Lombok Gili Islands Travel Guide

Lombok Gili Islands Travel Guide

This Lombok Gili Islands Travel Guide, Lombok Island that lies in the West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia is one of the idols for Indonesia tourism. Lombok that is located near with Bali nowadays becomes the main destination for travelling. If you have passion to find out more interesting places in Indonesia, Lombok Island Indonesia is a destination you must visit.

Visiting Pink Beach, The three gili is Gili Nanggu, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Air also some attractions like waterfall and other beach such as Senggigi Beach and Kuta Beach. The second highest mountain in Indonesia is certainly an icon on Lombok, Mount Rinjani. Mount Rinjani is the highest mountain which attracts many tourists.

As the hidden paradise, what you would see is the natural panorama. Come see things to do in Lombok.

Lombok Travel Map

Lombok Travel Map

Lombok Travel Map

Places To Visit in Lombok

Lombok Gili Islands Travel Guide

Sendang Gile Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Lombok Islands – Lombok experienced strong Balinese influences, but has retained a unique identity. The indigenous people of Lombok, the Sasaks, are predominantly Moslem. Soft, white sand, virgin beaches are typical in Lombok. Famous for its ikat handwoven textiles, the island has exceptional charm and is relatively undiscovered, except for the town of Senggigi, which is becoming a major resort area.

Senggigi Beach – In north of Bangsal, this beach is one of the most scenic and popular beaches on the island of Lombok. Snorkeling and good accommodation are available.

Kuta Beach – Also known as Putri Nyale Beach. On the south coast of central Lombok, it is one of the most scenic mid unspoilt. Kuta is safe for bathing and swimming.

Mount Rinjani – a 3,726 meter active volcano, is one of the tallest mountains of Indonesia. In the basin of the volcano’s huge caldera lies the sickleshaped Crater Lake, Segara Anakan, surrounded by steep walls. The mountain is popular with hikers. Sembalun Bumbung and Sembalun Lawang are two traditional Sasak villages on the slopes of Rinjani.

Gili Islands – Gili, in Sasak Language means “island”. These three islands are clustered together just off the northwest coast of Lombok. Coral gardens abound in clear waters around the islands. Gili Air, the nearest island, can be reached in 10 to 15 minutes by outrigger boat from Bangsal harbour.

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Lombok Things to Do and See

Hiking Mount Rinjani

The second highest mountain in Indonesia is certainly an icon on Lombok, Mount Rinjani. The first Lombok things to do and see is to hike this mountain. You can have the magical view of the rising sun and tropical nature of Indonesia from above Rinjani. Many tourists will do this hiking whether to prove Rinjani’s beauty or to seek the hidden paradise of Lombok.

See Segara Anak Lake

This lake is located in the caldera of Mount Rinjani and is given such a name because it is adapted to its color which is like blue sea (segara in Indonesia means ocean). Segara Anak should be visited when you are in Mount Rinjani.

Visit Kuta beach

Not only Bali has Kuta Beach. Lombok also has a beach that is named the same because it has a view equally beautiful with Kuta Beach Bali. Kuta Beach Lombok is the closest tour to the Lombok airport.

Snorkeling in Senggigi Beach

This is the most famous beach in Lombok, which is always the target of tourists who come to Lombok. It’s called as Senggigi Beach. The sea on this beach is very clean and the gradations from green to dark blue can be seen. The sand also graded from black to white sand. In order not to get bored, you can do snorkeling.

Visit Pink Beach

You can’t miss Pink Beach however. This beach, which real name is Tangsi, now has the name of Pink Beach because there was a unique phenomenon that happened. White sand turns into pink because of coral and the shell fragments of the marine organisms, Foraminifera, that usually come into the seashore. Their red color blends perfectly with the white sand and makes it turn into pink. This Pink Beach is quite similar with the one in Komodo Island. To get this spectacular view, come at the right time from 08.00 – 16.00 WITA.

Relax at Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Tiu Kelep Waterfall is also quite unique and very popular in Lombok. One waterfall at the top descends down below, while the other patiently descends the hill wall overgrown with thick plants. This is also Lombok Island Indonesia things to do that should be on your list.

Lombok Island How to Get There

After you read interesting places and add them into your list, now is the time for you to know how to get into Lombok Island. Lombok Island location is in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. Lombok Island from Bali can be reached by boat or airlines with 30 minutes trip away. Lombok island how to get there is easy if you choose to use airlines. Usually those who take lombok island flights is from Bali. But as they have new lombok island airport, it support the regular flight from another city in Indonesia like Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, and Sumbawa. While from outside of the country, direct flight to Lombok is only available from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

The second way to reach lombok island west nusa tenggara is by boat. If you travel on a budget, Lombok by boat is the best choice. Public ferry is available in Bali departs from Padang Bai to Lembar (West Lombok). They are available 24 hours. This is the same if you want to take lombok to komodo island boat.

After you arrive in Lombok, you can do island hopping by fast boats. Lombok to kanawa island and Lombok to gili islands use the fast boat for hopping around the islands.

Lombok Island Accommodation

There is no need to worry about Lombok Island accommodation. Lombok Island best place to stay contains of lombok island resorts, lombok island villas, 5 star hotel in lombok island, and Lombok backpacker hotel. Camping Lombok Island is also another way to save the budget. You can stay around the beaches or hills or Mount Rinjani.

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