The island of Borneo is one of the major islands in Indonesia. This island is even the third largest island in the world. In the colonial era, Borneo was given the nickname Borneo, so until now the nickname was still attached.

Borneo itself is very famous for rivers that pass through its territory. Therefore, besides Borneo, the other nickname is Thousand Rivers Island. These rivers are also one of the Kalimantan points of interest. but of course there are many other interesting things that become Borneo tourist attractions such as orangutans, mangrove forest, the wildlife, and many more.

If you are interested in visiting Kalimantan, we have several interesting packages for Kalimantan travel. Our packages are divided into two part that is to visit East Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan. For the Central Kalimantan, we have main destination such as the Kalimantan orangutan tours, visiting the Dayak or local people, and see other wildlife in some river. While for East kalimantan, our focus is on Derawan island (diving spot), Sangalaki (swimming with jelly fish), and Maratua (snorkeling with Manta rays).

The recommended package from us is 4 days 3 nights Ourangutan Tanjung Puting tour and 3 days 2 nights Derawan Maratua Sangalaki Kakaban tour. To come to Kalimantan you can use airlines and arrived at Kalimantan airport. From there, we will picked you up to continue the trip to any destination in the package.

Central Kalimantan

Located in one of Indonesia’s biggest islands, Central Kalimantan province is worth to be visited. Our tour will take you to the greatest moment of your trip in this place. Central Kalimantan is popular for orang utan, rivers, exotic jungles, wildlife, and the tribe of Dayak. You will meet all of those in our package.

We start the packages from 3 days 2 nights Central Kalimantan, 4 days 3 nights Orang Utan Tanjung Puting Tour, but for the best sensation try the 7 days 6 nights Central Kalimantan tour package.

Kapal Klotok at Tour Tanjung Puting

4D3N Orang Utan Tour Tanjung Puting

Tour Tanjung Puting consists of : Tour Tanjung Puting (4D3N) Here's detail for Tour Tanjung Puting starting from: Day 1 ...
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3D2N Orang Utan Tanjung Puting

Tanjung Puting 3 Days 2 Nights Orang Utan Tanjung Puting Tour DAY1: Aiport – Kumai – Tanjung Puting On arrival ...
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Orangutan Tour Tanjung Puting

Orangutan Tour Tanjung Puting 7 Day 6 Night

Orangutan Tour Tanjung Puting itinerary : Day 1 : PALANGKA RAYA – START CRUISE  (Starts Tuesday) Meet at Palangkaraya airport and ...
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East Kalimantan

Different with Central Kalimantan, East Kalimantan tour centered at the beauty of beaches and Kalimantan Derawan island. The package is designed for tourist who like snorkeling and admiring the underwater nature. Not only Derawan, other small islands like Maratua and Sangalaki will be visited to see the turtle breeding, snorkeling with Manta Rays, and even with Jellyfish.

We have three best packages such as 4D3N Derawan Island tour which will take tourist to Derawan-Maratua-Sangalaki, and includes Gusung Sanggalau, 4D3N Derawan-Labuan Cermin Lake tour, and the last 3D2N Derawan-Maratua-Sangalaki-Kakaban Island tour.

Derawan Maratua Sangalaki Kakaban Island 3 Day 2 Night Package

Derawan Maratua Sangalaki Kakaban Island 3 Day 2 Night Package

Derawan Maratua Sangalaki Kakaban Island Itinerary:  Day 1: Berau (Tanjung Redeb) – Derawan (D) It is recommended to take flight ...
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Derawan Island and Labuan Cermin Lake

Derawan Island Labuan Cermin Lake 4 Day 3 Night

Derawan Island and Labuan Cermin Lake itinerary:  Meeting Point airport or hotel in Tanjung Redeb (Berau) before 12.00. Day 1: ...
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4D3N Explore Derawan Island

Explore Derawan Island for 4 Day 3 Night

Explore Derawan Island (Kepulauan Derawan) which is consists of : Derawan, Sangalaki, Maratua, Kakaban and small islands. Famous for jelly ...
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