Parangtritis beach

15 Things To Do In Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis Beach

If you are one of those people who really enjoy the holiday at the beach, Parangtritis is the answer. Do not claim that you love the holiday on the beach before trying to touch the sensation of sand on the banks of Parangtritis. Although many occult myths that accompany Parangtritis, but its existence as a tourist attraction that has a lot of beauty can not be doubted. Even from day to day, visitors Parangtritis rather than diminish, but increase.

Parangtritis itself is the way 28 Parangtritis KM Yogyakarta. If you’re in the city center, you only need a 1 hours ride to get in Parangtritis. To get there you can use private vehicles or public transportation is very accessible. As a tourist spot has very good prospects in the area to raise their income, access to Parangtrirtis completely repaired by the district. Moreover, judging from the many means of holiday in Parangtritis, the local government really manage well this tourist area. so that visitors do not feel loss and disappointed choosing Parangtritis as a tourist destination.

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15 Things To Do In Parangtritis Beach

  1. Paralayang

15 things to do in Parangtritis Beach

For those who like adventure, you can do Paralayang (paragliding) on top of Parangtritis beach. The best time to do this activity is on March. For more information please check here.

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gumuk-pasir2. Gumuk Pasir (Sand Dune)

The beach is always synonymous with sand. But the sand on the beach Parangtritis not the same as the sand that is on the shore anywhere in the world. Besides different, sand in Parangtritis considered strange existence. Sand or better known as the sandbanks considered an endangered phenomenon in an area that has a very high rainfall such as Yogyakarta. Therefore, in addition to the sand dunes like the tourists both local and foreign, are also preferred by scientists who do research on the existence of the sand dunes. However, based on studies conducted by experts, sandbanks formed from volcanic material released Merapi volcano. This material is considered to be carried by the river to the sea waves which are then carried to the mainland. In this land, the sand carried by the wind to form a desert with a specific stroke pattern that is very typical. Therefore, if you are to Parangtritis discard your shoes and start to trace the sand dunes on the beach Parangtritis. You’ll soon be hooked to return to Parangtritis. Currently sandbanks popular visit for pre-wedding photos and also sport a sandboarding. Want to try it?

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3. Sunset Parangtritis Beach


Talk vacation at the beach, which is surely the most awaited sunrise and sunset. If you are very difficult to get up early to enjoy the sunrise, waiting for the sun to sink eligible as a substitute could not see the sunrise. Sunset or sunset at Parangtritis beach is very beautiful. Because so many wonderful people who claim that Parangtritis Yogyakarta is a door leading to the royal queen of the south coast. While waiting for the sunset, you can take advantage of some of the tourist facilities are provided in Parangtritis. Kites, play sand, riding an ATV up a hansom cab ride around the Parangtritis you should try. Even the souvenir sellers are also many Parang to fulfill your shopping desires.

Menikmati Kehangatan Dan Khasiat Air Parang Wedang4. Parawedang Hot Water Bath

Not many know that in the area Parangtritis there is also a hot water bath is known to the people of Yogyakarta as a hot water bath Parawedang. The bathhouse is known as a hot water bath is unique because of the absence of sulfur content in it like most of the hot water bath. So many people believe that a hot water bath Parawedang highly nutritious treat many diseases of the skin when used as water for showers. Try to visit the hot water bath during your visit to Parangtritis. It felt there was something missing if you do not enjoy the hot water in the hot water bath Parawedang. A sense of comfort will spread over your entire body if it soak in this bath.

sandboarding5. Sandboarding

Currently, certain deserts in various countries became the target sandboarder or sports enthusiasts sandboarding. For example, the desert in Namibia, North America, Australia, and so on. And in Yogyakarta we do have place to do sandboarding activity. Parangkusumo located in Yogyakarta, close to Parangtritis. On the beach, there expanse of desert stretching. The desert was formed mounds called dunes. Well, now, sandbanks Parangkusumo become a favorite of sports fans sandboarding. They wear skateboard and safety equipment such as helmets and safety hands and knees.

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langse cave

6. Langse Cave

Goa Langse located in the east of Parangtritis Beach and may not have been too familiar to most people. The road to the cave is not exactly easy, people who want to visit the cave have to down a vertical cliff about 300 meters high. Although already provided stairs and wood to propagate, but the line is still not a regular lanes. After climbing up a vertical cliff, we still had to continue to pass Perhutani teak forest about 200 meters to the nearest village. Filled with stalactites and stalagmites, underground river is very smooth, and a freshwater well. The cave is a place of pilgrimage or spiritual tourism and open to the public since 1948.

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7. Parangndog Waterfall

air terjun parangndog

This is seasonal waterfall which will be heavy during the rainy season. Located in the east of Parangtritis beach.

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8. Parangndog Hill

bukit parangndogParangndog hill is a hill located in the east Parangtritis. More details of this hill is called the Hill Paragliding Parangndog. Why is that? Because in this hill is often used as a place to take off paragliding and hang gliding. Paragliding Bukit Parangndog located on the east coast Parangtritis and its famous for sunset.

9. Horse Riding

naik kuda parangtritisWe can also try to feels the horse riding and let him take us around the coast. The cost is Rp 30.000/horse

10. Horsecart Riding

Bendi andong parangtritisHorsecart or bendi or andong is typical indonesian transportation. You can take horsecart around Parangtritis beach with cost Rp 50.000

11. ATV

ATV parangtritis

You also can down the beach parangtritis using all terrain vehicle ATV

12. Jagung Bakar (Corn Grill)

Fresh Corn Grill serves fresh and flavorful in Parangtritis beach and waiting for the sunset.

13. Wedang Ronde

Wedang Ronde (or often abbreviated to just “round”) is a traditional drink native of Java, in addition to herbs and dawet. “Wedang” in Javanese means “drink”. While Ronde is a special batter consisting of a mixture of rice flour and brown sugar shaped dots and on the inside it contains crushed peanuts.

14. Kampong Watu Lumbung

watu lumbungLocated not far from Parangtritis or simply while traveling home can take right toward Siluk Imogiri. Only about 300 meters and then up into the hills. Above the hills as high as approximately 130 meters above sea level there is the unspoiled beauty of modernization.

The concept of this beautiful tourist village, designed by M Boy Rifai which will concern education. Apart from being a place to study is expected to become an alternative tourist attractions. The proof of this place is always crowded with tourists.

15. Seafood Depok Beach

pasar-ikan-depokBecause Depok beach is a beach that is also used as a fish auction, then a lot of stalls that make culinary sea. Among these stalls have sold seafood with a distinctive taste. Taste fresh from the fish taken from the sea, making a lot of interest. The seafood is very popular in Depok beach is tuna that is only appreciated 8 thousand rupiah per kilogram for raw tuna. One kilogram of tuna typically contain skipjack from 5-6. White and red snapper appreciated only 17-25 thousand rupiah per kilogram. While pomfret sold for 27-60 thousand rupiah per kilogram.

Not only hero in marine fish dishes, beach also presents culinary Depok other seafood are shrimp, crab and squid fresh ready to serve. This is a unique culinary, all purchasers are required to choose their own fish or shrimp and crab wants then instantly cooked by the chef stalls. Buyers will usually choose fish from a shelter is similar aquarium fish belonging to stall. By the way elections are like this, buyers avoid seafood that is not fresh. You will only be able to taste a culinary delight if made beach beach Depok Depok be your destination and family.

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