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Yogyakarta Never Ending Asia

Yogyakarta never ending asia. The city Yogyakarta is the main heart from a very interested region. In this district there is so much to find. It is easy to fill up a whole week full with activities / sightseeing in this district.

Yogyakarta Never Ending AsiaIn the main city center the Sultan is standing central and shows that Yogyakarta is indeed a unique city, as it is the only city where the Sultan still has so much influence. He is even the general of DIY (Daearah Istimewa Yogyakarta / Special Province of Yogyakarta), and you definitely see that back inside town. The Sultan always had a very special role in Yogyakarta and even till now he is still very popular under the inhabitants. Interested places where you can find the more history about Yogyakarta as a Sultan city are Kraton (Sultan Palace), Taman Sari (Waterpalace), Museum Sunobudoyo in the city centre, Makam Imogiri (Sultans Graveyard) in Imogiri and Museum Ullen Sentalu near by the Merapi.

Yogyakarta City Centre has many history and interesting architecture. Next to the Kraton and Taman Sari which are already mentioned, you can find many old colonial buildings which are still in use. If not used as museum such as Benteng Vredeburg it is used as office buildings, for example the main post office or Bank Indonesia.

The main attraction for the Indonesian tourist is Malioboro street. It is a real meeting point where all Indonesians tourists are going for buying their souvenirs. They start making their picture in front of the Malioboro sign at the beginning at the street and then walk all the way down to the end of the street where you can find the well know “pasar Bringharjo”. This is a big market where traditional food, house equipment, body products and clothes are sold. One of Yogyakarta’s biggest export product is Batik. On this market it is possible for everyone to find batik as you can find here batik in many price categories. For a real high quality batik, which is produced on the real traditional way (which is not a mass production), you better can go to one of the many Batik shops you can find all over Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta Never Ending AsiaBack to Malioboro area. Next to souvenirs you can find in this area also the second biggest export product of Yogyakarta: Bakpia. Bakpia is a small round baked “cookie”, traditionally filled with mung beans. In the last years many new companies started to make this popular snack from Yogyakarta, which had as a result that new tastes where invented. By producing new tastes they try to win the hearts of their clients as the competition in this business became really big. One of the new tastes next to the traditional mug been, cheese or chocolate is green tea.

As Malioboro area became such a big meeting place, resulted that around this area you can find many hotels / hostels in different price classes. Keep in mind that it is a really crowded tourist area to stay over. Yogyakarta has many hotels in also in different more quit areas.

Yogyakarta is divided in the north and the south by the railway. The south part of Yogyakarta is known as the more traditional area where you can find more artistic people and is “less” developed as the North part. The Northern part is more known as the student area as you can find here the biggest universities of Yogyakarta. The reason why we say that this part is “more” developed is because here you can find the malls, the cinema’s, the modern clothing shops and also the nightlife such as disco’s and karaoke bars.

Actually you cannot say that Yogyakarta is split up in the north and the south part,  because it exist of 4 regencies; Bantul, Gunung Kidul, Kulon Progo and Sleman Regency. Each regency has its own interesting places which are worth to visit. Unfortunately many tourists just stay in Yogyakarta for visiting the main highlights of this area such as the Borobudur temple, Prambanan Temple, Kraton and Taman Sari, but it has so much more to offer. Next to the 4 regencies, Yogyakarta is also located so strategically, that it is easy to make day trips outside these 4 regencies to for example Solo (which is Yogyakarta’s sister city), Dieng, Pacitan or Semarang.

Yogyakarta has for every person something to offer; colonial history, interesting architecture, exotic temples, stunning viewpoints, beautiful nature, adventure activities, relaxing beaches and much more.

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