Pacitan East Java

Pacitan East Java

Pacitan East Java, Pacitan Regency is one of the districts in East Java province which has a considerable tourism potential. The location is also strategic because it borders the province of Central Java and is approximately 140 km from Yogyakarta.

Pacitan consists of mountainous areas and hilly hills, also its territory includes the karst area.

Places to visit in Pacitan East Java

Teleng Ria Beach – The closest beach from the city of Pacitan and the most popular.

Srau Beach Located 25 km from the city of Pacitan, it is very beautiful and you can enjoy fishing in the ocean.

Klayar Beach – Has white sand beach that have special features, namely the presence of sea flutes which occasionally whistle between the cracks of rocks and waves.

Goa Gonglocated 30 km from the city of Pacitan, the cave with its stalactite and stalagmite nominated as the most beautiful cave in Southeast Asia.

Why go

Pacitan also famous for surfing, some beach you can surf in Pacitan such as Srau beach, Watu Karang beach, Pancer beach, Teleng ria beach.

Where to go nearby

How to go to Pacitan

You can travel to Pacitan from Yogyakarta by shuttle bus, around 120 – 140 km from Yogyakarta takes about 3 hours. If you go from Solo / Surakarta it takes about 3 hours by shuttle bus.