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Pamitran Tours is the leading travel agent who organize motorbikes tours in Yogyakarta. We started renting bikes and scooters to foreigners since 2009 and now we are the first motorbike tours company based in Yogyakarta Province. Led by Arya, the founder, we have been touring for more then 5 years. The goal is to keep it real and give you the best services. We will show you the truly beautiful culture from Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta and doing this by riding a motorbike makes your experience even more awesome. A great adventure you will never forget! (we always avoid typical tourist route)


We provide tours ranging from daily tours (1 Day) to seven days (7 Days). We accept solo riders, families, friends and etc. If you would like to experience something different, what to go out of the busy mainstream and tourism scene, then you have found the right tour operator. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or need advice regarding touring Yogyakarta.

Our tours are unique and unusual. We offer rides through areas that others not yet have discovered, seeing breathtaking landscapes, beautiful mountain passes, interesting historical places, colorful, friendly and happy people.


Pamitran 1There are some reasons why the most Indonesians ride an motorbike / scooter under 250 cc. First reason, the bigger motorbike we have to import and the government will charge an import tax of at least 100% together with a huge registration fee. So generally it may cost twice as expensive as in other countries. Secondly, Indonesian traffic law allows motorbike’s to have a maximum speed of 40 km/h in the city and 60 or 70km/h on the “high way”. So the bigger bikes do not seem to be necessary in Indonesia.

We always do the best and investing money to maintain our good quality bikes. We also often updating our motorbike collection with  newer model motorbikes. Here are the list of our Motorbike Tour :

  1. Supra 125 cc
  2. X-Ride 115 cc
  3. Nmax 155 cc
  4. Kawasaki Trail KLX 150 cc
  5. Pulsar 200 ns

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pacitan_2_400Pamitran Tours use high quality, clean, mid-range overnight stays. We have a preference of supporting small, friendly, locally-owned Hotels and Guest Houses, but our standards of quality are always strict, so we generally use locations that would rank as 4 star accommodation back home.
Food is also one of the many highlights whilst you are touring through Indonesia, it’s simply sensational… We will provide you with sample opportunity to discover and enjoy the diverse array of freshly cooked foods that Indonesia is world famous for, whilst also catering for any special dietary requirements, so please just let us know in advance if you have any allergies or needs.

NOTES : Motorbike Tour

Must have travel insurance

Our tours can also easily be designed to include free days to give you un-escorted time to completely relax on your own. Take a rest between riding days, go fishing in a mountain lake, or spend an extra day at our favorite region in the quiet back country of green hills, rice fields or little beautiful villages between the mountains.

Riding experience is necessary to have a perfect motorcycle trip in Indonesia. For non-experienced riders; can travel as a pillion passenger on the bike of our tour guides or other friends with driving experience. We also provide motorbike ridding lessons for beginners and non-experienced riders for a friendly cost. We also offer 1 hour of practice riding a motorbike for free, for tose who used to ride a motorbike but haven’t ridden for a while.

These are just a few of many flexible ways we organize our tours in Indonesia by motorbikes. For motorbike tour info please contact us at :

Yogyakarta Adventure Motorbike Tour

Yogyakarta Offroad Trail Bike Adventure


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