Semarang Travel Guide

Overland tour to Java Island is indeed a spectacular experience in Indonesia. The famous city in Java Island is not only Yogyakarta, or Bandung, or Jakarta. There are also others and one of them is Semarang. Located in Central Java province, Semarang is the largest city in the province with a population of 1.8 million people. The city performs great classic building such as church, Buddha temple, and other building in Semarang Old Town. If you are in the mood to explore more about Java Island, coming here will not lessen your interest. Check our Semarang Travel Guide.

The climate in Semarang is the same like any other country in Indonesia. Tropical rainforest climate makes it perfect to visit during April to August with June to August being the driest months. The dominant ethnic in Semarang is of course the Javanese, and then Chinese, and minorities of India, Arab, and other local ethnics like Batak, Madura, etc. The city has a large Chinese community so that’s why you can see Chinese descendant easily. The Chinatown is quite large too. Semarang also place to catch the boat or flight to Karimunjawa island.

Semarang and the Dutch have long history. This city was handed to VOC (Dutch East India Company) due to a treaty where the Dutch will pay Mataram’s debt. In exchange, Mataram Sultanate should give Semarang city to the Dutch. After that Semarang became a VOC city. VOC established tobacco plantations and built road and railroads, making Semarang an important colonial trading centre at that time. Semarang then, more and more similar to Dutch cities which also concern the urban beautification.

Semarang Travel Map

Semarang Travel Map

Semarang Travel Map

Places To Visit In Semarang

Here is the list of Semarang travel guide and things to do for you, in case you want to explore the best of the city.

Semarang Travel Guide

Lawang Sewu – a Thousand Doors.

Blenduk Church

The oldest Prostestant Church in Central Java, Blenduk Church is located in the Old Town of Semarang. It was built in 1753 which originally built in traditional Joglo style. It later underwent a remodel to the current Doric order design. It has baroque organ, two clock towers, antique spiral wrought iron staircase, and rattan teak pews. It is the first Semarang attractions that should be on the list.

Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu means thousand doors, is a historic landmark and Semarang attractions Indonesia. It was originally built as headquarters of the Dutch East Indies Railway Company. Lawang Sewu is not only famous because of its architecture but also because its spookiness. Many said this building is haunted. Try to visit Lawang Sewu if you want to feel the spooky aura.

  • Sam Poo Kong Temple Complex
  • Chinatown Semarang
  • Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery And Museum Ranggawarsita
  • Kampung Pelangi (Rainbow Village)
  • Grand Mosque of Central Java
  • Brown Canyon

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Where To Go Nearby Semarang

Semarang Travel Guide

Karimunjawa Island National Park

Jepara – Located northeast of Semarang famous for wood industry and furniture. Also starting point to Karimunjawa Island National Park.

Bandungan – A recreation place on the slope of Mount Ungaran. The most popular is Gedong Songo Temple (nine buildings temple) lies about 900 meter above sea level.

Ambarawa – The famous Indonesia Railway Museum is worth to visit to see history of train in Indonesia. Nearby visit Rawa Pening (clearly swamp) the biggest swamp in Java.

Wonosobo – Visit Dieng Plateau the site of some oldest hindu temples in Java. Also interesting for craters, beautiful scenery.

Mount Merbabu – Hike the Merbabu. Mount Merbabu offers spectacular vie in every step you take. Hundreds of hikers try to conquer Mount Merbabu every weekend. The twin sister of Mount Merapi is located right next to it.

Borobudur Temple – One of the world’s most famous temples, it stand majestically on a hill overlooking lush green fields and distant hills.

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How to Get to Semarang City

You can go to Semarang easily. Direct flights are from Kalimantan, Bandung, Batam, Bandar Lampung, Bali and international flights from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Or if you want cheaper option you can use train from wherever you are as long as you are still in the island. For example if you are from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, or Yogyakarta you can use train rather than airplane. You can always use private transportation also from nearest cities. But if you need to rent car, it is better if you rent it in Pamitran Tours. You can also take the tour to Semarang or overland tour which can bring you to several famous cities in Java Island included Semarang city.

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