Attractions in Solo Surakarta

10 Best Attractions in Solo Surakarta

Attractions in Solo Surakarta

Solo is the sister city from Yogyakarta. First information of course Surakarta Indonesia points of interest. The city has several top things to do in Solo. You can visit them all with Pamitran to get easy access and road. Can’t wait to start? Now let’s explore the city.

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10 Best Attractions in Solo Surakarta

  1. Surakarta Keraton (Palace of Solo)

The history of the Solo Palace is very interesting to follow. The mixing of glory, origins of Mataram Kingdom, and disputes and divisions colored every remaining story. Once upon a time this place was the center of government of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom which is very famous, became one with the Yogyakarta Palace, before finally split into two because of disputes and differences of views on VOC. Inside the Keraton, you can see many historical collection and knowing the complete story from guide. Traditional festival and ceremony usually held on certain days. The entrance ticket is 15.000 rupiah.

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  1. Puro Mangkunegaran

A dark history re-occur in Solo itself after standing as the Surakarta Royal Palace. The kingdom divided again into two causes the existence of two governments namely the Royal Palace of Solo and the Palace Mangkunegaran (Puro Mangkunegaran). When you visit this place, you can see a collection of history of Mangkunegaran kings and others. Puro Mangkunegaran is the next visit after Keraton Surakarta. The entrance fee is 10.000 rupiah.

  1. Kauman Batik Village

It is not only Jogja that own village famous for producing Batik. In Solo, Kauman is the popular Batik village that is always visited by domestic and foreign tourist. For you who fall in love with Batik should be in here. Not only seeing the collection, but also witnessing and trying the making of Batik. The product has become worldwide and some of them are very expensive, reaching million rupiah.

  1. Sangiran Museum

The ancient human museum Sangiran is a place that holds hundreds of collections of ancient human life that can educate you about the ancestors of Indonesia. There are 2 million years old ancient human fossils as the oldest it ever had. With collection more than 13.000 ancient fossils, this museum is the most complete ancient human museum in Asia. Other than human, Sangiran has other collection of animals and plants fossils, stone and also equipment used in ancient times. The entrance ticket is cheap though, only cost 7500 rupiah.

  1. Sewu Tawangmangu Waterfall

There is no beach in the city if you are question about it. Surakarta is located in the middle of the island of Java. But to cure your longing for water, you can visit Sewu waterfall at Tawangmangu. Traveling there is easy and you only need to pay 18,000 rupiah. The view of the waterfall is high enough to make you wonder. Relax a moment from the hustle of the city here.

  1. Jumog Waterfall

Another waterfall to see is Jumog waterfall. It is nature that blends with beauty. The air around is clear and fresh. Just by 5000 rupiah you can enter Jumog and play with its water. Kind of perfect Solo tourism. Its hidden location makes this waterfall initially not so well known. But nowadays it is touted as The Lost Paradise on Solo.

  1. Radya Pustaka Museum

Radya Pustaka Museum is the oldest museum in Indonesia. It keeps collection of historic objects as heritage from Mataram Kingdom. The most well known collection is porcelain given by Napoleon Bonaparte to Paku Buwono IV, king of Surakarta kingdom. Beside that, bronze of Hindu Buddhist era, collection of keris and traditional weapons, gamelan, and shadow puppets are several collection in Radya Pustaka. It only cost 5000 rupiah to enter the museum.

  1. Klewer Market

Going to countries in Asia is certainly synonymous with visiting the traditional market. The products are quite cheap, and if you are smart enough to choose you will get the good quality too. Just like in Klewer Market as the icon of traditional market in Solo. You can find various things that sell from batik, snacks, clothes, and souvenir Solo. The location is near with Solo South Square, so you can all the way round here.

9. Cetho Temple

Ceto Temple, is located in western slope of Mt. Lawu, Gumeng Village Jenawi District in Karanganyar – Surakarta. It is located in hill 1400 m from the sea level. Ceto temple site of 13 stages, from the lower places to higher places ar similar to Hinduism temple. Relief status of Ceto Temple Symbolizes a human passion and a portrayal of human being’s soul purification. The hardest seduction in purifying in passions.

Attraction in Solo Surakarta10. Sukuh Temple

Not far from Solo is the Sukuh Temple, the pyramid “Inca” looklike decorated with wayang stone carvings of Hindu origin, and erotic symbols. The temple is located only 34 km from Solo.

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Things To Do In Bandung

Things To Do In Bandung

If you are in a holiday in Java Island, Indonesia, make sure you also come to Bandung city. Bandung has a colder weather since it is located in the uphill area. Visiting Bandung will surely get you a different experience. You can go to the famous Kawah Putih or even Mount Tangkuban Perahu. And still, there are lots of Bandung tourist attractions to be explored. Now below is the list of several Bandung things to do.

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Things To Do in Bandung

Tangkuban Perahu

17 Things To Do In Bandung

  1. Mount Tangkuban Perahu

Mount Tangkuban perahu is one of the famous sites in Indonesia. It is situated in Bandung precisely in lembang, north of Bandung downtown. The shape of the mountain is like upside down boat. It has two craters; the biggest is given name Kawah Ratu (Queen Crater) and the second is Kawah Domas. You can boil egg in the sulfur water in the crater.

