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After seeing the beauty of Bali and Lombok, you might be interested in to see the next destination, Karimunjawa Islands. The archipelago is the home for coral reef, mangrove forest, beach forest, and also 400 species of sea fauna. Heavenly beaches, perfect diving and snorkeling spots, unique shark pool, as well as life of Bugis and Madura fishermen would be interesting experiences you can find here. You can join our Karimunjawa Tour Package to see the real beauty of Karimunjawa.

Karimunjawa Tourism – A Little About Karimunjawa Islands

Karimunjawa Islands or called as Karimun Java, is an archipelago situated in Java Sea. It is in Jepara regency, located in the north of Java Island. Because of having Java Sea as its territory, Karimunjawa has marvelous underwater beauty. No wonder it has been established as a National Park by the government.

With a population of about 10,000, Karimunjawa islands is the best choice to spend holiday in solitude or even tour honeymoon karimunjawa. The two main islands, Karimunjawa and Kemujan, are located side by side and are the largest island cluster compare to the other.

Karimunjawa is popular for the natural and virgin beaches. Camping, sunbathing, fishing, surfing, and jet skiing are just some of the favorite things to do in Karimunjawa. Of course best of the best is diving or snorkeling. Indeed the sea in Karimunjawa is famous for its diverse, unique marine biota and beautiful coral reefs.

Other than the great underwater life, you can also experience land activity such as sunset seeing on the beach, mangrove trekking, obesrving shark captivitiy community, and many more.

In Karimunjawa tourism you can also find out that there are some extinct animals which are treated in special way such as hawksbill, green turtle, and white chest albatross. The island is also a home for a unique plant called Dewadaru, the icon of Karimunjawa.

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How to Get There? | Trust Pamitran Tours, Your Best Karimunjawa Tour And Travel

To join the tour karimunjawa recommended is easy. You can trust Pamitran Tours, your one and only Karimunjawa tour and travel. With us you can experience all the best from Karimunjawa Island.

The archipelago is located precisely 83 km from Jepara Regency. Karimun Java is an archipelago with 27 islands spread along the area and 3 villages. To go here you need to arrive at the port of Jepara. From there, you will need ferry (Marine Express) to get into Karimunjawa Island. It takes about 3 hours to arrive in the main island.

But if you join Pamitran Tours, you do not need to take care everything. Just enjoy the trip and the vacation you will have in the islands.

Most Popular Karimunjawa Attractions

Tanjung Gelam Beach

This is the most well known white sandy beach in Karimunjawa. As one of the most popular Karimunjawa attactions, Tanjung Gelam Beach is the perfect spot to catch sunset.

Mangrove Forest Kemujan

Kemujan Island has an interesting mangrove forest in the coastal line. Explore the wild life and nature of the forest. If you are lucky you can spot some animals. But if not, try to enjoy the panorama while walking on the wooden bridge.

Legon Lele Beach

Aside from Tanjung Gelam, Legon Lele is the next most popular beach. When the sea recedes level, you can see gosong (sandbank) appears in the ocean.

Love Hill Karimunjawa

One of attractions in tour to karimunjawa that is usually visited by tourists is Love Hill Karimunjawa. People love to take picture with a background of ‘LOVE’ and ‘Karimunjawa’ letter. And of course from here you can see offshore and almost everything in Karimunjawa.

Barracuda Beach

Barracuda is for those who like peaceful nuances. Here in the beach all you can see is the pristine water with green turqoise color, milk chocolate sands, and coconut trees soaring high, adding the reassuring view.

Karimunjawa Butterfly Park

If you get bored with water activity in Karimunjawa, maybe this is the time to explore the beauty of butterflies in Karimunjawa Butterfly Park. Some of the species are already scarce. You can also enjoy the 3D cinema, Jade Massage Therapy, restaurant, and 3D Art Gallery.

Gosong Tengah

Karimunjawa has many gosong or sandbanks that only appears when the sea recedes. One of which is Gosong Tengah. You can feel the fun like you walking in the middle of the ocean. But remember you can only spot it from 09.00 – 17.00 WIB. So don’t be late!

Annora Beach

Let’s enjoy the sunset while playing swing in the seashore. Come to Annora Beach which has some wooden swing. The spot is usually used by those who are seeking instagenic photos.

Menjangan Besar Island

Last but not least karimunjawa things to do is visiting Menjangan Besar Island. The island is the centre of shark conservation. It is interesting to swim with tame reef shark. You can also go to green turtles, clown fish and starfish, and white breasted eagle conservation.

Bunga Jabe Beach

Your karimunjawa fun trip will be continued to Bunga Jabe Beach. Here is the place where you can enjoy the natural panorama plus the touch of local wisdom. The beach giving you a unique sight where you can feel the art of Bugis Tribe. Wooden ornament, stone, traditional houses, lazy chairs, swings, and barbeque are all made of Bugis style.

Genting Island

The island is a new tourism spot in Karimunjawa. You can enjoy the day here by walking on the beach, snorkeling, but don’t forget to get picture in the long wooden bridge that reaching 300 meter into the sea.

Snorkeling and Diving Spot in Karimunjawa Travel Package

Here are some of the most favorite snorkeling and dive spot in Karimunjawa. If you join Pamitran Tours in Karimunjawa Travel Package, you can always choose to go to this several best spots:

  • Kecil Island >> Lined up as the most beautiful diving and snorkeling spot in Karimunjawa with corals and lots of ornamental fishes.
  • Tengah Island >> Snorkeling spot to find underwater beauty and high coral reef walls. Also a place for Black Tip Shark captivity.
  • Cemara Kecil Island >> Beautiful beach and sandbanks. Find the nemos here!
  • Cemara Besar Island >> Private and natural island with marine animals that can be found near the beach. Perfect for snorkeling.
  • Menjangan Kecil Island >> One of the best spot for snorkeling with calm sea and friendly fishes. You can jump right from the boat into the sea.
  • Geleang Island >> Snorkeling spot. But also the best for sunbathing in the summer or camping in private island. Go for an adventure here!

Karimunjawa Tour Packages and Price – We Give Competitive Price Only!

It is okay to go to Karimunjawa on a budget. By saving some money you can go to more destinations in this trip to Karimunjawa. That is why Pamitran Tours offers you competitive price for our Karimunjawa Tour Packages. It is also perfect for backpackers.

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