Plaosan Temple

Plaosan Temple Yogyakarta Where History and Romantic Tale Become One

Plaosan Temple Yogyakarta

Plaosan Temple. If there is a place with romantic tale in it, in Yogyakarta region, it must be Plaosan Temple. We all know that temple was built for worshipping gods. It’s slightly different with Plaosan. Though yes, it is a home for worshipping gods in the kingdom era in Yogyakarta, but it is also built as a symbol of a husband’s love for his wife.

Plaosan Temple Yogyakarta tour is located not so far from Prambanan Temple. It is a must-visit-place during your trip to Yogyakarta temples.

A Brief on Plaosan Yogyakarta

Plaosan is a Buddhist Temple, not like Prambanan which is Hindu temple. It is clear that Plaosan has a very different pattern and architecture. It is built in the era of Ancient Mataram Kingdom in the 9th century. King Rakai Pikatan and Sri Kahulunan was the founder, and it involves a love story between the two.

Plaosan Temple was a proof of Rakai Pikatan’s love to Sri Kahulunan. Sri Kahulunan was one a princess descendet of Syailendra Dynasty (dynasty that holds Buddhist as the belief system). In other side, Rakai Pikatan was a descendant of Sanjaya Dynasty (dynasty that holds Hindu as the belief system). The temple is a symbol of a husband that support his wife with different religion. And it is also a sign of the unification of the two religions and thus the dynasty. We can see the unification in Plaosan architecture because it included Buddha and Hindu artwork.

The temple is divided into two areas, North Plaosan and South Plaosan. North Plaosan Temple or is called Plaosan Lor Temple has the north main temple with the reliefs containing women. Likewise, the stories presented in this temple are women’s stories. As for the south main temple contain the reliefs of men with also related stories to them. It has six chambers. Three of them situated at the bottom and three are on the second level. In the central room of the temple there are three Buddha statues sitting in a row on Padmasana.

North Plaosan and South Plaosan Temples are only separated by a road that is about 20 meters wide. Unfortunately, different with the north one, there are only ruins remain in South Plaosan Temple or Plaosan Kidul. People are rarely coming here. But for the best historical trip ever in Yogyakarta, you should visit it with your tour guide and hear the story about Plaosan Temple Yogyakarta Tour.

Things to Do in Plaosan

Below are the recommendation of things to do in the temple area:

Walking Around the Temple

Though the complex is not as big as Prambanan Temple, walking around and exploring both of North and South Plaosan is a must. Here, you can have tour guide to accompany you to walk around while you dive into the history of each part.

Taking Pictures

Some local people said it is similar to Angkor Wat in Thailand, but don’t forget that the temple has its own attractive side. This is why the next things to do in Plaosan is taking pictures. The splendor  architecture that mixing Hindu and Buddha patterns will make you wonder of how great the kingdom era in Yogyakarta was.


Around the area of Plaosan Yogyakarta tour are villages and paddy fields. The beauty of this elegant village must be put to good use by a calm tour such as cycling. Cycling is environmentally friendly and does not disturb the surrounding comfort, yet you can explore the uniqueness of the attraction.

Sunset Seeing

Sunset in Plaosan is one of the most beautiful sunset in Yogyakarta. It has been famous among local people too. No wonder that in weekend sunset seeing in the site is a little bit crowded. Because, who can deny the magical landscape of sunset that naturally goes in the sky and the grandeur Plaosan Temple on the earth, accompanied by greenery from the paddy field. It’s so calming and can’t be forgotten.

Plaosan Temple Tours Opening Hours

Plaosan tour packages is open daily starting from 6 a.m till 5 p.m. The best time to visit is in the morning. It is not crowded yet and the fresh air is what you will get too.

Plaosan Temple Tour Entrance Fee

It was once free for visitors, but nowadays you just need to pay IDR 5.000 per person. So cheap, right? With that you can explore the temple as much as you like.

Location of Plaosan Temple Yogyakarta

The temple is located in Bugisan Village, Prambanan District, Klaten Regency, Central Java. It is near with Prambanan Temple, just 15 minutes drive by car and 25 minutes by walking. To get there, we suggest you take our Plaosan Temple Yogyakarta Tour to make it easier.

Recommended to Do

In Plaosan Temple Yogyakarta Tour, there are several fun things to do that we recommend. Aside from cycling around the village and sunset seeing, this tourist attraction also offers you sunrise tour. The panorama will be different from the sunset one. The fresh air, the chirping of birds, and local people that started their day. And guess what, you can enjoy this by cycling too!

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