Merapi Lava Tour Yogyakarta

Merapi Jeep Lava Tour – Marvel The Beauty of Merapi Volcano Area

Merapi Lava Tour Yogyakarta. Becoming one of the most advanced cities in Indonesia makes Yogyakarta visited by people around the world. One of many attractions in Yogyakarta is Merapi Volcano. In this Merapi area you will have Merapi Lava Tour Yogyakarta. The tour takes place in the area around Merapi Volcano, included with the villages nearby. It is the most popular adventure tour nowadays. If you have never tried this tour, then it is time for you to proof it by yourselves and get thrilling sensation of it.

Merapi Lava Tours Location

It is located between the border of Yogyakarta and Central Java. If you take a look on Merapi map, the volcano is situated 28 km north of Yogyakarta.

A Brief on Merapi Lava Tour Yogyakarta

Merapi Volcano or in Indonesian called as, Gunung Merapi, is an active mountain in Yogyakarta. It has been famous for its very active volcanic activity throughout Indonesia region. It has erupted since 1548, but even so million people have lived near the dangerous area.

However, Merapi is classified as a new volcano. It was formed due to magma activity thousands of years ago. It was forced out because of the very hot temperatures inside the earth, and later on hardened and form the body of the mountain with triangle shape.

In the pre-Merapi stage occurred about 400,000 years ago, before Merapi Volcano has ever existed, there was the first one called Bibi Volcano. The remain of this volcano is still on the east side of Merapi today. Then in the Old Merapi era (60,000-80,000 years ago) the body of Merapi is formed but with the un-conical shape of the peak. Only in the mid-Merapi era began around 8000-2000 years ago, the peak of the mountain began conical.

Since then until today (New Merapi era), the peak of Mount Merapi has undergone some changes (fractures appeared in some part) although the shape remains conical. The shape is what makes the eruption explosive. Melting magma and hot clouds that slumped down quickly became the unique feature of this mountain.

Merapi gets its name due to its explosive activity. Merapi means mountain of fire. The volcano height is 2930 m, and this is the reason why climbers should be very careful since the volcano has dangerous chasms. But even so, it is still so famous as one of other 16th world volcanoes that included in Decade Volcanoes project.

In 2010 Merapi erupted, leaving a very serious damage. Many villages have to be abandoned. The casualties are increasing, and part of the mountain itself is badly damaged. Evacuation was designed, but on October 25 the status of the volcano became ‘aware’. Not only Yogyakarta area that got the effect. Other places like Tasikmalaya, Bandung, and Bogor are covered with volcanic ash, while heavy volcanic ash rains hit Cilacap and Purwokerto.

Things to Do in Merapi Lava Tour Package

Only after the eruption new tourist activity born. We call it Merapi lava tour, where you can go around the area of Merapi and seeing the remnant of the devastated eruption by riding jeep.

You will visit some of the burned villages and forest, former river that today filled with sand and cold lava, and Mbah Maridjan house (former Merapi Volcano caretaker). You can also see items burned by fire in Sisa Hartaku Mini Museum, alien stone, and Kaliadem bunker.

Of course, that is not all. In Merapi Lava tours package, you will cross the river in Merapi for an adventure, go offroad, visit the forest and many more.

Merapi Lava Tour Packages Price

This Merapi jeep tour price can be varied depends on what package you choose. For example:

Short TripRp 400.000 / jeep
Medium TripRp 500.000 / jeep
Long TripRp 600.000 / jeep
Sunrise TripDepend again on which trip you choose (short, medium, or long trip)

Remember that, those are prices per jeep. Per jeep can fit to 4 people. Each trip (short, medium, long trip) has different tourist object to be visited. As for sunrise trip, you should choose which one from short to long trip, and it will be added with the sunrise panorama in the morning.

Recommended to Do

We recommend you to join our Merapi Lava Yogyakarta Tour package. We are the best partner to arrange your trip in Merapi. You can discuss your plan with us and we will help you to make it easier and yet perfect.

Sunrise is something you cannot miss in this adventure. It started at 4.30 p.m. If you take our package, we guarantee you don’t need to be overwhelmed by schedule, preparation, and so on. You can also try trekking Merapi if you are interested in such activity and see the sunrise.