Surabaya East Java Attractions

Surabaya East Java Attractions

Want to quickly found out good places in Surabaya ? We have list for Surabaya attractions that you cannot missed. Here is the list. Read also : Surabaya Travel Guide

Tourism Place in Surabaya

This city offers many good hotels, shooping centres and plentiful sources of entertainment. Its well stocked zoological garden includes several species of Indonesia fauna: orang utans, komodo dragons and a collection of noctural animals. Kalimas is an old traditional harbour for the world famous Bugis Schooners, which can still be seen in all their former glory.This is only several tourism place in surabaya.

10 Tourism Object in Surabaya

  1. Heroes Monument

Visiting the hero monument is the first thing to do when in Surabaya. Aside from being a city icon, this monument is a witness to the history of Indonesian youth who fight against the Dutch. This bleak history will lead you to the knowledge of why Surabaya is called the city of warlords. There is also a museum near the monument that must be visited. It is located on Pahlawan Street, Contong Square, Bubutan. The opening hour is from 7 a.m until 3 p.m.

  1. Mundu Park

Strolling around Mundu Park is at best at night.  It is one of parks in the city across the Gelora Sepuluh November Stadium. Youngsters usually hang out in here. Children can also play in the playground arena, and adults can do jogging or take pictures with beautiful background of fountain and decorative light. And the last, it is open for 24 hours!

  1. Kenjeran Waterpark and Kenjeran Beach

For you who go with children can come to Kenjeran Waterpark. Your kids will be happy to play around in the kids pools while you can also relaxing yourself in pool side. Near with this object, Tian Ti Pagoda, Kyakya Playground, Kyakya Seaside, and many other places are other destination you can go. The entrance fee is only 20.000 rupiah in weekdays and 25.000 rupiah in weekend.

If that is not enough, you can go to Kenjeran Beach. Kenjeran is the only Surabaya beach. The panorama is too ordinary and is not a recommended one. But it is good for you who want to feel the beach in the city. Strolling around or tasting the local culinary as much as you want.

  1. Sanggar Agung Temple and Four Faces Buddha Statue

Sanggar Agung Temple is located in Kenjeran Beach, precisely on the seaside of the beach. It is a famous tourist destination in Surabaya where you can see Kwan Im goddess statue which stands 20 meters. The temple is used as a Buddhist worship place. Giving another sensation of a temple in the seaside, is what Sanggar Agung temple offers you. The opening hour starts from 9 a.m untill 5 p.m.

Another Buddhist site to go is Four Faces Buddha Statue which still located in Sanggar Agung Temple. The statue is look alike with the famous Thao Maha Brahma statue at Erawan Altar in Thailand. It is also popular in Surabaya and being one of the icons of the city that friendly for religion diversity.

  1. Kepanjen Church

Now is the turn for a church on Kepanjen Street. Has a classic European-style architecture, the Church of the Born of the Virgin Mary was built by a Dutch priest, Hendricus Waanders. When coming to this church and entering it you will not feel like being in Surabaya, Indonesia, but rather are in European cities.

  1. Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque

Still about religion building that can be used as a tourist destination at the same time is Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque. The visitors that come to this mosque are not only  moslems, but also non-moslems. Because the beauty that comes from merging two architectures of the two religions is very attractive to tourists. Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque was built to commemorate his services in spreading the religion of Islam peacefully in Indonesia. This building looks like a temple from outside with Chinese colors like red, green, and yellow. But when you enter the mosque, you will find many Arabic ornaments and writings.

  1. Suroboyo Carnival Park

Want to try night theme park in Surabaya? Come to Surabaya Carnival Park in Ahmad Yani Street. This is the only theme park owned by the city so it provides a variety of rides ranging from the one that safe for children to adrenalin challenging ride. Entrance tickets are about 80,000 on weekend and 60,000 on weekdays. Theme park is quite spacious and clean. Rides and shops around it also looked very well maintained.

  1. Red Bridge

Next there is the Red Bridge. This location is a historic place because it is the center of the battle between people of Surabaya against the Dutch. Here also killed a Brigadier General A.W.S Mallaby. Because of the history is quite bleak, then the people around built the Red Bridge to commemorate the war. Some buildings around it did not change much from time to time so it is very beautiful with its vintage style. Currently the red bridge location is used for photos with a variety of concepts.

  1. Blue Bridge

Surabaya tourism is never ending. Another story with the Red Bridge, the Blue Bridge is located in the coastal area of Kenjeran, become icon of modernity in Surabaya city. This bridge connects the new and old Ria Kenjeran beaches. There are attractive lights and fountains commonly used as Instagrammable photo backgrounds by young people that only available at night. No entrance fee, so you can get photo freely.

  1. Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument

Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument is a place you cannot miss to visit. This place is a proof that Indonesia maritime is invincible even since the era of Singasari kingdom and Majapahit. Jalesveva Jayamahe itself means ‘at sea we are victorious’. These words until now also become the motto of Indonesian Navy. There is a statue of a naval officer who was staring at the ocean and Suramadu Bridge that stands proudly 30 meters. Underneath, there is a museum that tells the glorious achievements of Indonesian marine. The opening hours start from 7.30 a.m untill 5 p.m. Entrance fee is free.

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