Pindul Cave Yogyakarta

Pindul Cave Enjoy the Adventure and Magical Panorama

Pindul Cave, have you heard about it? It is a really famous attractions in Yogyakarta. The cave gives you different sensation in your vacation since what you will do here is cave tubing. The activity itself is likeable by the local people because it invites you to see the natural beauty while you are in the city and it is fun to do something out of the box.

Pindul Cave in Gunungkidul regency is a long cave filled by deep water that comes from the river near it, Oyo River. It is suitable for those who crave for any adventure. Other activity in Pindul is rafting in Oyo River, offroad, and etc.

Pindul Cave Tour Exoticism

The beginning of cave tubing existence here was on the initiative of students from Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, who were actually carrying out a research assignment to examine the unique rocks around the cave. Knowing its beauty and potential, they then invited the local community to arrange Pindul Cave Tubing Tours.

The cave is indeed beautiful. It is filled with green color (more into turquoise) water from the river. While inside you can find stalactites and stalagmites in the cave walls, rock crystal, moonmilk and other beautiful rocks. The fourth largest stalactite in the world also can be found here. Not only the surrounding is fresh, it is also very pretty. You should see the beauty when the sun rays come into the cave and reflect the light on the stone or on the water.

In some parts of the cave, you will see holes in the upper body of it and chamber enough to enjoy the nature with your loved ones. Beautiful amethyst can be found easily in some points.

Having this Pindul Cave Yogyakarta Tour is like you spending your time doing adventure into the magical unknown world. If you want to add some more interesting activities that pump up your adrenaline, try rafting Oyo River. The currents at some points are very challenging and fierce. Or just swimming casually in Sri Gethuk Waterfall where you can swim in the river beneath the waterfall.

Things to Do in Pindul Cave Tour Package

Here are some popular activities in Pindul Cave Yogyakarta Tour:

Cave Tubing

Of course, first thing first is having the cave tubing activities here. You will be helped by the guide to prepare everything before you go on your mission to explore Pindul. What must be worn during the activity is a safety tool that is already there. After that your guide will tell you when to board a boat from rubber tires which are then arranged in a row if you are together with a group of people. Don’t worry, your guide will accompany you to the journey.

Rafting Oyo River

Want to feel more adrenalin challenger? Just try rafting in Oyo River near Pindul Cave. The river flow is quite heavy so it is suitable for these activities. Don’t worry if you are beginner. The expert guide will be with you doing rafting together. Usually Pindul Cave Tubing and Rafting Oyo River packages are combined to make it more efficient in the payment.


Not many people take this. But actually it’s a must try activities during the visit in Pindul area. What you will do is exploring the offroad around Pindul and continue to the shallow river flow in Oyo River. Crossing the river until your clothes get wet with the jeep. You will also explore the surrounding villages by passing hidden and narrow paths. And occasionally you can feel a muddy sensation there.

Pindul Cave Yogyakarta Location

The location of Pindul Cave is actually easy to find. The address is in Gelaran 2 hamlet, Bejiharjo village, Karangmojo Subdistrict, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. But for you, we suggest that you take Pindul Cave Tubing tours to make it easy. With Pamitran Tours you can easily enjoy the trip while going into the site and after you arrive, you can again enjoy all the attraction that it gives. We have the affordable Pindul Cave Tubing Yogyakarta Tour. Facilities are complete starting from transportation in Jogja, English speaking tour guide, place to stay in Jogja, and so on. Let’s get lost together!

Pindul Cave Tubing Opening Hours

Pindul Cave is open from 7 a.m to 7 p.m. We recommend you getting here in the morning because it is less crowded and more enjoyable. It is also important you come here between April-October in dry season. In the rainy season it is difficult to enjoy the trip because of the weather and the water is muddy.

Pindul Cave Entrance Fee 2023

Government RetributionRp 10.000
Cave TubingRp 90.000
Rafting Oya RiverRp 100.000
Combine (Rafting and Cave Tubing)Rp 200.000
Offroad PindulRp 500.000 / jeep

Facilities in Pindul Cave Jogja

The standard facilities in Pindul are like:

  • safety equipment for cave tubing and rafting
  • jeep for offroad
  • free local drinking (Wedang Pindul)
  • deposit box
  • fitting room
  • wifi
  • food stall
  • toilet/bathroom (bring your own toiletries)
  • parking lot

Recommended to Do in Pindul Tours

Again, we invite you to join our package to go to Pindul Cave. It is not just for one purpose to go to one place only like Pindul. You can have other attraction with the package that we have. The price is really affordable and the facility from us will make you trip convenience. We guarantee that. You don’t have to bother preparing everything because we are experts in managing all about holiday needs. Contact us for more info.