2. Kawah Putih (White Crater)

After Mount Tangkuban Perahu, White Crater or called Kawah Putih in Indonesia is the next Bandung things to do. If you are a nature lover, the Ciwidey White Crater should be visited. The crater is filled with water with bright color like soft green or soft blue. This is the volcanic crater, so be careful when you visit the site.

3. Rancabali Tea Field

You want to see the amazing Bandung tea field? Rancabali is one of the wonderful tea fields you can visit. You can walk around the field while enjoying the fresh air of Rancabali. Don’t forget to bring back photos with a background of the mountains.

4. Farmhouse Lembang

If you bring your child with you, you can invite them to go to Farmhouse Lembang. There are so many good spots for photos, and strolling around the area is a good choice too. Farmhouse Lembang is like the mini France of Indonesia.

5. Glamping Lakeside and Pinisi Resto

Why we include this glamping site and resto is because the unique concept of this Bandung places to go where you cannot only do glamping or eating. You can explore this place, looking at the Pinisi ship of Indonesia in the form of a resto ans stay overnight at Lembang in the Glamping Lakeside Rancabali.

6. Tilu Leuwi Opat Waterfall

Light trekking is an activity you can do in Tilu Waterfall. It needs 30 minutes to go until you reach the waterfall. Lush green panorama and cold breeze of Bandung will make you not tired when you trek down here.

Things To Do In Bandung

Kawah Putih

7. Situ Patenggang Lake

Want to see a lake that surrounds with valley and tea farm? Situ Patenggang Lake is the best place to relax and admire the nature of Bandung. You can also use boat to explore the lake and visit the legendary site of Batu Cinta (Love Stone) located in the small island in the middle of the lake.

8. Highway Forest Park Ir. H. Juanda

For adventurers going to Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Juanda will be the greatest experience in Bandung. You will see approximately 2500 kind of plants in this first highway forest park in Indonesia. Except for that you can visit Ir. H. Juanda Monument, admire the Japanese cave and Dutch cave, and also visit other attractions like Dago Waterfall, Omas Waterfall, Lalay Waterfall, and many more.

9. Saung Angklung Udjo

This place is very famous among tourists since it performs the art and traditional custom of Bandung city. The show of Angklung (Bandung traditional instruments made of Bamboo) is what the tourists waiting for. Except for the Angklung, mask dance, helaran, and wayang golek.

10. Bambu Hamlet Lembang

Bambu Hamlet is perfect for those who seek calmer area. It also suitable for family holiday since the Bambu Hamlet has restaurant with various kind of culinary, café, flower garden, villa, glamping site, and etc. You can always rent the boat to explore the lake in the middle.

11. Floating Market Lembang

Lembang Bandung is indeed the place for all kind of tourist attractions. If you are interested to see Floating Market in the city, you can go to Floating Market Lembang. You can find various culinary and rides. Visit also the Rainbow Garden and Kyoto Village.

12. The Lodge Maribaya Bandung

So, what’s next what to do in Bandung 2018? The Lodge Maribaya is a favorite place for domestic tourist even foreign tourist, so you can maybe visit this place. People like to visit this place because they can see beautiful pine forest and there are so many spots for selfie or photos. The most famous spot is swing and hot air balloon.

13. Begonia Park Lembang

Bandung is popular for the flower garden. One of them is Begonia Flower Garden. The landscape is awesome with colorful flower of Begonia, look very suitable with the characteristic panorama of Bandung.

14. De Ranch Lembang

If you want to entertain yourself by riding a horse, De Ranch Lembang is the best place to do that. The concept here is cowboy style and family holiday. Don’t worry if this is the first time you ride horse, because there will be instructors that are ready to help you.

15. Ranca Upas Ciwidey

If you want to get the anti-mainstream experience while staying in Bandung, why don’t you try to camp in the camping ground of Ranca Upas? This one is so popular because in the area you will see also deer, hot spring, and the backdrop of mountains, and also the fresh air of the city.

16. Orchid Forest Cikole Lembang

Orchid Forest Cikole is a home for beautiful orchids. Not only the garden of orchids, this place also decorated with rope and wooden bridge. If you think one day to enjoy the panorama is not enough, you can spend more time by staying in the Graffika Cikole lodge which is situated in the middle of the forest.

17. Braga Street

Braga Street is usually famous for Indonesian tourist. But if you want to explore it, then just come and see the antique classic old building situated on the street.

Dare to explore Bandung City? Okay, just go to this lovely city and don’t think too much to get holiday in here. You can use Bandung tour package from Pamitran Tours. You will get transportation, accommodation, and you can even decide your own Bandung where to go. Contact us for more information.

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Jakarta Trip Attraction

Jakarta Trip Attraction

Jakarta Trip AttractionJakarta Trip Attractions

As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta must be visited. Jakarta is very modern, the center of trade, economy, politic, and government. The hectic nightlife to luxurious malls and resort can easily found out. On the other hand the classic Jakarta still remains in some part of the city. You will have memorable visit to Monas, Jakarta History Museum, Thousand Islands and many more. Here are top Jakarta trip attractions.

