Mount Merapi

18 things to do in Mount Merapi and surroundings

Mount Merapi

Living under the shadows of active volcanoes can be a dangerous game at the best of times, especially when one of them is called the “Fiery Mountain” or in Indonesia called Gunung Merapi. Located in Central Java, on a clear day, Mt. Merapi can be seen in all its glory. Merapi is the most volatile of the island’s volcanic tribe, and tops the dangerous list: the closing year of 1973 were marked by a series of minor lava flows and the ensuing (and more damaging) lava streams of water, mud and ash. To keep the volcano “quiet”, the Javanese regularly bring him offerings on the anniversary of the Sultan’s coronation.

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18 Things To Do In Mount Merapi and Surroundings

1. Mount Merapi Museum

Mount MerapiMount Merapi Museum is located in Donoharjo, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Located not far from the attractions Kaliurang, about 5 km, and was inaugurated in October 2009. It has a floor space of about 4.470, the museum will also be equipped with a garden, parking area, and this plaza wish known to the public as a museum with the motto Merapi volcano Merapi Earth window. Museum Mount Merapi is about knowledge, geology, especially on the volcano itself. Museum Mount Merapi become a tourist recreation education where we can find various kinds of information and knowledge about Mount Merapi either specifically or generally.



2. Ketep Pass

18-things-to-do-in-mount-merapi-and-surroundingsKetep Pass is located in the district of Magelang. Ketep Pass plateau is cool and is suitable for family recreation. The location is also easily reached both by public transport, private cars, as well as two-wheel motorcycle. Ketep Pass has several tourist points of which are:
1.    Substation of View: This view substation used to see a view of Mount Merapi and merbabu of altitude. And to see the sights of land agricultural land.
2.    Ketep Vulcano Theatre: This right is used to show film about Merapi, the eruption process, occurred groove ascent and video provides information about mountain.
3.    Panca Arga the court: the court is the highest court of Ketep Pass. Why five Arga? Arga means mountain, penta means five. This means that in the court’s Panca Arga we can see the views of five mountain at once is Mount Merapi, Merbabu, Mount Sindoro, Mount Slamet Sumbing.

When traveling in Ketep Pass do not forget to enjoy the typical grilled corn Ketep Pass. Corn will match enjoyed warm in the cold. And do not forget to bring a jacket because the temperature is tolerable cold.

3. Merapi Lava Tour by Jeep 4WD

Merapi Lava tour is a tourist attraction using a jeep to see Merapi after eruption 2010. You can enjoy thrilling and exciting trip down the rocks and the remains of the eruption of Merapi. If you did this during the rainy season, the sensation of tension will be even more remarkable because it combines with the rain and slippery ground. This packages normally takes 2-3 hours. For more info check Merapi Jeep Lava Tour

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candi kimpulan4. Kaliurang Recreation Park

The park is built on an area of 10 thousand square meters and a lot of games for children. It is located on slope of Mount Merapi and popular destination on the weekend.

5. Plawangan Turgo Park

This park is located approximately 300 meters to the northeast of the park Recreational Ground. The beauty of this park starts from the pool Tlogo Princess where the water comes from springs hillside Plawangan. The park is also eligible as a tourist destination with your family.

kaliadem3rd6. Pronowijo Hill

As you climb this hill, your trip will be accompanied by wild monkeys were quite tame so fun to be friends on the way. Additionally, when you managed to climb the top of the hill Pronowijo, Merapi mountain backdrop has become increasingly apparent and beautiful.

7. Kimpulan Temple

This hindu temple located on the campus of the Islamic University of Indonesia (UII). It is 9th century temple accidentally discovered during land excavations to lay foundations for the construction of a new university library.

8. Kaliadem

Kali adem is a pine forest area of 25 hectares with an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level, on the southern slope of Mount Merapi, which has cool air and has a lot of natural beauty and uniqueness.

9. Kali Kuning

18 things to do in Mount Merapi and surroundings


Kali Kuning is Camping Ground wild mountains located on the southern slopes of Mount Merapi, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

10. Cangkringan

This is the village on the foot of Mount Merapi where the caretaker Merapi Mbah Maridjan lived.

11. Ullen Sentalu Museum

Ullen Sentalu located in Pakem, Kaliurang. This museum is a museum showcasing the culture and life of the daughter / woman Yogyakarta Palace and its collections assortment of batik style of Yogyakarta and Solo.


