Togean Islands Travel Guide

Togean Islands Travel Guide

your Togean Islands Travel Guide. Togean islands is one of the best dive spot in Indonesia, has also being the part of World Coral Triangle program. Located in the bay of Tomini in the Central Sulawesi Province – nature is considered to be pristine.

There are many category for Dive enthusiasts here in Togean. Over 60 islands to be explored and the most beautiful seascape above the water and down below you will find as much as you wish.

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Togean Islands

Possibly the greates quality of diving in the Togean Islands is the incredible diversity or reefs to explore here. It is the only dive destination in Indonesia and one of the very few places in the world to boast coral atolls, fringing reefs, barrier reefs, as well as artificial reefs – wreck diving.

Togean Islands possessthe wealth of riches that enough to make any other travel destination jealous. As well as the reef systems, there are 30 or so coral gardens, reef slopes, deep walls, sandy slopes, deep water features such as The Crack – an awesome swim through at 50 meters, mangroves, sea grasses, muck diving, and easy house reefs all easily accessible from the local resorts. The reefs are in exceptional condition and have terrific diversity because the quite isolated Togean Islands receive very few visitors and there are only a small numbers of locals.

Tomini Bay is reputedly the calmest deep-water bay in the world, almost completely surrounded by the protective arms of central and north Sulawesi. This is home by the protective arms of central and north Sulawesi. This is home to the undeveloped and remote Togean Islands. With great diving right on your doorstetp and little else to distract you, you’ve come to the right place if you are looking for and idyllic tropical setting. The Togeans are an excellent, and in now way inferior, alternative to other more popular Sulawesi dive destinations, no matter what your diving interest.

Another activities in Togian islands such as snorkeling, hoping island, visiting small island and village, diving, sailing boat and many more.

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Togean Islands Travel Map

Togean Islands

Togean Islands Travel Map

Togean Islands Dive Sites

1. B24 Bomber Wreck Dive Site

2. Dominic Rock

3. Taipi Wall

4. Batu Gila

5. Una Una

6. Pasir Tengah

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Togean IslandsTogean Islands Culture

Culture is the soul of an ethnic its reflecting the essence of life and struggle, excitements to serenity and the flow of meaning of life itself. In Togean we have this beautiful culture in Togean rooting from the Togean, Bobongko and Saluan’s culture expanding to the coastal people of Bajo Tribe.

Young generation are part of the society, they are involve voluntary in group or solo, pride to be a ethnic dancer. With smiling faces full of joy, they perform and try to be the best among others. Social cultural dance also teaching young generation about togetherness and respect one to another one.

Local Lifestyle in Togian Islands

1. Tumbulawa Village

Tumbulawa is a unique village in Togean Islands, located in the big island of Batudaka one of other 4 (four) big islands in the Togean Islands. Tumbulawa Village is well known of the Horn Bills nesting zone. The people in the village live their life in simple manner, no modern enviroment found and you will be touch with smiles and greetings from them as you are visiting this village.

2. Tangkian Village

Another naive Bajo village is Tangkian Village, a rather small village fencing the coastal line have decorated a serene panorama during sunset. Bajo people is also known as Sea Gypsy but in Tangkian they have settled their life for many many years ago and have been living so warmly among themselves and to the neighbouring villages in other nearby islands.

3. Taupan Village

Its nice to visit this village by early of the day, the beautiful scenery of corals bottom under the blue greenish clear water, just something that no one will refused. Not too many people lives in the village, most of them are local traditional fisherman who live day by day peacefully. The nature have given them the best of their needs.

Inside the village you can find a salt water lake very calm and very serene, the people used this salt water lake mostly for fish ponds. Their house made out of woods and bamboos straightened up above the water just like the other Bajo people did.

4. Papan Island Village

Feel your spirit awakened when the sun rises from the east, while the sea still in calm deeply serenade by the wind breezing against your face. The morning always a phenomenal view in Papan Island Village, as the sun rises for the day is breaking, another remarkable seascape is surrounding your existence in this piece of paradise.

How To Get To Togean Islands

This is a community based ecotourism industry and biodiversity conservation. A huge expanse of tropical rain forest covers six islands, situated near the equator. This enchanting archipelago is one of the jewels of Central Sulawesi. Stunning reefs, small isolated white sandy beaches, traditional fishermen village of the Bajau and verdant rainforest are truly spellbinding and memorable. For the avid adventurer, the Togean Islands offer various for type of coral diving amidst the fringing reefs, barrier reefs, patch reef and atoll. The Togean Islands can be reached overland from Palu to Ampana in about 7 hours (375 kilometers) by car via Poso, by bus or chartered vehicle, and from Ampana followed by a 4-hour journey by public boat (daily service) to Wakai and Malenge. The boat departs at 10.00 pm. From Gorontalo city, Togean can be reached directly by a public boat service, which leaves for the island twice weekly. Coming by way of Rantepao (Tana Toraja) in South Sulawesi, it takes about 14 hours by car to reach Togean via Mangkutana, Pendolo, Tentena and Poso to Ampana.

Accomodation in Togean Islands

There are small environmental friendly resorts in Togean Islands, they are do full board services including pick up from Wakai, the Hub to explore Togean.

Some resorts also offer Diving Package, for you who is visiting Togean for Diving experience. This offer should be more attractive. Or you can explore the whole Togean by hopping islands, do overnights from one resort to another, this should also be interesting.

List of accomodation in Togian Islands

  • Black marlin dive resort
  • Kadidiri Paradise dive resort
  • Pondok Lestari Cottage
  • Wakai cottage
  • Sunset beach cottage
  • Bolilanga cottage
  • Malenge Indah cottage
  • Sifa cottage
  • Walea dive resort

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