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Yogyakarta Scooter RentalYogyakarta Motorbike Rental for the best experience in Jogja. Pamitran rental motor is a leading motorbikes or motorcycles rental and have been dealing with more than thousand clients in Yogyakarta since 2009. Our customer believe their trip in us and we guarentee they will get the best experiences as long as in Jogjakarta. To go to the best tourist destination you must need agile transportation and in this way it is better to use motorbike. Why it should be yogyakarta motorbike rental? The streets in Yogyakarta tend to be crowded especially when the holiday season arrives. By driving the motorbike it will become easier and faster to arrive. The routes that can be selected also more varied. Yogyakarta motorbike rental provides you many options of motorbike series. We have number of motorcycles in Indonesia that is absolutely comfortable to be used.

Why driving in Yogyakarta is a good idea.

  1. Tourist destination is not far away
  2. Faster and more efficient
  3. Cheaper
  4. Can reach places that cars cannot
  5. Can stop anywhere to take photos

So what are you waiting for, contact us for the best price!

Yogyakarta Motorbike Rental Prices

Price update Per january 2023

Type Motor24 hours
Beat New (2022-2023)Rp70,000
Beat Street / Beat Deluxe(2022)Rp80,000
Scoopy (2022-2023)Rp90,000
Vario125 (2022)Rp100,000
Old Nmax (2015-2018)Rp110,000
Vario 160 (2022)Rp120,000
Nmax New (2022)Rp130,000
New PCX 160 / ADV 150Rp140,000
New ADV 160 (2022) / W175 (2018)Rp150,000
Vespa S 3VRp135,000
Vespa LX / Vespa S125 (2022)Rp175,000
Vespa Primavera / Sprint (2018-2020)Rp190,000
Vespa Primavera / Sprint (2022)Rp200,000
Xmax (2018-2020)Rp275,000
W175 SE (2022) (Manual)Rp175,000
CRF (2020) (Manual)Rp175,000

Our Services :

  • Free delivery and pick up at your hotel inside ring road (yogyakarta city) radius 5 km from our garage, old airport, train station, bus terminal
  • Free helmets (1 motorbike max 2 helmets)
  • Free raincoat (2 raincoats per scooter)

Additional Services :

Side BagRp 20.000/day
Bracket & Box GIVIRp 30.000/day
Mobile HolderRp 15.000 per transaction


For more information about term and condition rent a motorbike in Yogyakarta please check our link.

Terms Conditions Rent a Motorbike

Types of Yogyakarta Motorbike Rental

Explore the city of Yogyakarta by renting scooters and motorbikes. Step your feet into the history of the city of Jogja and old temples. Reach for beautiful white sand beaches and beautiful villages. We Pamitran Rental Motor provide motorbike rental from 110cc to 250cc. 

Automatic motorbike rental list

  • Honda Spacy 110cc
  • Honda Beat 110cc
  • Honda Scoopy 110cc
  • Honda Vario 125cc
  • Honda Vario 160cc
  • Yamaha Nmax 155cc
  • Honda PCX 160cc
  • Honda ADV150cc
  • Honda ADV160cc
  • Yamaha Xmax 250cc

Manual motorbike list:

  • Honda CRF 150cc (offroad)
  • Kawasaki W175 (retro style)

List Vespa Rental:

  • Vespa S 3V 125cc
  • Vespa LX Iget 125cc
  • Vespa S125 Iget 125cc
  • Vespa Sprint Iget 150cc
  • Vespa Primavera Iget 150cc

Honda Spacy

ModelHonda Spacy
DailyRp 60.000

Honda Beat

ModelHonda Beat
DailyRp 70k – 80k

Honda Scoopy

ModelHonda Scoopy
DailyRp 90.000
Year2022 – 2023

Honda Vario

ModelHonda Vario
CC125 / 160
DailyRp 100k – 120k

Yamaha Nmax

ModelYamaha Nmax
DailyRp 110k -130k
Year2015 – 2023

Honda PCX

ModelHonda PCX
DailyRp 140.000
Year2022 – 2023

Honda ADV

ModelHonda ADV
CC150 – 160
DailyRp 140k – 150k

Yamaha Xmax

ModelYamaha Xmax
DailyRp 275.000
Year2018 – 2020

Yogyakarta Vespa Rental

Why choose Pamitran Motorbike Rental?

Best Service.

Provide motorbike rental in Yogyakarta since 2009, friendly smile and communications, fast response, Your satisfied is our priority.

Free Delivery.

We provide motorbike rental services with free delivery and pick-up to locations where you are located such as old airport, stations or hotels (inside ring road)

Facilities & Add ons.

We provide motorbike rental with safety helmets. Raincoat, Mobile phone holder and first aid kit you may booking in advance.

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