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Attractions in Solo Surakarta

10 Best Attractions in Solo Surakarta

Attractions in Solo Surakarta

Solo is the sister city from Yogyakarta. First information of course Surakarta Indonesia points of interest. The city has several top things to do in Solo. You can visit them all with Pamitran to get easy access and road. Can’t wait to start? Now let’s explore the city.

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10 Best Attractions in Solo Surakarta

  1. Surakarta Keraton (Palace of Solo)

The history of the Solo Palace is very interesting to follow. The mixing of glory, origins of Mataram Kingdom, and disputes and divisions colored every remaining story. Once upon a time this place was the center of government of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom which is very famous, became one with the Yogyakarta Palace, before finally split into two because of disputes and differences of views on VOC. Inside the Keraton, you can see many historical collection and knowing the complete story from guide. Traditional festival and ceremony usually held on certain days. The entrance ticket is 15.000 rupiah.

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  1. Puro Mangkunegaran

A dark history re-occur in Solo itself after standing as the Surakarta Royal Palace. The kingdom divided again into two causes the existence of two governments namely the Royal Palace of Solo and the Palace Mangkunegaran (Puro Mangkunegaran). When you visit this place, you can see a collection of history of Mangkunegaran kings and others. Puro Mangkunegaran is the next visit after Keraton Surakarta. The entrance fee is 10.000 rupiah.

  1. Kauman Batik Village

It is not only Jogja that own village famous for producing Batik. In Solo, Kauman is the popular Batik village that is always visited by domestic and foreign tourist. For you who fall in love with Batik should be in here. Not only seeing the collection, but also witnessing and trying the making of Batik. The product has become worldwide and some of them are very expensive, reaching million rupiah.

  1. Sangiran Museum

The ancient human museum Sangiran is a place that holds hundreds of collections of ancient human life that can educate you about the ancestors of Indonesia. There are 2 million years old ancient human fossils as the oldest it ever had. With collection more than 13.000 ancient fossils, this museum is the most complete ancient human museum in Asia. Other than human, Sangiran has other collection of animals and plants fossils, stone and also equipment used in ancient times. The entrance ticket is cheap though, only cost 7500 rupiah.

  1. Sewu Tawangmangu Waterfall

There is no beach in the city if you are question about it. Surakarta is located in the middle of the island of Java. But to cure your longing for water, you can visit Sewu waterfall at Tawangmangu. Traveling there is easy and you only need to pay 18,000 rupiah. The view of the waterfall is high enough to make you wonder. Relax a moment from the hustle of the city here.

  1. Jumog Waterfall

Another waterfall to see is Jumog waterfall. It is nature that blends with beauty. The air around is clear and fresh. Just by 5000 rupiah you can enter Jumog and play with its water. Kind of perfect Solo tourism. Its hidden location makes this waterfall initially not so well known. But nowadays it is touted as The Lost Paradise on Solo.

  1. Radya Pustaka Museum

Radya Pustaka Museum is the oldest museum in Indonesia. It keeps collection of historic objects as heritage from Mataram Kingdom. The most well known collection is porcelain given by Napoleon Bonaparte to Paku Buwono IV, king of Surakarta kingdom. Beside that, bronze of Hindu Buddhist era, collection of keris and traditional weapons, gamelan, and shadow puppets are several collection in Radya Pustaka. It only cost 5000 rupiah to enter the museum.

  1. Klewer Market

Going to countries in Asia is certainly synonymous with visiting the traditional market. The products are quite cheap, and if you are smart enough to choose you will get the good quality too. Just like in Klewer Market as the icon of traditional market in Solo. You can find various things that sell from batik, snacks, clothes, and souvenir Solo. The location is near with Solo South Square, so you can all the way round here.

9. Cetho Temple

Ceto Temple, is located in western slope of Mt. Lawu, Gumeng Village Jenawi District in Karanganyar – Surakarta. It is located in hill 1400 m from the sea level. Ceto temple site of 13 stages, from the lower places to higher places ar similar to Hinduism temple. Relief status of Ceto Temple Symbolizes a human passion and a portrayal of human being’s soul purification. The hardest seduction in purifying in passions.

Attraction in Solo Surakarta10. Sukuh Temple

Not far from Solo is the Sukuh Temple, the pyramid “Inca” looklike decorated with wayang stone carvings of Hindu origin, and erotic symbols. The temple is located only 34 km from Solo.

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