Kalibiru National Park

Kalibiru National Park

Kalibiru National Park Travel Guide

Your kalibiru national park travel guide. One of the forest areas that became famous recently is the Kalibiru National Park Jogja. Little know that at first Kalibiru was not a vacation place. This area was once a fairly large forest in the Menoreh Mountains, Kulonprogo, Jogja. Kalibiru national park tour also does not suddenly exist but rather from the efforts and hard work of the surrounding community to carry out massive reforestation in the barren and arid land.

This Community Forestry has received permission from the government considering the large desire of local residents to maintain a beautiful and cool environment in the mountains. With such a big struggle, finally Kalibiru tourism park was born in Kulon Progo. The Kalibiru is spacious and beautiful, ready to pamper visitors who want to feel the sensation of a save outbound adventure. The Kulon Progo Kalibiru tour is suitable for vacationers with groups, families and children, as well as friends.

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Kalibiru Things to Do

Talking so far about Kalibiru without discussing Kalibiru things to do is make no sense. The first thing may come to your mind is what are being able to do in Kalibiru National Park right? For that, we will give the best recommendations of things you can do at the latest Kalibiru tour.

Look at Sermo Reservoir and Menoreh Mountains

The main attraction in Kalibiru forest is the view of Sermo Reservoir and Menoreh Mountains in the distance. You will see them from the photo spot in a tree.  You need to climb up the ladder in the tree’s body to go up to see Sermo and Menoreh Mountains. This wooden board is very special for lovers. Many of them get photo here. In holiday season this spot is the best selling, queue is not a new thing.

Waiting for Kalibiru Sunset

Sunset in Kalibiru is the coolest thing in the area. It is one way to enjoy different sunset because you will be in the middle of a forest. When the sky turn to purplish orange, Sermo Reservoir will be much more exotic.

Try All Outbound Types Available

Kalibiru is also popular for a student trip and outbound center for children’s activity. As an outbound center you and your children can try all rides available in this place. Try flying fox, which has a different height of 50 m above ground level and also the 80 m. Others are wooden bridge ride, spider web, climbing, and so on.

Trekking in Kalibiru Yogyakarta

The forest area Kalibiru is wide enough include the tourism village of Kalibiru. For those who want to try other option to enjoy the national park, trekking is other alternative that usually offered. Explore the forest area of Kalibiru, get to know to the nature inhabitants such as local plants and trees. Explore also the village in Kalibiru where you can see the people, what they do, or even speak with them through a guide.

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Kalibiru National Park Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions and Surroundings

This Kalibiru National Park Travel Guide, As was said before, one of the fun activities that can be done when going to Kalibiru tourism objects in Kulon Progo is exploring the village or visiting Kalibiru tourist attractions and its surroundings. There are many tourist destinations near Kalibiru which are of course ready to visit. You might even be a little surprised to see the many tourist attractions near Kalibiru, considering that Kulon Progo is a fairly barren and arid region.

If in the main area of ​​Kalibiru the most famous is Kalibiru National Park, there are actually other tourist objects near the area that is not lesser than Kalibiru and the most important thing is still hidden. You know, the more hidden it is, the more natural and exotic the place is. Kulon Progo Jogja is ready to offer other unique sights such as:

  • Nglinggo Tea Garden
  • Kiskendo Cave A mythical and long cave
  • Seplawan Cave
  • Sermo Reservoir
  • Kedung Pedut Waterfall With a blue turquoise water ready to hypnotize visitors.
  • Kembang Soka Waterfall a clear waterfall hidden in the hills.
  • Mudal River Park Where the angels visit the earth to bath.
  • Rafting Progo River A challenging activity to try rafting in the swift river.

Kalibiru National Park Address

Kalibiru National Park address is in Hargowilis Village, Kokap District, Kulonprogo Regency, Yogyakarta. The location of this Kalibiru tour is on the Menoreh Mountains. Known as arid hills, in fact it does not make local people give up so that tourism areas can be created. The distance from Jogja city is around 35 km.

How to Get to Kalibiru?

There are several options for this. You can go with public transportation such as bus or train, in which later you will still use taxi motor from the local, or try the best way, that is rent a car or motorcycle with the driver for the cheap one. If you agree to choose this, please do not hesitate to contact Pamitran Tours. We are number one in Yogyakarta tour. Car rental Jogja plus driver, motorbike rental jogja, and Jogja tour packages are available in our place. To know more information and any offer we have, you can surf our website: pamitrantours.com or straightly contact us in 08112637768.

Kalibiru National Park Opening Hours

The best time to come to Kalibiru is at 6 a.m to 5 p.m. That is the kalibiru national park opening hours. To enjoy the sunset make sure you have arrived in this place before 5 p.m.

Kalibiru National Park Entrance Fee

The entrance fee for Kalibiru Yogyakarta is not expensive. By paying Rp 10.000 you can enter Kalibiru forest. Parking fee is divided into:

  • Scooter: Rp 2.000
  • Car: Rp 5.000
  • Bus: Rp 15.000
  • Elf: Rp 10.000

There are also several spot inside Kalibiru National Park. The four spots have different price:

  • Spot 1: Rp 15.000
  • Spot 2: Rp 10.000
  • Spot 3: Rp 10.000
  • Spot 4: Rp 15.000
  • Outbound ticket: Rp 35.000

Kalibiru Tourism Facility

Although still not as complete as tourist facilities as in urban areas, but standard facilities can be found in Kalibiru area, such as:

  • Toilet,
  • Guide,
  • Safety Equipment,
  • Parking lot,
  • Camp Ground,
  • Outbound Facilities,
  • Homestay.

Jogja Kalibiru National Park Tour

This holiday will be more fun and easy with the Kalibiru Jogja tour package in Pamitran Tours. Certainly we offer cheap Kalibiru tour package with interesting and complete facilities. There are advantages to taking our tour package that you do not need to bother planning all alone. We will help you prepare all things since we know the best in yogyakarta. You can also request other favorite tourist object in Jogja that you want to visit. Once again visit our website pamitrantours.com to see all packages provided.

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