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April 29, 2017
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May 4, 2017

Traditional Jamu Herbal Tour | Yogyakarta Unique Tour Experience

Traditional Jamu Herbal Tour

Visiting a market in Indonesia is already a unique experience on itself.  What makes this market so different from a market at home, is that next to the fact it is not modernized yet, you find totally different products that the market you are used to at home. Wandering around the market you get to know more about the different fruits and herbs Indonesia is rich off.  A visit to the herb stalls makes this tour extra special. Herbs where in the old days used as a medicine, and it was normal to drink these special made tonics called Jamu to; increase your stamina, to cure back pain, to become more beautiful or even to stop fevers. Back in the time of the Buddhist empire who have built the Borobudur, and its social connection with the royal family, who made drinking these herbal tonics / jamu popular, has added to its allure. Although  now a days many traditions a getting lost in this new modern life, Indonesians still belief in the curing powers of  jamu. Join us on this tour and experience something new.

Price per person :

1 pax 2 pax
Rp275.000 Rp250.000

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