfall

Tete Batu Village is famous as a beautiful tourist village. The famous waterfall here is Ulem-Ulem Waterfall. To arrive to the site visitors must be willing to pass the edge of a protected forest inhabited by black monkeys. Then you can see the magical Ulem-Ulem Waterfall.

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There are lots of top waterfalls in Lombok. Can’t wait to get there soon, right? So let’s pack your goods and contact Pamitran Tours, a reliable tour agent, for those who want to go on a perfect vacation of Lombok waterfalls tour. Visit the waterfall in Lombok with us.


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