Derawan Tour Package

It is not difficult to see natural destination like tropical beach and private islands in Indonesia. To find them, you can take a trip to Derawan Islands. It offers you picturesque panorama and nature, tempting the people to swim, snorkel and dive with the stingless jellyfish, manta rays, or dive into the garden of corals. Want to explore the archipelago? Come and join Pamitran Tours in Derawan Tour Package.

Derawan Islands and Its Tourism

Geographically, Derawan is located in the north peninsula of the sea waters of Berau regency. The main island in this archipelago is Derawan Island, the biggest one. Other are smaller in total 31 islands. Other than the inhabited Derawan island, some of the bigger island suitable for holiday is Kakaban Island, Sangalaki Island, and Maratua Island.

Come into Derawan not always means you will explore snorkeling and diving spots. Though that will be the highlights, you can also see Kalimantan culture and tribe and even have Derawan fisheries trip. That is why Derawan includes as one of UNESCO world heritages. Other than the culture richness, Derawan sucesfully offers people underwater beauty. Since its location is in the coral triangle, it will be easy to spot corals, fishes, and more marine animals live peacefully under your feet.

One thing to remember is to have tour derawan island in dry season. In rainy season you can’t dive and it is not easy to go anywhere. Always bring your cash because there is no ATM in Derawan Islands and just use casual clothes because Derawan has tropical climate.

Enjoy the beaches and private island in Derawan Island tour. As it has tropical climate, sunrise and sunset are the best panorama to relax your day. Want to have sweet honeymoon? Derawan will provide that. Or just snorkel and dive to see the beautiful gardens under the sea. Fauna that can be found are barracuda fish, dolphins, whales, green turtles, hawksbill turtles, clams, and others. You can also see turtles laying egg.

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Derawan Maps

Diving Spot in Derawan

There are at least 28 diving spots available in Derawan Island for all diving lovers around the world such as The Channel, Turtle Traffic, Hanging Garden, Nabucco, Sandy Ridge, Blue Light Cave, Barracuda Point, and many more.

Some Popular Tourist Spots in Derawan Island Tour Package

Derawan Island and Beach

When you take Derawan Island Tour Package, it is a must to explore Derawan Island first. It is famous for exotic beaches. One of the most popular is named Derawan Beach.

Haji Mangku Cave

Haji Mangku Cave is the perfect place to find peace. The cave bewitch you with its clear blue water like glass and the sturdy grey stone. You can swim here, but you need to trek for a while to get into the cave.

Lake Haji Buang

Snorkeling with stingless jellyfish is one of our main program. You can get the unforgetable experience while visiting derawan maratua tour.

Maratua Mangrove Forest

Enjoy the day by exploring the mangrove forest and natural scenery in the seashore at Maratua. See the mangrove habitat and the animals. Maratua is also a tourist favorite to find floating resorts or eco-hotels.

Bajo settlement

Visit the Bajo tribal settlements. This tribe inhabits the island of Maratua and becomes its original citizen. You can meet them, get to know with the tribe, and even stay in their home.

Lake Kakaban

This is the most popular destination in Derawan Kakaban trip. In Lake Kakaban you can swim with thousands of stingless jellyfish. There are Golden Jellyfish, Moon jellyfish, and few others kind. Kakaban Lake always been favorite for tourists.

Kahe Daeng

Want to see the new tourist spot in Derawan? We recommend you try to Kahe Daeng. Kahe Daeng means Fish Hole. This is a narrow cave that appears only at low tide. At that time you can see colorful coral reefs and touchable starfish.

Gusung Island

In Gusung island you can enjoy the day as if you are in isloated island in the middle of the ocean. Gusung Sanggalau only shows up when the tide is low. Make sure you come here in the perfect time and don’t be late. You can take a walk on this tiny island barefoot, while enjoying the white sand that has no trees around.

Sangalaki Turtle Conservation

We will take you to Sangalaki Turtle conservation also. At night, you can see the process when the turtle laying eggs.

Manta Point Sangalaki

Not only turtles, Manta Rays is the beauty you will see in Derawan tour package, especially in Sangalaki. When you come to the Manta Point you can see Manta Rays whose wings are very wide cleaning themselves and come in a group of 20-50.

Labuan Cermin Lake

Next place is Labuan Cermin. In the tour derawan labuan cermin you will find a lake with very clear water that looks like a mirror or glass. Try also to get photo in a ship in this lake. It will be look like you are floating on water. Do swimming also if you want to explore the meeting place for salt water and fresh water here.

Whale Shark Point

Dare to swim with shark? Whale Shark Point is where you can meet giant but tame whale shark.

Price of Derawan Island Tours

Go out for an adventure with our Derawan Island tours. You will get maximum experience and unforgettable memories from the trip. To enjoy the holiday here, we arrange tour derawan private so everything will be comfortable.

For those who want to go on budget, we give you competitive price for all of our Derawan tours. It is suitable for backpacker trip, family tour, and honeymoon holiday.

We suggest that you contact us before placing an order for the exact price. We need to calculate on how much days you will stay in Derawan, how much people in your group, and what places you want to visit.

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All Derawan Tour Packages

Here are Pamitran Tours best Derawan Tour Packages

3D2N Derawan Maratua Sangalaki Kakaban Island Tour

4D3N Explore Derawan Island

4D3N Derawan Island Labuan Cermin Lake

Derawan Whale Shark Tour 4 Days 3 Nights

Sample Itinerary of Derawan Travel Package

Derawan Travel Package 3D2N Itinerary

Day 1: Berau (Tanjung Redeb) – Derawan (D)

It is recommended to take flight berau before noon. Travel airport – Port of Tanjung Batu (car 2.5 hours) – Derawan Island (speedboat 30 minutes). Check in accomodation. Dinner. Free program

Day 2: Derawan – Maratua – Sangalaki (B,L ,D)

Full breakfast, full day of preparation explore Maratua Island, enjoy the clear blue ocean and snorkeling in Kakaban and swim with jellyfish in Lake Kakaban. After lunch the journey continues to Sangalaki Island, snorkeling and swimming with Manta Rays. Continue to see the turtle breeding on the island of Sangalaki. Then continue to Lagoon Kehe Daing and cave (optional depending on the water level). Return to accomodation. Dinner. Free program.

Day 3: Derawan – Tanjung Redeb (B)

After breakfast, check out then return to the town of Tanjung Redeb and proceed to airport.

Call Pamitran Tours immediately to place an order. If you have further questions about tour to derawan islands or even have any requests, please do not hesitate contacting us. We are here to help you arranging the best trip to Derawan. Join now.

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