2D1N Sukamade Turtle Beach Tour

2D1N Sukamade Turtle Beach Tour Package


2D1N Sukamade Turtle Beach Tour Package | 2 Days 1 Night Meru Betiri National Park Tour Package

2 Days 1 Night Sukamade Turtle Beach Tour Package2D1N Sukamade turtle beach tour. Have you heard sukamade turtle beach? Witnessing one of great natural event of surviving pre-historic reptile can be one great vacation experience. The principal object of this adventure sukamade tour is watching the turtle to lay their eggs on virgin secluded beach which is well-known as Sukamade beach. But before searching the turtle you will go through tropical low land rainforest Meru Betiri National Park tour on the southern coast of Java island. It is also possible to walk on jungle road for half to one hour after long driving from Kalibaru or Banyuwangi to Rajekwesi (Fishermen villages). Meru Betiri National Park that has been set in colonial era as one of wildlife reserved in east java is worth to visit during your vacation especially sukamade turtle beach tour in Indonesia. The peak season for green turtle (mostly found laying their eggs on sukamade banyuwangi) is on wet season but usually can be found on entire year.

Sukamade Tour Packages 2 Days and 1 Night Tours Itinerary and Arrangement :

Details of 2 Days 1 Night Sukamade Turtle Beach Tour Package

Location : On south-west of Kalibaru or Banyuwangi hotel or airport
Distance : 108 km
Duration : 2 days and 1 night
Start Tour Schedule: 08:00 am – 09.00 am

You can start sukamade tour from banyuwangi or sukamade tour from kalibaru. Contact us for more details.


  • Camera,
  • Sport shoes,
  • Casual dress (preferred dark-colored dress)
  • Mosquitoes repellent lotion
  • Flashlight

Day 01. Kalibaru / Banyuwangi – Meru Betiri National Park – Sukamade Tour (L, D)

– Depart to Rajekwesi Beach (1st stop on the tour) then we stop at the gate of Meru Betiri National Park, continue by walking to Rajekwesi fishermen village (500 – 750 m) and having Lunch and rests on Rajekwesi food stall.

  • Continue the trip to sukamade guest house ( the most difficult one, four wheel drive vehicle mostly recommended) and stop at Teluk Damai (literally translated means “PEACE BAY”). It’s possible and recommended walking on jungle road from the flat point to security post ( haft to one hour walk).
  • Visit the plantation factory of coffee,cocoa,rubber (the crops are can be seen on the way to sukamade) and continue visit the Sukamade plantation village (Afdeling).
  • Arrive at the guest house, take a shower, rest until dinner time. Dinner on Sukamade Guest house. Depart to Sukamade Beach by jeep (5 km).
  • Stop at Turtle hatchery or Park Ranger Office (possible to see the turtle hatchlings all the time of year). Walk to the beach (800 m) and sitting on the beach wait for the signals from park ranger who search for the turtle (Not allowed to smoke, turn on the flashlight, loud talking or making any loud noises). If we are lucky to find the turtle and watch the wonderful processing of laying eggs, we go back to guest house and have nice dream.

Day 02. Sukamade Tour Package – Banyuwangi / Kalibaru (B,L)

Wake up in the morning to witness baby turtle return to ocean. Breakfast on Sukamade Guest House. Check out and depart to Banyuwangi or Ketapang stop by at Rajegwesi beach. Drop at the hotel or Ketapang harbour. End of Tour. See you next time.

(Note: It is not guaranteed that we will find the sea turtle laying their eggs on this trip, basic accommodation)

2 Days 1 Night Sukamade Turtle Beach Tour Package Price:

Price per person based on rupiah (Rp)

IDR : – / person (Contact us for newest prices info)

The start and end of this tour can be Kalibaru or Banyuwangi.

* Note: Weekend and national Holidays extra rp.75.000 per person

Price Inclusion:

  • Private Tour
  • Transportation (4WD vehicle)
  • English speaking Tour Guide, and special Beach Guide
  • Admission Fee,
  • One night stay in Sukamade Guest House or Wisma sukamade,
  • Dinner 1x,
  • Lunch Box 2x
  • Breakfast 1x,

2 Days 1 Night Sukamade Turtle Beach Tour Package Highlights:

  • Sea turtle laying their eggs on the beach (sukamade turtle tour)
  • Cocoa, coffee, rubber plantation
  • The hatchery facility (young turtle incubate) sukamade turtle conservation
  • Green beach
  • Rajagwesi beach
  • Meru Betiri National Park / Meru Betiri Tour
  • Fauna : green sea turtle, hawksbill turtle, olive ridley turtle and the occasional leatherback and other mamals

Places of Interest 2D1N Sukamade Turtle Beach Tour Package or Meru Betiri National Park

Sukamade TourSukamade turtle beach or sukamade beach located 78 km south of Banyuwangi, the beach is known for its deep turquoise waters and 250 kg sea turtles which come to lay their eggs here. You may find sukamade turtle conservation here and if you are looking for accomodation, some options for sukamade guest house or sukamade homestay. Please contact us for more information.

Meru Betiri National Park Tour. Here at the southeastern tip of province is where the last of the Javenese tigers sought refuge. A hundred and fifty years ago the Javanese tiger inhabited most of Java and was even considered a nuisance in some populated areas. Wildlife of all kinds thrives here, like black panthers, leopards and sea turtles in here Meru Betiri National Park Indonesia.

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