Ullen Sentalu Museum

Sentalu Ullen name itself comes from the word “Ulating blencong SEjatiNe TAtaraning LUmaku” which means “The light blencong a human user in moving and pursuing life”. This philosophy is taken from an oil lamp used in the Wayang kulit (blencong) which is a light that is always moving to direct and illuminate the journey of our life been to Ullen Sentalu.

Upon entering the museum we will amazed to see the architecture of the building. The building is made of ancient classical style typical typical European empires of antiquity. There are five main Rungan in this museum and five of five of its own characteristic uniqueness of each. This museum tells the story of cultural values possessed Ngayogyakarta, royal objects and collections of Jogja Solo batik collection. Tens or even hundreds of paintings ancient kingdom princess daughter was displayed neatly with such beautiful tatanaan. And unique no 3-dimensional paintings in this museum where eye face in his paintings can follow the direction of our gaze. Interesting right? At the end of the visit we will be given a traditional ginger drink as a welcome drink.

12. Merapi Golf

13. Jadah Tempe Mbah Carik

18 things to do in Mount Merapi and surroundingsThis snack consists of jadah (sticky rice) served with sweet soybean (tempe) bacem. The dining is quite unique way: tempeh bacem piece sandwiched between two layers of chance, then eat together like a burger or sandwich. This is why sometimes we called it Burger Java. 

14. Japanese Cave

Goa Japanese name attached as a witness to history that the cave was once existed during the 1942-1945 Japanese colonial settlement. Do not imagine that this cave has stalactite and stalagmite cave like in general. Cave is just a dark hole and not so deep, lined up as many as 25 holes. If this is not conceivable course goa purely because the process of natural occurrence. Indeed. This cave is intentionally made the Japanese invaders by force romusha people of Indonesia. Its purpose as a place to stay, a shelter from the allied forces and as a weapons storage site during World War II.

15. Sunrise Mount Merapi Trekking

18 things to do in Mount Merapi and surroundingsFor more information please check Sunrise Mount Merapi Trekking

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16. Rabbit Satay (Sate Kelinci)

18 things to do in Mount Merapi and surroundings


Aside from the delicious taste, rabbit meat is also very beneficial for health because it has unsaturated fats very good for your health. In addition, rabbit meat also has protein, cholesterol and sodium is very good for growing children, adults to the elderly. As well as very well taken for someone who is suffering from asthma. This food is usually served with soy sauce and warm rice, with a touch of spices. It feels like chicken, but the texture is smoother and more supple.

17. Coffee Merapi

18 things to do in Mount Merapi and surroundingsThe volcanic activity at Mount Merapi to bring fertility to plants growing on the slope, including coffee plants. One of the famous coffee centers in the area Bebeng, in the southeast of Kaliurang. At this location, you can enjoy a cup of hot coffee at the Coffee Shop Merapi, with a view of the famous eruption site with stones magnitude. Coffee provided comes from a variant robusta (Cofea canephora) and arabica (C. arabica), both derived from trees grown on the slopes of Merapi and had his trademark respectively. Besides drinking on the premises, you can also buy coffee packaging that can be taken home.

18. Wedang Gedang

18 things to do in Mount Merapi and surroundingsThis is traditional drink made from banana which is located in Kinahrejo village, east of Kaliurang. Usually sold in stalls located in the village. This drink uses chopped banana served with a warm sauce of various herbs such as ginger, pandan leaves, cinnamon, and brown sugar.

New Attractions in Merapi Updates : 1 September 2017

  1. The World Landmark Merapi Park

    A new tourist rides called The World Landmark Merapi Park located on Kaliurang Road. 25, this one tourist park offers a sensation around the world in no time! One of the reasons tourists want to come to The World Landmark Merapi Park is photo hunting. There are dozens of mini buildings typical of European and American countries that you can use as your photo background.

  2. Stonehenge
  3. The Lost Castle

    Located in the Village Kepuharjo, District Cangkringan, Sleman District, The Lost World Castle is a new tourist attraction. This area is one of the most severely affected areas in 2010 located under the foot of Mount Merapi. Now, with spectacular views of Merapi, The Lost World Castle will be one of the instagrammable destinations in Jogja.

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