Nightlife in Yogyakarta (Things to do)

Nightlife in Yogyakarta (Things to do). Yogyakarta is one of the remarkable cities in Indonesia that become popular for its richness in culture and art. Nowadays this city is well-known for its hundred tourist destinations which are ready to fascinate whoever that come. Some destination like Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple, Mount Merapi, and Kraton has being famous not only for Indonesian but also foreigner. Tourist usually goes to the temples and Merapi in daylight to get beautiful and stunning view of them. Take a photo with perfect light and awesome background.

Nightlife in Yogyakarta

Yes, having an activity in daylight in Yogyakarta is indeed lot of fun. But who said that spending the night in this city cannot be done? Many locals even go out to enjoy the nightlife in Yogyakarta. As a modern city Yogyakarta also present the bustling night for tourists. Want to know things to do at night in Yogyakarta? Let’s check it out!

1. Enjoy the South Square

First thing to do is visiting South Square. Here, people can do many things such as driving Odong-odong (pedal vehicle with flickering lamps), eat local food, feel the fun to try Masangin challenge, or just walk around the square while enjoying some children running around or play flying bubbles.

Driving the Odong-odong is the very first thing to do when getting into South Square. It will give special memories. Some people need to scull this Odong-Odong (usually shaped like a car) and going around the square. Accompanied by some music that is being set in the Odong-Odong, people who drive this can enjoy the view while sharing stories and laughs. This is also an alternative of light night sport in Yogyakarta.

Eating the local food? This one is also suggested. Some recommended beverages are Wedhang Ronde, a drink with ginger taste, and Wedang Bajigur, a drink made with coconut milk, palm sugar, and pandan leaves. Popular foods are Nasi Goreng, roasted corn with various flavor, and toasted bread with kind of flavor too.

The last thing to try is Masangin challenge. What it’s all about? Masangin challenge is a local believe games that needs people who walk passing the gap between two Banyan trees with a blindfold. The Banyan trees itself already standing years ago. Once said that if the people with blindfold can pass the gap, all of his wishes can be come true.

2. Visit Malioboro to Listen Some Local Music

Malioboro offers the visitors a different sensation at night. Tourists can go shopping at night, or if just want to see the life of the local, they can simply sit on the chairs that are available on the pedestrian. Having some conversation with the local can give unforgotten memories.  Tourists will also be accompanied with some street music in some parts along Malioboro Street. Join and see how Yogyakarta’s people create their own art. Dance with them because some music performances allow the visitor to dance with the crew.

3. Watch Wayang Kulit or Ramayana Ballet

For tourist who likes to feel some historical side of Yogyakarta, watching Wayang Kulit or Ramayana Ballet in Prambanan can be the right choice. Wayang Kulit is a leather puppet plays. This play usually accompanied by Gamelan (instrumental music). Wayang Kulit performance can be held anywhere so tourist need to check and ask their guide in this case, but usually it is held in Sasono Hinggil, North Square.

Other than Wayang Kulit, tourist can watch Ramayana ballet performance in Prambanan temple. All information about price and schedule are already there. This dance is based on Hindu religious story from India, and then arranged in such way to adapt with Javanese culture. Ramayana Ballet tells the story of a battle between Prince Rama from Ayodhya kingdom with Rahwana who has kidnapped Shinta, Rama’s wife. With the help of Anoman and his monkey forces, Rama winning the battle, left Rahwana and his giant forces to lose. The dance is also accompanied by Gamelan music.

4. Try Lek Man’s Kopi Joss

Enough with Malioboro Street, tourists can go to Angkringan Kopi Joss that is located in south of Tugu Statue. The famous Kopi Joss shop is Lek Man’s. This kopi joss is usually accompanied by angkringan menu such as sego kucing or nasi kucing (rice with dishes in small amount) and snacks such as sate puyuh, jadah bakar, sate usus, and many more.

Kopi Joss itself is a cup of Tubruk coffee then added with boiled arang. When the arang is added into the coffee, it sounds like ‘joss’. So that’s why the name of the coffee here is Kopi Joss. Lek Man’s kopi joss is the most famous in the area due to its unique history. Lek Man’s father, called Mbah Pairo, is the first man that sells foods and drinks with angkringan style (much the same as angkringan kopi joss) in Yogyakarta. Lek Man’s kopi Joss is located near the Tugu, so tourists can come here easily after taking photo in Tugu statue.

5. Chasing Stars in Bukit Bintang

Bukit Bintang or Star Hills is actually a hill in Hargodumilah, Pathuk, Gunung Kidul district. Given the name Bukit Bintang is because it is the right place to see stars. What’s meant by the stars here is the glowing of Yogyakarta city lights that shaped like star-studded from the top of the hill. And of course the factual stars that hang in the clear night sky above the hill itself.

Accompany the tourists to enjoy the amazing view from the hill, various snacks, drinks, and foods provided by the restaurant or shop owner. Having romantic dinner in the restaurant in Bukit Bintang is highly recommended due to its romantic view of the nature. From afar the horizon is like dividing the plains of Yogyakarta city and the sky above it.

6. Be a Part of Sekaten Festival

Sekaten is an annual festival to commemorate Mawlid day (Prophet Muhammad’s birthday). Sekaten was held at the first time by Sultan Hamengkubuwono I to introduce his Islamic faith. Tourists can go to Yogyakarta in the 5th day until 12th day in Mulud month in Javanese calendar to see the tradition of Sekaten.

Sekaten is always crowded with people from any backgrounds. It is held in North Square of Yogyakarta. There are many stalls with various kinds of foods and snacks, and the most popular snacks usually are Arum Manis and Bolang Baling. Except for buying snacks, people can enjoy playing rides such as carousel, ferris wheel, Kora-Kora, Bombom Car, Ghost House, etc. Children can also buy some favorite toys in Sekaten.

So come visit this town, Nightlife in Yogyakarta!

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