Nightlife in Solo Surakarta

Nightlife in Solo Surakarta

Solo Indonesia nightlife is also tempting. The city that known as a city full of Javanese culture is in fact still have a modern aspect mixed with local traditions that you can find. So what to do at night in Solo, the sister city of Yogyakarta?

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5 Things To Do in Solo Surakarta in the Night

  1. Try Angkringan of Omah Lawas and Local Cuisine in Galabo

Angkringan is a simple shop selling rice and various kinds of side dishes at an affordable price, usually from 1000 rupiah. Omah Lawas is one of the famous angkringan in Solo city. With Solo vintage style, it peddle a variety of dishes typical of Java and various rice wrap such nasi kucing, nasi oseng lombok ijo, nasi gudeg, nasi bonaga, and many more. If you are curious what are they and how they taste, just go to Omah Lawas.

Other than that, you can try find culinary in Galabo. It is favourite nightlife places in Solo where the street vendors sell Solo culinary. The place is also perfect for hang out with friends or family.

  1. Visiting South Square Solo

Night time can be spend in South Square Solo. Strolling around and snacking is the best thing to do in this place. Much same as the South Square in Jogjakarta, it offers you light night entertainment. You can also try to ride neon light pedicab, mini train, visit baloon palace, and many more.

  1. Enjoy Cafe and Restaurants

Even though Solo is known for its traditional culture, but the city is still presenting the modern nuances with the foods and drinks that can be enjoyed at the cafe and restaurant. Recommended cafes or restaurants are Markobar, Xocolatl, Eaternity, Playground, Tiga Tjeret Cafe, Home Cafe & Resto, Mom Milk, Maracez Cafe, Carajon, and many other.

  1. Witnessing Traditional Art in Sriwedari Park

Being one of tourist destination, Sriwedari Park is a must visit place at night in Solo. It is located in the downtown and has facilities for traditional art performances. Yes, here is the place to perform Solo culture and art, so make sure you check schedule for the performance and come here at the right time.

  1. Take a Stroll to Ngarsopuro Night Market

Solo nightlife is quite unique. Moreover if you try to take a walk at Ngarsopuro Night Market. You can find many local in this place, selling and buying things with cheap until expensive price.  Open only in Saturday and Sunday, the market sells crafts, batik, and children’s toy.

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Things To do In Jakarta

10 Things To Do In Jakarta For Your Fun Trip

Things To Do In Jakarta for Your Fun Trip

If you go to Indonesia but yet not to come to Jakarta, then it is a wasteful trip. Jakarta is the capital city where the historical story of Indonesia freedom may still be heard of and witnessed in almost all area of the city. Yet, Jakarta is hectic, modern and metropolitan. Though the classic aura can be seen, the modern side of Jakarta is what shading it all time until it becomes famous as the busiest city in Indonesia. Jakarta never sleeps and that’s why you need to explore more about this place in 10 things to do in Jakarta for your fun trip below.

Things To Do In Jakarta10 Things To Do Around Jakarta

Island Hopping Thousand Islands

First thing comes up in your mind is maybe the Thousand Islands. Though it is included as the area of Jakarta, the islands seem to be different from the hectic city. If you are looking for some beach, nature panorama, you don’t need to venture too far. Beautiful beach can be seen in Thousand Islands. Much better than the Ancol, since they are still natural. There is boat tour that will let you island hopping.

Visit Monas Tower

When you have arrived in the city, why don’t you visit the icon of Jakarta? Monas Tower is the most famous monument that stands proud as a symbol of independence in Indonesia. It is located in Merdeka Square, Jakarta. There is gallery where you can learn more about Indonesia’s history. The main attraction in the tower however is the observation deck at the top.

See Indonesia Animals in Ragunan Zoo

3.600 species are live in Ragunan Zoo Jakarta. You can even see Komodo Dragons and orangutans in the zoo. So you don’t need to go far to witness them. Plants and flowers are also cared well in Ragunan. Several animals and plants from around the world can also be seen in Ragunan Zoo.

Adventure in Mini Indonesia at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Indonesia is made up of over 17.000 islands. As a result, you won’t be able to explore them all in your trip this time. But don’t worry, just come to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Beautiful Mini Indonesia). In here you will see one by one model of traditional homes, costumes, and local traditions. They are arranged according to province in Indonesia.

Enjoy Kota Tua

Kota Tua or Old Town Batavia is the most historical parts of Jakarta. When you walk around the area you will find classic architecture that dates from the Dutch colonial period. Many artists of Jakarta can be seen also in Kota Tua. That’s why photographers like to hanging out in this place. Many museums located near or even in Kota Tua like for example Fatahillah Museum.

Explore Chinatown of Jakarta, Glodok

Glodok is a well-known place for Jakarta’s Chinatown. It is located in Taman Sari. Even this Chinatown claimed to be the largest in the country and in the world. Glodok is an old area that has started out life here during colonial period. Temples, markets, street food, and shops are the main attraction in this area. So prepare budget when you include it on your list.

Admiring Sunda Kelapa Port

Sunda Kelapa Port is actually one of the most important icons in Jakarta. Unfortunately many people miss a trip to the port. Whereas this area is really-really famous in old days as the main port that made Jakarta grew so prosperous. Even you can see the wooden schooners which are powered by their graceful sails and they still look the same as they would have done in old days.

Watch Performances

Many performances held in Jakarta. Not mean to stop in the big stage, even in cafes or bar you will see Jakarta artists entertain you. Music performance whether classic or pop can be found here. If you are lucky you can also see theatrical show or traditional dances. You should ask or check the schedule and information with the locals.

Get to Know Indonesia in National Gallery

National Gallery of Indonesia is one of the best museums so far which has 2.000 pieces of Indonesian art work. This place is suitable for any art lovers or those who curious about Indonesian art. Indonesian paintings, ceramics, photographs, and sculpture are kept very well in each area and even some section is dedicated to foreign collections.

Have Fun in Dunia Fantasi

Want to see Disneyland in Jakarta? Dunia Fantasi is the key answer. Have fun in the park as there will be many rides such as Halilintar Twister and Niagara Flume, and take photos in the Puppet Castle and Main Street. Or, explore the Star Wars section and ride big Ferris wheel with kids. A joyful trip it is in Dunia Fantasi.

Jakarta Trip AttractionJakarta Things To Do & Must See

How is it the Jakarta things to do? Interesting enough right? There are actually many things to do Jakarta. So no need to doubt again, just let yourself enjoy Jakarta in your trip this time. And when you have ready to pack your things and get several plans, don’t forget to make sure Jakarta tour package in Pamitran Tours as one of your important plans.