Best Beach in Lombok

Best Beach in Lombok

It is not surprising if Lombok has so many beaches. There are enough of them to visit during your holiday in the island. Pristine waters, fresh breeze of the sea, clear sky, and white sand; all about those tropical feeling will make you wander and not stop to admire the beauty. To make your visit more perfect we suggest you to explore Lombok beaches by private transportation. And for the recommendation, Pamitran Tours is the best place to rent the private transportation and also provide Lombok tour packages which you can take for the best option. Okay, so here are short descriptions on the best beaches in Lombok.

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19 Best Beach in Lombok Indonesia

Best Beach in Lombok

Nipah Beach, North Lombok

1. Penyisok Beach

Nothing is more fun than seeing a stretch of beach that looks strange and seems impossible in Indonesia. Penyisok Beach is one of a kind that offers beautiful views with the form of stone and pristine waters. The expanse of the savanna in the hills combined with the blue sea is unlimited scenery. And the best of all is this place still relatively new. Location: Sekaroh Village, Kec. Jerowaru, East Lombok.

2. Setangi Beach and Ghost Villa

Setangi Beach is a hidden Lombok Island tourist attractions because it is still empty of visitors. Even so, this beach turned out to be very beautiful. There is a unique spot that you can try to visit on this beach which is called as Ghost Villa. This is an abandoned hotel building. This place is sometimes used as a photo booth.

3. Semeti Beach

Remember the Krypton rocks in the Superman movie? Now, a place like that exists in Indonesia. Don’t believe? Just come to Semeti Lombok Beach. The hills form a layered and tapered formation like those in Krypton rocks. Some rocks even emerge from the sea and resemble pyramids. Location: Mekar Sari Village, West Jaya District, Central Lombok.

4. Nambung Beach

Many people say that Nambung Beach has a waterfall on the beach. Actually, this is not a waterfall, but the big waves that hit the rocks, that then accommodated before finally going back down to the sea. The scenery is worth to see. Location: Pengusun Hamlet, Buwun Emas Village, Kec. Sekotong, West Lombok.

5. Tebing Beach

Not least with the strangeness of Semeti Beach is Tebing Beach, which is a Lombok Indonesia tourist attraction, has a unique squiggly hill wall. The wall even formed from the unique process of cloud deposits that meet the cold sea water that comes ashore. The latest 2018 Lombok tourism is located in Luk Hamlet, Sambiq Bangkol Village, Kec. Gangga, North Lombok.

6. Tanjung Bongo

Tanjung Bongo is the hidden paradise behind green hills of Bukit Merese south of Lombok. Most travellers will come to see Tanjung Bongo to discover the pristine beaches where they can swim and snorkel. Trek the endless green hills or enjoyed walking in the really white sand beach.

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Best Beach in Lombok

Tanjung Aan Beach

7. Tanjung Aan Beach

The Tanjung Aan is close to Kuta Beach. Both are charming but offer different views. At Tanjung Aan, there is a stone umbrella spot that is the target of photo hunter because of its strange shape. See the sunset in Tanjung Aan is also recommended. The view will give you different sensation than in morning or afternoon.

8. Senggigi Beach

This is the most famous beach in Lombok, which is always the target of tourists who come to Lombok. It’s called as Senggigi Beach. The sea on this beach is very clean and the gradations from green to dark blue can be seen. The sand also graded from black to white sand. In order not to get bored, you can do snorkeling.

9. Tanjung Bloam Beach

Taking photos in Tanung Bloam Beach is a must. Tanjung Bloam is still new, but the panorama is not inferior to other beaches on Lombok. The unique hills that stretch will always be a place to relax or take pictures in the beach.

10. Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanak Beach is the only one that displays a half circle form of beach. It is amazing and is a tourist attraction in Lombok that must be visited. The expanse of other islands around Lombok can be seen from above the hills in Selong Belanak. Very beautiful and magical at the same time.

11. Pink Beach

You can’t miss Pink Beach however. This beach, which real name is Tangsi, now has the name of Pink Beach because there was a unique phenomenon that happened. White sand turns into pink because of coral and the shell fragments of the marine organisms, Foraminifera, that usually come into the seashore. Their red color blends perfectly with the white sand and makes it turn into pink. This Pink Beach is quite similar with the one in Komodo Island. To get this spectacular view, come at the right time from 08.00 – 16.00 WITA.

12. Sekotong Beach

Sekotong Beach is a virgin beach that began to introduce itself to tourists. The air here is very clean. The hills are also charming.

Best Beach in Lombok

Senggigi Beach

13. Mawun Beach

This beautiful beach is still relatively new. The shape of the beach lip is concave like the letter U. The sea has a gradation of light to dark blue. But even though it’s still new, some guides suggest Mawun Beach as a Lombok tourist spot that must be visited.

14. Seger Beach

The fresh and very natural color gradation of water as well as the combination of hills and rocks is an extraordinary attraction at Seger Beach, one of the exotic beaches in Lombok that is a suitable place to look for sunrise in the morning.

15. Paradise Beach

As the name suggests, Paradise Beach can truly reflect the stunning views of the paradise garden. The natural stretch is a shame if you just miss it. And this place would certainly be a tourist spot for Lombok to visit.

16. Mangsit Beach

Just 5 minutes from the Senggigi, Mangsit will take place to attract your eyes. Mangsit is a quiet place with hotels and restaurants along. The unique phenomena you can see here is the black sparkling sand in the beach which comes from the volcanic process. Swimming, sunbathing while grabbing drinks, or even learning surfing can be a good choice to spend the time in Mangsit Beach.

17. Nipah Beach

Gorgeous blue turquoise water in Nipah Beach always succeeded to bewitch visitors. Though tourists hardly ever visit Nipah, the experience is good enough. You can swim in the calm water and when you get hungry you can visit one of the many bamboo shacks where you can choose your own fresh fish which is then grilled and served with some assorted side dishes.

18. Sire / Sira Beach

Sire Beach or usually also called as Sira is a must-see destination where the views of Mount Rinjani rising up in the background. The water is calm make it ideal for swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, and even fishing.

19. Kaliantan Beach

If you go to Kaliantan, it means that you will have the beach on your own. Not many people visit the beach, but that’s maybe one of the reasons you should visit Kaliantan Beach. Pure of the human footprints, this place can be enjoyed by trying kitesurfing. Pssst, this is the only place in Lombok that has a licensed kitesurfing school.

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Those are best beaches to visit in Lombok. You can choose whichever you want, but we suggest try that has unique panorama or activities to do such as best surfing beaches in Lombok. But if your days are longer in Lombok, why don’t you try to visit them one by one right?

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