Timang Beach

Adventure Never Ends in Timang Beach Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

Timang Beach

Timang Beach

photo by: pierrenewmaster

If you come to Yogyakarta, though this city is well known for the cultural trip, you should try adventurous activity that this city has, the Gondola Timang. Timang is a lovely beach located in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta, about 70 km to east of Yogyakarta downtown. It takes 2 hours by car to get to Timang. You need to get there by private car or motorbike. If you need to rent car plus driver you can contact Pamitran Tours. You can also take our Jogja Timang beach tour package to ease your trip. We will escort you not only to Timang beach but also other tourist object near it.

Timang BeachTalking about the gondola in Timang, some say it as ‘the death gondola’. Why is it so? Gondola ride is common thing you can find in mountainous range. Modern gondola may have good look and easy way to be operated using electricity. But in Timang Beach, the gondola that we mean is the traditional one, entirely made of wood and ropes. It is operated with the help of clever pulley system. Then what is the exact function of this gondola?

Timang gondola is used as a ferry of the lobster fishermen. It connects the mainland to smaller rocky reef 20 meters offshore. The Watu Panjang (the island in the middle of the sea) is a home of thousands lobsters. Nowadays, the gondola become a thrilling experience many tourists want to try, since it attract many people since the first time Timang Beach was opened for the public. The tourist also likes to ‘dive into’ the story of the lobster fishermen’s life that connected to this gondola.

However if you are not keen on the gondola, the locals have built another new bridge to cross to the same island. For you who want to cross the mainland with gondola, you should not worry about the safety. The fishermen who operated the gondola are professional and the gondola itself is safe for anybody who wants to try it. But remember, this gondola only fit for one people with a maximum weight of 130 kg.

Attraction on Timang Beach Jogja

Timang Beach

photo by: instagram/@lisa_ang

Other attraction than the death Timang Beach gondola is the delectable culinary of lobster original from this area. The fresh lobster will be cooked with the secret recipe of Gunungkidul coast. The lobster that is cooked is the catches of lobster fishermen. So don’t forget to taste this one.

If you still think that this gondola Timang is not enough, there are still several other tourist objects near the Timang Beach. Such as the Nglambor Beach in which you can snorkeling and explore the underwater beauty of Jogja. Or, Jogan Beach where you will find the magical panorama of sunset in the beach and small waterfall in the shore.

Beside it, maybe you will go again for another adventure like rock climbing in Siung Beach or try also to camp in the shore of this beach. While Jomblang Cave is open for you who like to take journey deep below the earth.

How to Get to Timang Beach

Timang beach is in Purwodadi Village, Tepus subdistrict, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. It is in the east of Yogyakarta downtown where you need private car or motorbike to get here. The trip takes two to three hours to go. The road along the journey is easy. But if you use car, after you get close to Timang you need to park it in the available parking area and is told to take motorbike taxis which will drive you to 3km more trip to get into the beach. The cost for this motorbike taxi is Rp 50.000. Other than this motorbike, timang beach jeep is the alternative to get into Timang. One jeep costs Rp 350.000.

Timang Beach Entrance Fee

There is still no ticket for Timang Beach Indonesia. It’s just the parking fee for your transportation that you need to pay. The gondola ticket is Rp 200.000, expensive enough but the view around Timang worth a try. And the Timang Bridge costs Rp 100.000.

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