Top 21 Things To Do In Flores | Flores Travel Guide

Things To Do In Flores – Flores Travel Guide

The province consist over 550 islands, but its dominated by the three main islands Flores, Sumba, and Timor. The arid landscape of eastern and southeastern Nusa Tenggara is the result of hot, dry winds blasting in form the Australian continent. In fact, in many coastal areas not a drop of rain falls during the most of the year. Flores is a Pourtuguese name which means “flower”, and ideally described the beauty to be found here. You may check below things to do in flores.

Top 21 Things To Do In Flores

Things To Do In Flores

Komodo Dragon Island

1. Meet the Ancient Lizard

Komodo Island is a home to dozens of ancient lizard we call now as Komodo Dragons. Though have fearsome appearances, Komodo Dragons still can bewitch you with its distinct look and behavior. This animal can only be seen in this island. So don’t waste your time to see them with your own eyes.

2. Admire Kelimutu Lakes

One of the main attractions in Flores is Kelimutu Lake. The lake is located in Kelimutu volcano. Formed naturally in the mountain, Kelimutu Lake has three pools that have different color. The lakes are red, blue, and green. You can hike up to the lakes and it is possible to camp close the crater to watch sunrise in the morning.

3. Trekking on Padar Island

Padar Island near with Labuan Bajo Harbor is also an attraction to Flores. You can trek Padar hills on a variety of trails. It is better if you can go here in the morning to trek and then when the weather hotter you go down the hills and swim in the beach. There are three wonderful beaches with black, white, and pink sand.

4. Marvel the Spider Web Fields

This is a quite unique culture of Flores people, where they built paddy fields in lingko formation or spider web formation. Each part of the web assigned to a different family in the area. Depend on the wealth of the family, the larger their piece of the spider web. You can see them in Cancar.

5. Dive in Kanawa Island

Come across to Kanawa Island to feel the sensation of diving in Kanawa seas. The underwater paradise is something you need to explore if you like diving. Spot the turtles, rays, and sharks, and also colorful corals that teem in the coral gardens.

6. Take Picture at Blue Stone Beach

Penggajawa Beach is more famous to be called as Blue Stone Beach because it really has soft blue color stone along the seashore. While you are admiring this Flores’ strange and beautiful phenomena, take pictures as many as you like.

7. Snorkeling in Bidadari Island

Bidadari Island, a small one but with lovely reef and fish make snorkeling and diving possible to do. You can expect to see colorful fish, sea snakes, and octopus. Want to stay at this quiet island? A luxury resort ready to welcome you.

8. Watch Caci Dance

As usual, what makes travelling in Indonesia is a must is because they have thousands of cultural performances to watch. One of them can be seen in Flores Island that is Caci Dance. This is the dance where two men fight by hitting each other with whips while dressed as animals. As the background music some traditional drum will be played. This is of course only a ceremonial and has no intention for serious fight.

Things To Do in Flores

Wae Rebo Village

9. Trekking to Wae Rebo

Want to see Manggarai people and their traditional unique house? Visit Wae Rebo that is located above the hill. This village is inhabited by Manggarai, one of the tribe in Flores. You need to trek over 10 kilometers. Along the way to Wae Rebo you will see jungles, craggy cliff, and waterfalls. Stay overnight in the hut of Wae Rebo? If you can, why not?

10. Swim in Sano Nggoang Lake

Things to do in Flores Indonesia is to explore lake. Lake is everywhere in Flores. The deepest one is Sano Nggoang Lake that reaches the depth of 500 meters. You can swim in the lake or even take a section to trek the lush forest and find the hotsprings.

11. Visit the Hobbit Cave

People of Flores are known as the hobbit of Indonesia. You can find the proof when you visit Liang Bua or Hobbit Cave. The cave contained a range of small human skeletons which were thought to be around 18.000 years old.

12. Admire the Beauty of Seraya Island

One of the most famous islands in Flores is Seraya Island. The reef offshore invites you to explore them in snorkeling or diving. If you are lucky you can also see sharks and turtles. Not only snorkeling or diving, there is a fishing village where you can stop to taste some local food and drinks. Sounds good enough?

13. Explore Riung 17 Islands Marine Park

Riung 17 Islands marine Park is actually the first marine park in Flores. But not many know this, so unfortunately not many tourist that visit this marine park. Diving and snorkeling is a must thing to do in here.

14. Spend Time at Cunca Wulang Waterfall

Cunca Wulang is maybe the best spot for waterfall in Flores. You can jump off from one of the cliff into the water of Cunca Wulang, one of the best attractions in flores Indonesia. You can take picture of yourself jump from the cliff, or your friends, or even the local kids diving into the water.

15. Hike Love Hill to See Sunset

Love Hill is a sunset point near with Labuan Bajo. You need to hike the Love Hill and sit while waiting for the perfect sunset. Admire also the turquoise waters and the horizon of Flores. Be careful, this attraction in flores east nusa tenggara will bewitch you.

16. Swim in The Coolest Place Rangko Cave

Near Labuan Bajo you can go to Rangko Cave where you can swim in the cool water inside the cave. The four meter deep cave hides natural crystal clear water. The water in the pool contains a large amount of salt. So consider that you are actually take a healthy bath here.

17. Experience Penti Festival

Penti is a thanksgiving ceremonies held by the Wae Rebo people, Manggarai tribe. You can see their ancient culture and Caci Dance. You can stay at their huts and at night you can see breathtaking views of clear skies and stars above your head.

Things To Do In Flores

Kelimutu Lake

18. Watch Flying Foxes and the Sunset

In Kalong Island you can see the most beautiful sunset near Labuan Bajo. You will be accompanied by hundreds of bats that start to find their food at night. They come from behind the mangrove forest. The orange glow in the sky makes the view more magical than you expect.

19. See the Natural Mirrors in Batu Cermin Cave

Batu Cermin Cave or called as Mirror Cave is famous due to its magical phenomenon where sunlight passes through the cave and is reflected from one stone wall to another and creates a mirror effect. This is known to be happen because the wall stone contains bits of salt. To see the phenomena you need to go down to a depth of 20m.

20. Buy the Ikat Weaving at Sikka Village

Sikka Village is the most important weaving centres in Flores. The women here produce ikat weaving and they also like to wear it. You can learn how to make it and wear the ikat and take as many photos as you like. In Sikka village you can also see the influence of Catholicism brought by the Portuguese. In Christmas you can watch Toja Bobu Dance.

21. Taste Bajawa Coffee and Arak

Last but not least is to taste the Bajawa Coffee. Bajawa coffee is known for the strong flavor and fragrance so it is exported to many countries around the world. The interesting fact is the gigher the plantations are located, the higher the quality of the product would be. Enjoy a cup of original hot Bajawa coffee and buy some as souvenirs. While other drink product you should try is Arak in Aimere. Arak is traditional Indonesian spirit liquor. It is made of palm wine and distilled in almost everyone’s home in Aimere. They use the traditional bamboo distilling system in which you can learn how to make the Arak.

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