Best Culinary in Jakarta

Best Culinary in Jakarta You Should At Least Try

Jakarta has its own style of culinary. Identical with other West Java cuisine, Jakarta culinary has a more savory or salty taste. Some of the best culinary in Jakarta is still available, and not surprising that become the icon of the city. Here are some recommendations of Jakarta iconic food that you should at least try while you are here.

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Top 10 Best Culinary in Jakarta

Best Culinary in Jakarta

Nasi Uduk

1. Kerak Telor

Kerak telor is a culinary in Jakarta that has savory taste. This is the Jakartan favorite food. It made of white glutinous rice, chicken or duck egg, ebi, and added with fried onion. The unique thing about this food is that the egg mixture will be half-cooked before finally the pan is pulled and facing the heat of the charcoal from the traditional stove, anglo, and left to ripen until it becomes like a crust.

2. Nasi Uduk

Nasi uduk is a salty rice Betawi version. Rice will be cooked with coconut milk, bay leaves, orange leaves, galangal, and lemongrass and steamed until it fully cooked. It feels so tasty. Nasi Uduk will be served with fried chicken, boiled egg, and chili pepper and other complementary ingredients.

3. Semur Jengkol

Jengkol is the iconic item in Jakarta. People of Betawi like to make jengkol into food. Jengkol smell is a bit stinging, but after being cooked into semur it tastes good. By the way semur is dark brown soup added with soy sauce and brown sugar in the sauce. Semur jengkol will be served with plain rice or uduk rice.

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Best Culinary in Jakarta

Bir Pletok

4. Soto Betawi

Almost in all area in Indonesia has its own kind of soto. Soto Betawi uses many of coconut milk to make the thick sauce. Usually also filled with beef and beef or chicken offal. It’s certainly tastier than other types of soup.

5. Roti Buaya

Wedding in Betawi is always enlivened by the presence of roti buaya or crocodile bread. This is a custom of Betawi. Over time this crocodile bread is not only found in weddings as well. This delicious bread is actually a symbol of the bride’s loyalty to the woman.

6. Asinan Betawi

Asinan Betawi is almost like a vegetable salad but given additives such as crackers and peanut sauce. Vinegar and chili is added so the taste becomes fresher. The contents of the vegetables consist of mustard, cabbage, bean sprouts, lettuce, and tofu. Usually also sprinkled with fried peanuts.

7. Bir Pletok

Bir Pletok or Pletok Beer is an original drink from Jakarta. This beer has no alcohol, but instead it has good health benefits for the body. This beer is made of special spices from Indonesia and added with ginger, pandan leaves, and serai. Secang wood in the drink makes it red.

Best Food Culinary in Jakarta

Lontong Sayur

8. Es Doger

Es Doger is not only famous throughout Jakarta but also throughout Indonesia. This savory sweet drink is famous for its unique taste. There is a sweet taste of milk and savory taste from coconut milk. The contents of the drinks themselves are coconut shavings, tape, black sticky rice, avocado, and bread slices.

9. Es Selendang Mayang

Selendang mayang Mayang shawl, a batik cloth commonly used by ancient women to hold their babies or even be used for decoration in dressing. Then this ice is present in the colors of the shawl which later became the origin of the name of this one drink. Rice flour dough that adorns the ice has bright red or green color. It is then added with coconut milk. Also contains talam cake that has red color at top and white in bottom.

10. Lontong Sayur

This staple food is usually found in the morning as a breakfast menu. One portion of lontong sayur consist of sliced ​​ketupat or lontong (steamed rice), soy beans, boiled egg, crackers, and watered by savory coconut milk.

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Jakarta Best Street Food

Jakarta Best Street Food

It is not only heavy meal from Jakarta that becomes famous. As a center of Indonesia, there are of course so many Jakarta best street food to try, starting from the traditional until some modern Indonesia snack available in Jakarta. So give time for yourself to relax and fill your stomach with these Jakarta street food snacks you should try.

Jakarta Best Street FoodBest Street Food in Jakarta

Martabak Terang Bulan

Martabak terang bulan or some say as martabak manis (sweet martabak) is a soft thick stuffed pancake with a various filling. This martabak manis is a king of street dessert that you can see it in many areas in Jakarta. Locals will like to have it at night while they are hanging out with some friends or family. Martabak manis will be added with condensed milk to make it sweet. Some modern martabak manis have toppings like cheese, nutella, strawberry jam, and even toblerone chocolate.

