Sabang Weh Island

Sabang and Weh Island the beauty of West Indonesia

Sabang Weh Island

Sabang is the name of a city on an island north of Banda Aceh, precisely in the northern part of the island of Sumatra. Actually the name of the island is Weh Island which is administratively sheltered under the municipal government of Sabang and the City of Sabang is its capital.

Rubiah Island SabangWeh Island has become a dream destination, even the obsession of tourist road fans, especially diving tours that are increasingly excited every year. This small island has a wealth of adventure tourism sites on land and under the sea that are just as good. Its visual charm is attached to the expanse of hills, lakes, waterfalls, to the exotic underwater landscape.

Weh Island stores dozens of unique dive points. In addition to the beautiful panorama of coral and its biotic richness, Pulau Weh’s underwater environment also offers diving experiences in underwater volcanoes, deep sea dives and flowing dives. Even diving on the surface such as snorkeling is no less interesting, because the island’s Weh marine park can be seen clearly from the surface, using a bottom glass boat or just using a mask.

Traveling on the island of Weh has its own sensations, in addition to the beaches of Iboih and Gapang, which are now increasingly flooded with tourists, the east coast seems devoted to being a home for foreign tourists. Here they can do snorkeling, diving and sunbathing their culture without anyone bothering.

Sabang 0 KilometerPlace of Interest in Sabang Weh Island

1. Zero Kilometer
Here is a monument that is also named the zero kilometer monument whose existence is certainly easy to guess. Aside from being the zero point marker of Indonesia at the westernmost tip, this monument is also a symbol of the geographical adhesive of the Nusantara archipelago from Sabang to Merauke.

2. Pria Laot Waterfall

3. Jaboi Volcano

4. Aneuk Laot Lake

5. Rubiah Island
An island famous for its underwater paradise. The water conditions are very clear and bright. The current is not extreme so it is very suitable as a snorkeling and diving location for beginners.

6. Seulako Island
Visitors who want to feel the sensation of adventure and retreat from the crowd, Seulako Island is the right place. The island is increasingly exotic with very clear sea water around it capable of displaying strands of coral reefs from the surface quite clearly.

7. Klah Island
On this island visitors can find a lighthouse and several Dutch heritage buildings.

8. Rondo Island
Geographically the island of rondo is listed as one of the outer islands located on the border between India and Thailand. On this island there is an inscription stating that this is the northernmost island in Indonesia.

9. Iboih Beach
Iboih Beach is not far from the Zero Kilometer Monument so that both can be visited one way.
Iboih beach is quite famous and visited by many domestic and foreign tourists, besides the natural beauty that is still natural, here tourists will be faced with many diving spots. Other activities that can be done here are surfing, canoeing, swimming and diving and snorkeling.

10. Gapang Beach
Gapang Beach has white sand and the water is also very clear.

11. Sumur Tiga Beach
The beach has a stretch of white sand with clear water crystallized

12. Anoe Hitam Beach
The beach that has black sand is cooled by silvery grains and the only black sand beach on the weh island. There are also Japanese fortresses here.

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