Sumba Travel Guide

Sumba Island Travel Guide

Your Sumba Island Travel Guide. Have you ever go to Sumba Island? Sumba has become one of the main attractions in Indonesia recently. Sumba Island location is in East Nusa Tenggara. It is in eastern part of Indonesia, a virgin paradise shouldn’t be missed.

Sumba Island Indonesia is perfect to have family trip or even honeymoon trip. Surrounded by beautiful beaches and wildlife, many can be seen in the island. For those who like natural scenery and adventure, Sumba is like paradise that cannot be described with words. With the perfect sumba island climate, tropical, you can explore many parts of Sumba in the dry season. This is the best time to visit Sumba where Indonesia has very rare time of raining, but to keep survive from the hot sun, better to bring your sunblock with you.

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Island of Sumba

Island of Sumba Indonesia is pretty isolated. That’s why the mother language is still spoken, many of them doesn’t speak English at all. They are friendly but to respect them, do also the culture that they are uphold. Sumba Island culture is rich as it is stated before that they are isolated, that makes them well preserved. Many traditional ceremonial held and the system of life still depends on the traditional culture and custom. However, it is a good idea to have a summer trip in Sumba Island East Nusa Tenggara.

Sumba Island Travel Map

Sumba Travel Map

Sumba Travel Map

Sumba Island What to Do

First of all, to prepare your holiday is to know the best Sumba Island what to do. Exploring Sumba Island has many advantages and one of them is like you really come to the entirely new world with the panorama like heaven and wildlife beauty needs not to be questioned anymore. New place and new culture that is strange at all for you will give you many of sumba island attractions, such as sumba island beaches, cave, traditional village, waterfalls and many other.

Sumba Island tourism offers you the best things to do like Sumba Island surfing. Surfing in Sumba is usually take place in Nihiwatu Beach and Tarimbang Beach. The big waves are what surfers need, and this two beaches surfing is perfect to do. And there is new Sumba Island trip activities called as sumba island birds tour. In this tour you will be invited to see the variety of birds living in Sumba Island. Through the hills down the forest you can see that flora and fauna in this area is so rich and very natural. Sumba birding tour is something you cannot missed.

Don’t forget also to see Sumba Island festival. There are actually lot of ritual and ceremonial in Sumba. But maybe you can only see the main festival that usually holds in the island. First festival is Pasola, the spear games.  It is a mock battle between two or more villages and held after the Nyale festival. Beside the Pasola, the new festival held in Sumba is Ikat weaving festival where you can see traditional ikat weaving made by the women in Sumba. Still many more festival to see like Sandalwood Horse festival, Tingi Watu or pulling stone festival, Wulla Poddu (bitter month) festival, and etc. But to see this, ask for the right information first.

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Sumba Island Getting There

Getting into Sumba is not difficult. You just need patient because you will need to take some transit. From wherever you are, whether inside the country or outside the country of Indonesia, you need to reach Denpasar, Bali. The only airport that provides sumba island flights is the Ngurah Rai Airport. Yes, it is of course very amazing if you are from Bali. After you satisfied with the island of God, you can continue your trip to see the paradise of Sumba. Sumba Island from Bali is not so far. You can reach it via air (Garuda Indonesia, Wings Air, Sriwijaya Air, Nam Air, etc) to arrive in two sumba island airport, first is Tambolaka Airport Kupang which spend 1 hour flight or to Umbu Mehang Kunda Airport in Waingapu.

Other than via air, there is alternative to go via boat. If you are not in rush, you can also take PELNI, the biggest ship in Indonesia that runs along the route Benoa (Bali) – Bima (Sumbawa) – Waingapu – Ende (Flores Island) – Sabu – Kupang (Timor) – Kalabahi (Alor) – Larantuka (lembata) and vice versa. The schedule can be checked in PELNI website.

During your time in the island you can use buses, motorcycle taxi, or even bemos and Biskaju (wooden bus). But the best of all is to rent a car. With renting car you can easily go to somewhere. You can rent car to go to Sumba with Pamitran Tours. With an affordable price make double fun to your adventure in the island. Contact us for more info.

Sumba Island Accommodation

Don’t bother about Sumba Island accommodation. There are sumba island best hotel, sumba island resort, sumba island surf resort, and budget hotel for the backpackers. You can also have sumba island villas if you bring group of family or friends. Some of the sumba island indonesia resort that you should try are those which located near the beach.

Nihi Sumba Island

Nihi sumba island (Nihiwatu) is the best hotel in the world for 2 times in row. Located in West Sumba, they got predicated the best hotel in the world through Travel + Leisure magazine.

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Sumba Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Kampung Adat Ratenggaro – Mbawana Beach – Tanjung Mareha – Check In Tambolaka Hotel
Day 2: Mandorak Beach – Lake Weekuri – Traditional Village of Praijing – Lapopu Waterfall – Wairinding – Check in hotel (Waingapu)
Day 3: Puru Kambera – Tanggedu Waterfall – Walakiri Beach – Check in hotel (Waingapu)
Day 4: Waimarang / Tanarara (optional) – Drop Waingapu airport

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