Martabak Telor

Martabak telor though has similar name actually refers to savoury egg martabak. If sweet martabak is made from dough like cake, egg martabak uses thin skin and inside it is mixed mixture of chicken or duck eggs, shallots, and small pieces of chicken. Then it is fried until it is brown. Martabak telor is more oily that martabak manis.

Putu Mayang

Putu Mayang is traditional snack and best street food in Jakarta. Originally from Betawi, Putu Mayang is made from starch or rice flour cooked using coconut milk and brown sugar. The dough is colored like red and green to make it interesting. If Putu Mayang is ready it will be consumed with brown sugar sauce and given a sprinkling of coconut.

Kue Cucur

Kue cucur is quite popular as Jakarta must buy snack. Usually it served as dessert. The texture is thick in the middle. The name of the cake is taken from the cooking process by pouring the cake mixture slowly over the baking sheet. Cucur means pouring.

Jakarta Famous Snacks

Jakarta Best Street FoodKue Pancong

The next unique snack in Jakarta is Kue Pancong or Pancong cake. Pancong has a semi-circular shape obtained because the dough is cooked in a semicircle mold. The top becomes white while the bottom is brown. This cake is made from ingredients that make it have savory flavors such as rice flour, salt, coconut milk, and grated coconut. The use of sugar is usually only for sprinkling at the top.

Kue Lupis

Lupis cake is a sweet Jakarta famous snacks made from sticky rice flour. The shape is triangular and cooked by using banana leaves formed into triangles and then steamed. Lupis will be cut into small pieces and served using brown sugar sauce.

Kue Lumpur

Kue lumpur is a snack made of coconut milk, potatoes, eggs, and wheat flour. The dough is also usually added vanilla fragrance so that it tastes more fragrant. At the top of the cake raisins and young coconut slices are added. This cake is a wet cake with a slightly chewy texture.

Kue Keranjang (Basket Cake)

The name of Kue Keranjang or basket cake is given because it looks like a basket. Made from flour and sugar, this cake has a sticky sweet taste. This cake is popular as a mixture acculturation of Betawi and Chinese.


Putu is a cake dish that is usually has white or light green color. Its contents are brown sugar to balance the savory taste of the outer mixture made of coarse grain rice flour. What makes it unique is how to cook putu. The putu mixture will be put into bamboo mold and left on a putu grill with a hole in it. When not used for cooking, sellers will usually clog holes that are given a small gap to produce a loud sound.

Es Goyang

In 90s there is popular Jakarta ice cream among the locals. It is called as Es Goyang. This ice cream looks like an ordinary piece of ice. What makes it different is because this ice is mixed with coconut milk, granulated sugar, flavorings, and hunkwe flour with various flavors.

Toge Goreng (Fried bean sprout)

Fried bean sprout or Toge Goreng may be the next unique food, where you will have a serving of fried bean sprouts and accompanied by yellow noodles and chives which are all fried without using oil. This food can be found easily in Jakarta street food.

Kue Talam

In the old days, traditional snack from glutinous rice flour is made a lot. This material is the basis of food in ancient times in almost all of Indonesia area. No exception for Talam cake from Jakarta. Glutinous rice flour dough is cooked with sugar then steamed. It is printed in a small shape so it’s easy to eat.

Pisang Coklat (Banana Pancakes with Chocolate)

Pisang cokelat is a banana rolled in pancakes that is added with chocolate sauce as the topping. It is always a sinful treat. Many who try cannot stop to eat this snack. The sweet taste of pisang cokelat will make you order it more and more.

Sate (Satay)

Satay is really-really famous throughout Indonesia. This meat skewer is indeed originated from Java island, so Jakarta is included on it. Satay is not only favorites to Indonesian but also many foreign tourists have been fall in love with this food. The meats used in sate are like chicken (the most popular), beef, and mutton. Each satay will be dipped into special seasoning and is grilled over wood or charcoal fire to make a familiar barbeque flavor. You can have satay with spicy peanut sauce, and it it’s the most popular version of satay.


Gorengan is the last most famous snacks in Jakarta. However you can actually found it in almost all area in Java Island. Gorengan means deep fried food. You can choose to have different bases from cassava to tofu, or banana, yam, and tempeh (fermented soy bean). Try the one served hot and dip it in hot chili sauce for the best taste.

Jakarta Street Food

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