Jakarta Tourist Spot

Monas (National Monument)

Monas Tower or National Monument, or is called Monumen Nasional in Indonesia, is the most famous landmark in Jakarta city, stands proud as a symbol of independence in Indonesia. Monas is located in Merdeka Square. The square itself means ‘freedom’ and in this area you can find gallery to learn more about Indonesia’s history. The main attraction in Monas however is the observation deck at the top of the Monas tower. In here you can see panorama in all directions.

Ragunan Zoo

If you bring kids, invite them to visit Ragunan Zoo. The zoo keeps 3600 species inside. Distinct Indonesian animals that can be seen are Komodo Dragons, Orangutans, and birds. But of course there are still many more inhabitants in this zoo, some of them come from other parts of the world. In Ragunan you can also admire flowers and plants.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Want to know all about Indonesia and its tribe and tradition? But how? Just go to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (means Beautiful Mini Indonesia). In this place you will see traditional houses from many tribes and provinces, complete with the traditional costume and the traditional daily equipment. Strolling around TMII you will get highlights of Indonesia.

Thousand Islands

This place must be people favorites. Thousand Islands are part of Jakarta that is so exotic and beautiful. Many people believe that Thousand Islands is more beautiful than the Jakarta itself, since you would see many small islands, beach, sea, and all of them is very peaceful, clean, and charming. You can cross the sea by boat only few hours to get into Thousand Islands. Stay overnight in the islands is also recommended. If you seek upscale resort, Pulau Macan is the best.

Ancol Beach and Ancol Dreamland

Again and again this is the best place so far to spoil your children. You of course can also relax and having fun in Ancol Dreamland. Ancol Dreamland is the biggest theme park with complete rides and waterpark. The rides are very challenging, some are suitable only for adult. After you try all the rides inside, you can stroll around at Ancol Beach which in the same area. The beach is calm with golden sand that will be very beautiful in the sunset.

Kota Tua

Kota Tua or Old Town is one of the most historical places in Jakarta. Kota Tua is the relic of Batavia, the city that built by the Dutch. As you walk around the area, marvelous architecture in Dutch colonial style will be spotted. You can take photos, enter the museum, or cycling with the rented bicycle. Make sure you visit Fatahillah Museum, Toko Merah (Red Shop) which a unique European-Chinese style building, and Indonesia Bank Museum.

Jakarta Trip Attraction 2019

Jakarta Trip AttractionNational Museum

National Museum is the next place to visit since it will show you Indonesian history, art, culture, ethnology of the country, and geography. The collections are separated into different galleries and include Indonesian ceramics and Hindu art in Indonesia.

Dunia Fantasi

Dunia Fantasi or usually abbreviated as Dufan is similar to Disneyland theme park. Main Street, Puppet Castle, and 30 rides will remind you the fantasy world of Disneyland. The theatre inside has range of shows about Indonesia.

Glodok Area

Glodok is the Chinatown in Jakarta, famous for the Buddhist temple Jin De Yuan which you can visit, market, shops, and many other. In Glodok you can see how the Chinese descendant live together peacefully with other native Indonesian people. You can witnessing how Indonesia is very rich in culture and tribe. Make sure you look out for the medicine shops with unusual remedies and drugs, and don’t forget to taste the snacks and food in this area.

Wayang Museum

Wayang is Javanese puppet. This is one of the most prized traditions in Indonesia. Wayang Museum keeps the collections of wayang from all parts of Indonesia. Different places have different kind of wayang too. You can also spot masks, wooden puppets, and a show held every Sunday at 10 in the morning.

Sunda Kelapa Port

Jakarta is actually famous as the port city. That’s why the Dutch conquered Jakarta because they knew many benefits would come from the Sunda Kelapa Port. So, a visit to Sunda Kelapa Port is worth to try. The wooden schooners interestingly still look much the same as in the ancient time. Unfortunately many tourists miss the trip to Sunda Kelapa Harbor.

Jakarta Cathedral

One of the Jakarta attractions 2018 is a cathedral. The mighty cathedral may draw your interest while you are in Jakarta. The ancient cathedral stands tall at the heart of the city with wonderful neo-gothic architecture. Many of the materials and furniture are sourced from Netherlands including the massive pipe organ and main altar.

Pasar Baru / New Market

Though the name is Pasar Baru or New Market, the fact is this place is the oldest market in Jakarta. Textiles, antique items, Indian spices, electronics, and food stalls have been stood for generations. Visit this place to feel the unique experience.

Jakarta Travel Attractions

Now you already know the best Jakarta tourist spot. No need to hesitate to come to Jakarta city. For the best way, you can use Pamitran Tours Jakarta tour package. We have those Jakarta trip attractions in our packages. By using our package also you will get many benefits. You don’t need to bother about the transportation, hotels, and places to eat. With a competitive price you can already get into several beautiful places in Jakarta. So how is it? Contact us immediately.