Sumatra Travel Guide

Sumatra Travel Guide

Your Sumatra Travel Guide, The Island of Gold in western part of Indonesia presents a complete package of tourism attractions. You can start your journey to explore cultural and traditional heritage with strong Malay and Islamic nuance. Local wisdom of Malay dominated community has been able to preserve cultural and natural heritage of Sumatra. Array of volcanic mountains, huge spread of white sandy beaches and tropical rainforest, are beautiful picture of Sumatra nature which has been conserved until today.

You can complete your adventure by enjoying culinary treat from northern to southern edge of the Island. Unique taste of culinary delight will always attempt you to taste its variety. Taking pleasure of the enchantment in every corners of Sumatra Island will surely be a great life experience.

This westernmost island of Indonesia is the most stunning island. This island that boasts its lines of mountain widely known as Bukit Barisan has 10 provinces with different ethnic groups and each ethnic group has its own unique culture. Just line other places in Indonesia, every province in Sumatera Island has one of its kind attraction for tourists and they are worth visiting.

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Sumatra Travel Route

Sumatra is a big island and its wild beauty is as diverse as its cultural heritage. This island is almost four times the size of its neighbor Java, but has less than a quarter of the population. However its abundant natural resources have long popped up the Indonesian economy. It was known in ancient times as Swarnadwipa (Island of Gold). Today its rich oil and gas fields generate the lion’s share of Indonesia’s export income.

The biggest attractions are in the north between Padang and Medan, many travelers skip southern Sumatra by taking a long bus trip or quicker ship or flight from Jakarta to Padang. The first sight to come on this route is the mountain town of Bukittinggi, a cultural centre for the Minangkabau people. From there it’s a long journey to the other main travelers’ centre at Danau Toba. From Toba to Medan, popular stops are the mountain town of Brastagi and the orang-utan centre at Bukit Lawang. Side trips could include Nias or Mentawai Islands off the east coast. Aceh also has some superb beaches, especially on the Pulau Weh (Weh Island).

Places to Visit in Sumatra Island

Highlights :

  • Medan (Capital City of North Sumatra)
  • Banda Aceh (Capital City of Aceh, Sultanate)
  • Bukittingi (Cultural City Minangkabau, Fort Knock)
  • Padang (Capital City of West-Sumatra, Nature, Culture)
  • Danau Toba and Samosir Island (Lake, Batak Tribe)
  • Mentawai Islands (Tribes)
  • Nias Islands (Tribe)
  • Minangkabau (Tribes)
  • Gunung Leuser National Park (Orangutans and other fauna)

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Sumatra Culinary

Exploring culinary attractions in Sumatra Island will be an unforgettable experience. Hot and spicy cuisine and durian based food are culinary specialty of Sumatra. You will hard to resist magnificent taste of Rendang. This distinctive hot spiced meat become popular across the world and ranked in the top of World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods year 2011 in CNN version. Hot and tempting sensation also comes from Keripik Sanjay, a famous snack for as your memento for your relatives.

Another special food is Empek-empek which is made of sago powder and fish from south Sumatra. This chewy food will be tasted so delicious with vinegar seasoning for its sour and sweet flavor. With fish chips as supplement, you will be tempted to have it more and more.