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Tana Toraja is a highland that offer people exciting culture and nature. It would be very amazing to have a trip here with Tana Toraja Tour Package. If you want to join in Toraja Tours you can always trust Pamitran Tours. We provide several Tana Toraja package tour for you, to make your holiday feels special.

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Travel to Tana Toraja – What You Need to Know About Tana Toraja Trip

Tana Toraja or Tanah Toraja, literally ‘Toraja Land’, is located in Southern Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is a highland region famous for its natural beauty and tana toraja dead (grave sites). The Tana Toraja means “Land of The Heavenly Kings”. Tourists usually take a trip here to see all about tana toraja culture and visit nearby city, Makassar.

In the land of Kings, you can see many Tana Toraja tourism. Tana Toraja and its uniqueness have going worldwide that Tana Toraja unesco set it as one of world heritage. You should see traditional Tana Toraja houses called Tongkonan. It is used to storing the harvest and slaughtering sacred buffaloes for funeral ceremony.

It is also interesting to stay several days with the local. You will find many unique culture of Tana Toraja South Sulawesi. One not to forget is the burial rites. When someone die the body is sometimes kept several weeks even years in the house. Later if they have enough money to do the actual funeral ceremony which may last up to a week, along with the ritual dance and buffalo slaughter are held, the body will be buried in small cave with tau-tau effigy placed in front. The cave usually is in bamboo frame hanging from a cliff or even inside a hollow tree.

Tana Toraja weather is very friendly especially during the dry season, from June to September. It is the best time to visit the place, where you can also witness the harvest.

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Tana Toraja Tourist Attractions

Londa Tomb and Lemo Tomb (Tana Toraja Funeral)

The first Tana Toraja tourist attraction is Tana Toraja grave sites. Toraja is famous for the unique tomb where the body being kept in a cave or tree. Tana Toraja Londa and Lemo Tana Toraja are two most popular site for it. But you can also join tana toraja funeral ceremony to see more about the tradition, dances, buffalo fights, and pigs and buffaloes slaughter. Tana Toraja buffalo sacrifice is meant to accompany the soul during the way into heaven (Puya).

Tana Toraja Baby Tree

The more unique is Kambira. It also called as baby tree, the place where infants are entombed in the hollow of trees. This tana toraja cliff burials and baby trees appear because the people believed that babies who died before they grew their teeth were sacred and it is a way to return the babies to the spirit world by burying them in trees.

tana toraja tourKete Kesu

Kete Kesu the famous village that holds an amazing history and traditional houses is a must visit place. The tradition in Kete Kesu is untouched, still authentic since the old ages. It is where Tongkonan House located.

Sa’dan and Batutumonga

There are two unique villages in Tana Toraja. Sa’dan is the place to see and buy Tana Toraja woven fabric with beautiful motives, while Batutumonga, located in mountainous areas is perfect for refreshing with the panorama of Mother Nature. You can enjoy the paddy fields, hills, and seeing the puffy clouds. Staying overnight is a best choice.

Kalimbuang Bori

Kalimbuang Bori, or Bori Kalimbuang, or Bori Parinding is a great site to see ancient megalithic era in Indonesia. In this place you will experience tana toraja travel to see 102 Menhirs, rocks that are mounted upright, as a means to worship their ancestors. Surrounding the Menhirs, various traditional houses of Toraja can be a great view too.

Tana Toraja Rafting

Finding river for rafting will be an alternative site for tana toraja trip. There are Sa’dan and Mai’ting river popular for white water rafting. But for more friendly rafting you should go to Sa’san river.

Buntu Burake

Buntu Burake is similar to Cristo Redentor, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Jesus Christ statue standing tall in a hill is the largest in Indonesia. Take a walk to the glass bridge and see the panorama around.

Tana Toraja Coffee

Coffee from Tana Toraja is one of the most famous among Indonesian. The arabica coffee bean is very delicious. As highlands, Toraja is perfect environment to grom them. You should taste Toraja coffee that still sorted in traditional way.

tana toraja tourSesean and Ollon Mountain

If you want to experience trekking tour tana toraja or tana toraja hiking, it is best to make Sesean Mountain and Ollon Mountain becoming your destination. Sesean it the highest point in the highlands. Go camping overnight here is also recommended. It offers you great viewpoints and the journey from Rantepao is amazing. Meanwhile, Ollon Tana Toraja is more friendly for family trip with children. This hill is very wide, green, and perfect for camping too. With a magnificent background, Ollon is a place for selfie.

Lolai Tana Toraja

In Lolai village, you can enjoy sunrise and sunset at an altitude of 1.300 meter above the sea level. Nicknamed as ‘The Land Above the Clouds’, Lolai is where you can see the rolling waves of clouds at sunrise. Camp overnight near the Tongkonan House.

Tana Toraja Market

It can give you a happy ending to visit some of tana toraja market like Bolu Market. The market is held every six days to sell buffaloes and pigs, usually for the funeral ceremony. See also ‘Tedong Salego’, albino buffalo which worth more than $38,000. There are also other traditional market in Toraja. You can visit them to see Toraja products and tasting their local culinary.

Tana Toraja Tour Price

If you want to go to Tana Toraja, then you should join Pamitran Tours. We are the best tour and travel agent fot tana toraja private tour. With competitive toraja tour price, you can have the best holiday to Toraja with family or friends.

It is suitable for tana toraja backpacker too. We have several tour package such as tana toraja tour 3 days, tour 4d3n, and 5d4n Toraja Tour. The facility includes Toraja tour with local guide.

Toraja Tour Price Starts From Only:

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Sample Itinerary Tana Toraja Tours

Tana Toraja Itinerary 3D2N

Day 01 Arrival – Makassar – Toraja

Upon arrival at Hasanuddin Airport Makassar, meeting services. Afterwards we will take you out on the picturesque drive to Toraja with approx 10 hours driving along the Bugisnese villages. We will stop for a photo-taking. Lunch (exclude) will be served in a seafood restaurant in Pare-Pare. In the afternoon stop on the PuncakLakawan to enjoy spectacular view. Arrive in Rantepao in late afternoon. Dinner (exclude) and overnight at Hotel.

Day 02 Toraja (Lemo, Kambira, Suaya, Londa, Kete Kesu) (B)

After breakfast, a full day exploring Toraja. First you will visit Lemo to see rows of Tau Tau statues and the hanging graves. Then continue to discover baby trees in Kambira. Onwards to Suaya to the graveyard of Kings of Sangalla, and then proceed to Londa to see ancient tombs placed among the rocks. At KeteKesu one of the oldest Torajan villages you can see Tongkonan and also the old traditional rice barns with colorful woodcarving. Lunch (exclude) in Rantepao. Lunch in Rantepao. Dinner (exclude). Overnight at Hotel.

Day 03 Hotel – Toraja Airport (B)

After breakfast, Transfer directly to airport to catch flight for your next destination. End of tour.

Let’s explore tana toraja tour sulawesi with us, pamitrantours.com. We guarantee that your trip will be one of the best you ever have in your life. You will explore the culture, tradition, the people, and nature in Tana Toraja.

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