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Weh Island which located in the westernmost tip, in the Indian Ocean at the northwest end of Indonesia. It is of volcanic origin and covered in lush green tropical jungle. The main town Sabang was once an important Dutch harbor and beside the underwater world a volcanic crater, waterfall and Japanese bunkers from the second world war are few attractions of the Island. Due to the proximity to the equator, the temperatures are steadily pleasant and the conditions allow diving at most sites all year around.

We island also famous in natural beauty. There are many other island adjacent to Weh Island, Rondo Island, Breuh Island and Nasi Island. There are also many large island, such as Simeulu Island, Tuanku Island, and Banyak Island. There are more then 21 diving spot to explore in Sabang & Weh Island.

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Aceh & Sabang (Weh Island

Sabang and Weh Island the beauty of West Indonesia

Sabang Weh Island Sabang is the name of a city on an island north of Banda Aceh, precisely in the northern part of the island of Sumatra. Actually the name of the island is Weh Island which is administratively sheltered under the municipal government of Sabang and the City of Sabang is its capital. Weh […]

Sabang Aceh Tour Package 3 Day 2 Night

3D2N Sabang Aceh Sabang Aceh Tour Package Itinerary: D1. Arrival – Sabang airport – lodging – Lunch and aceh coffee - Japanese Fort Anoi Itam - Photo spots - Anoi Itam beach - Back to hotel - Dinner - Aceh Coffee - Free program D2. Breakfast - City tour sabang - Zero kilometer tugu - Iboih [...]

Sabang Aceh Tour Package 2 Day 1 Night | Pamitran

Sabang Aceh Tour Package 2 Day 1 Night SABANG ACEH TOUR PACKAGE ITINERARY : D1. Arrival - Ports - lodging - Iboih ( stop for photos) - Island Rubiah ( Lunch - snorkeling - feed the fish and take pictures under water ) - Tugu kilometer Zero while enjoying the sunset - back to the lodge [...]