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Caving Goa Jomblang The Incredible Experience | Pamitran

The Incredible Caving -Goa Jomblang

In addition to presenting the natural beauty of the limestone hills viable enjoyed, Gunung has a natural phenomenon of the many unique caving system.

Goa Jomblang – Grubug have high scientific value in the field of karst geomorphology and hydrology. In addition to having a natural decorations such as ornaments cave and underground river system, this cave has the attractiveness of the phenomenon of “Ray of Light”, this happens because of the entry of the sun into the hole Grubug cave mouth in the form of pitting depth of 90 meters which is refracted from the cave

This unique phenomenon is rare and can not be found in other areas. Witnessing this phenomenon needed skills or caving cave search.

Cave Jomblang Resort as information and training facilities where cave activity, developing the potential of special interest tourism cave Jomblang – Grubug.

Activity :
Caving acitivities accompanied by an instructor and a local guide, with a cave down Jomblang which has a diameter entrance (mouth of the cave) of 80 meters and a depth of 60 meters, followed explore Ancient forest vegetation in the bottom of the cave procuress. Sensation down the hallway that connects the cave with cave grubug procuress. And finally enjoy the atmosphere of Ray of Light which diiringgi atmosphere swift rapids river water underground

3-4 hours

Facilities :

  • Equipment safety standard search goa
  • Caving instructors and local guides
  • Snacks
  • Terms Conditions : fit and healthy

Tour Package

Adventure Caving Jomblang

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