Java Travel Guide

Java Travel Guide

Pamitran want to try to give you some insight information in this Java Travel Guide with the hope to make it easier for you to decide what to visit and how to travel over Java. This Java Travel Guide will be often updates with new information about new destinations or new ways how to travel.

Although Java is not the biggest Island of Indonesia, it is still often still called the main Island as it has the biggest amount of Indonesian population living here. Also the main government is situated on this Island. It is the largest economy and cultural center of Indonesia. What makes Java so interesting to visit is because Java has a many culture, history and nature to offer. Also because it is easy to travel over Java by public or private transportation.

Java has an unique culture, different again as the other Island with its own language Bahasa Jawa and many legend stories. A small region on the Island is talking Bahasa Sunda (Bandung area) and Madurese (Madura). What makes this Island so special is the way how the main religion Islam is merged with the old strong traditions.

The Island has a lot of interesting history.  Many history / stories before and after the colonial times. In the most cities you can easily find beautiful buildings and constructions which where left behind after the colonial period. Outside the cities it also has many nice interesting tea, coffee, rubber and other type of plantations, with each their own story.  But you will see that every where you go, you will find back the stories and old traditions as they are so strong.

For those who like to see nature, it has several Natural Parks with forests, volcano’s and interesting maritime underwater worlds. You can even find some animals which you would not find anywhere else in the world, think about for example the Javanese Rhino.

As mentioned before traveling over Java Island is easy as there are several choices of transportation and logistic wise more and more developed. To experience Java at its best, we think you would need to make a combination of traveling by making us of public and private transportation. Don’t be afraid and take a public train between for example Bandung and Yogakarta to experience the local way of transportation and enjoy the beautiful views you pas by.

Java Travel Map

Java Travel Map

Popular Travel Route Java Island

JakartaBogorBandungPangandaranDieng PlateauBorobudur TempleYogyakartaPrambanan TempleSoloMalangMount BromoIjen CraterSurabaya / BanyuwangiBali

Things To Do & Places To Visit


Jakarta Special Capital Region (DKI Jakarta) is the main gateway to Indonesia. This vibrant city is a contrasting mix of the modern and the traditional. Its rapid growth into a metropolis reflects the economic, political, social and industrial development of the nation. In recent years, Jakarta has expanded its tourism industry, adding a large number of luxury hotels, meeting facilities, world-class golf courses, fine restaurants, exciting nightlife and shopping centers. The past few years have also seen increased efforts to preserve cultural heritage sites. Jakarta offers a wide range of water parks, the largest of which is the Ancol Bay Recreation Park complex.

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West Java

Bogor – Botanical Garden is a huge botanical garden. This garden extends in a 87-hectare plot of land and boasts some 15,000 trees and plants collection.

Bandungis the capital of West Java, popular for its wide range of culinary treats, bargain clothing stores and cool highland air. Famous also for volcano, crater, hot spring and plantations.

Pangandaran – A small fishing town, it possesses one of Java’s finest beaches and the Pangandaran Nature Reserve.

Central Java

Dieng Plateau – the site of some of the oldest Hindu temples on Java. The 50-foot high structures stand on the crater floor amidst sulfurous fumes. The road to the Dieng Plateau passes through tobacco plantations and beautiful mountain scenery.

Karimunjawa Island – is islands in Java Sea that included in Jepara regency. It is the home for coral reef, mangrove forest, beach forest, and also 400 species of sea fauna. Activities in Karimunjawa National Park such as snorkeling, diving, island hopping, trekking, sun bathing.

Semarang – the capital of Central Java province. It is a historical and industrial city. Famous for old city, architecture building and surrounding mountains.

Solo / Surakarta – the sister city of Yogyakarta. It is one of the major centres of batik, and souvenir hunters may find old Javanese antiques.


Yogyakarta stretches from the slopes of majestic Mount Merapi in the north to the wave-swept beaches of the mighty Indian Ocean to the south. This was the seat of the mighty Javanese Empire of Mataram. Yogyakarta (also called Yogya) came into being in 1775, when a land dispute split the power of Mataram into the Sultanates of Yogyakarta and Surakarta, creating one of the most powerful Javanese states ever. Yogyakarta is the main destination in Java Island and a cultural center, with the Kraton as custodian of Javanese heritage, traditions and customs

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East Java

East Java has a variety of attractions, ranging from temple sites to unspoiled beaches, stunning volcanoes, extraordinary highland lakes, resplendent marine parks and fantastic wildlife reserves. The provincial capital of East Java is Surabaya.

Malang – lies 90 kilometers south of Surabaya and is one of the most attractive hill towns in Java. A strong sense of civic pride is evident from the well maintained and elaborately painted becaks, the groomed Main Square, and clean buildings and streets. The cool climate is a welcome respite from Surabaya. About 20 kilometers from Malang, on the southern flank of Mt. Arjuna, are Selekta and Songgoriti, popular hill resorts with natural hot springs. Nearby Batu is famous for its Malang variety apple orchards.


Mount Bromo – Many locals and foreign travelers make the trek for the mystical experience of watching the sunrise from the crest of the Bromo volcano. A pony ride from the village of Ngadisari takes you over a sea of sand to the foot of the volcano. A 50 step climb is needed to reach the rim. On the vast expanse of sand, formerly a caldera, are two volcanoes: the extinct Batok, perfectly cone-shaped, and Bromo. Volcanic sulfur fumes and smoke still emanate from the depths, and when the God of Bromo begins to rumble, the surrounding local Hindu population hastens to bring offerings. The annual offering ceremony of Kasada is held on the 14th day of Kasada, the 20th month in the Tenggerese calendar year. It is a colorful event where villagers from the surroundings areas bring their humble offerings to the hallowed volcano.

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Ijen Crater –

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