Jakarta Complete Tour Guide

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. It is also the largest city located in the northwest of Java Island. The city is the center of economy, culture, and politic of the country. It’s not surprising if Jakarta is the most populous city in Indonesia even in Southeast Asia. It makes it known for the heavy traffic and pollution in high level. But in the other hand Jakarta is famous for the melting pot of Indonesian culture, vibrant nightlife, and shopping areas. The people are friendly. They like to help people and know foreigner in their life. So don’t be shy and blend in with them.

Jakarta’s Background

Jakarta is the megapolitan city and the most developed one in Indonesia. Government center is held in here, economic and politic mixed into one. Jakarta’s lifestyle is quite high like big cities in other parts of the world. But maybe the unpleasant thing is that here is very jammed, crowded, and high polluted.

Forget every uninteresting thing about this city, if you can withstand the pollution and the traffic, you can discover the charm of true Asia. The most global cities offers you plenty things to do in Jakarta starting from historical centers, to cosmopolitan shopping, green parks, nightlife, and cultural diversion.

Jakarta was once named Sunda Kelapa under the Kingdom of Pajajaran (nowadays is known as Bogor). It was popular as the port city. Until in the 1527 Prince Fatahillah from Cirebon conquered it and changed the name become Jayakarta. In the end of the 16th century, however, Jan Pieterszoon Coen (the Dutch) took the port city. The Dutch then admired Jayakarta and the port during their conquest and rebuilt the town with their Dutch style. Fort and canals, building and gardens, were built under the Dutch. Jayakarta changed into Batavia.

During this time even though many native people worked hard on the forced labor held by the Dutch and being slave, Batavia grew rapidly under the Dutch East Indies Trading Company. As well as the economic growth, the population of Chinese and Eurasian also grew within the city. By the end of VOC era in Batavia, population in Batavia had reached one million.

Free from the Dutch, Batavia then changed the name again become Jakarta, the short form of Jayakarta. After the secon world war, Indonesian declared their independence and Jakarta became Indonesia’s capital.

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How to Go to Jakarta

By Plane

The best way to come into the city from outside of Indonesia is by plane. There are many flights provide you to go to Jakarta. If there are no non-stop flights from your country to Jakarta, you should first transit in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. Dozen flights a day available between Singapore / Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. Once you get in Soekarno Hatta International Airport, the next thing to do is to get a taxi to escort you to your hotel. Or if you are alone and brings simple items on your holiday, you can also use taxi motor (GoJek, Grab, and Uber). But first you need to install the application in your phone.

By Train

Other way to come is by train. This is perfect for you who has reached Indonesia and go to several beautiful city or province in the country. Like for example if you go from Yogyakarta / Jogja, it is better to use train. It’s fast and comfortable. Or maybe you are from East Java, or Central Java, you can also choose train as your best transportation to Jakarta. Some hints for you, it is better to book the train ticket far before your departure. You can get the ticket in the station via website or direct for the more convenient reason, and even in the marts like Indomaret and Alfamart. After that you can choose to arrive in Gambir Station, Pasar Senen Station, Jatinegara Station, or Kota Station.

By Bus

It’s just another alternative, by bus. Same as train, bus can be used if you are from other city in Java Island. Though using bus may not as comfortable and fast as train, but it is very helpful if you wish to save your budget.

Get Around Jakarta

There are several ways to explore the whole Jakarta. From bus, taxi motor, taxi, and even private transportation are available for you. But we recommend the best way to explore. The easiest way to explore is joining Jakarta tour package. Like in Pamitran Tours, we offer you the best package and destination to go. If you use our package you don’t need to bother about the transportation, the hotels, and the rute to several destinations you interested in. You will be escorted to top attraction such as Pulau Seribu (Seribu Island), Kota Tua, Monas (national monument), and many more.

Things To Do in Jakarta

As the largest city in Indonesia and the most well developed one, there are many exciting things to do in Jakarta. First of all explore the attraction. You can visit dozens of museums, Kota Tua, Ancol, and even get across to Seribu Island where you will find quieter and more peaceful nuance of Jakarta. Second is window shopping. If you go with your family this will be so much fun. Or, you can watch movies in premium cinema. Not only that, you can enjoy the nightlife, music festivals, do sports, and etc. To see other activities you can read also: Several Best Things to Do in Jakarta.

Jakarta Best Attractions

What you know first about Jakarta? The Monas (National Monument), Kota Tua (Old City) or Seribu Island? They are all Jakarta best attractions and still many more to see in this crowded city. Like for example, if you bring your kids with you, you can invite them to Ancol Dreamland. This is the best theme park so far in Jakarta consist of 27 rides and 8 pools. Other is Maritime Museum to see maritime greatness of Jakarta during the Dutch colonial era. While Wayang (Javanese puppet) Museum keeping the oldest method of storytelling, wayang (shadow puppet) traditions and its relic, and it can be visited in the western part of Fatahillah Square. See also: Jakarta Attractions.

Jakarta Nightlife

Jakarta never sleeps. In the night, the life of real Jakarta is increasingly visible. Not like any other city in Indonesia, it is the most active city in the night where you can enjoy the time in several bars, café, nightclub, or even hunting music festivals to art performances like theater, dance, and traditional performance. Bars and clubs are quite a lot here. Some of them are known to be visited by wealthy people and Jakarta entrepreneurs. But if you wish to feel Jakarta in a calmer way, café is the best option. Several cafes popular for the coffee, several are for the best breads and local to international cuisine, and several other famous for the snacks. For you who like to spend the night in an artist way, try to see art performances. Check out the schedule first.

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Shopping in Jakarta

Whether you are thrifty or wasteful, shopping in Jakarta is a must thing to do. Like we all know it is the center for many exciting items you can find in the markets, mall, boutique, and etc. There are over 170 shopping centres here. Buying the merchandise, batik, craft, and wayang (puppet) will be so interesting. The key areas for shopping here are the markets and shopping center or malls. If you want to have batik, or wayang puppets, handicrafts, and souvenir the best one is at Jalan Surabaya, Menteng. The wholesale fabrics and cheap clothing are in Tanah Abang Market which always crowded by the locals. Don’t go here during weekend.

Pasar Santa in the other hand offer antique and vintage items, and don’t miss the coffee kiosks. Else are Mangga Dua mall in North Jakarta, Thamrin City, Plaza Indonesia, Senayan City, Mall of Indonesia, Plaza Senayan, Grand Indonesia, and many more. Check out more in: Places for Shopping Jakarta.

Exploring Local Culinary of Jakarta

Culinary mash-up is the ordinary thing you will find in Jakarta as Indonesia consists of many diversities including in its culinary. Local Jakarta food can be easily found and not to mention various recipes from all over Indonesia. As if not satisfied you can find also Arabic fusion, Indian, Dutch, and any other mix of Asian culinary here. The price is ranging from Rp 80.000 (the cheapest) up to over Rp 200.000 (the expensive). Read also: Culinary in Jakarta.

Restaurant in Jakarta

If you want to also taste other dishes not only from local Jakarta, we have recommendation of some best restaurant. Some restaurant offers you cuisine from many countries around the world, but some of them are the best for the Indonesia cuisine. Check out the list in: Recommended Restaurant in Jakarta.

Hotels in Jakarta to Stay

So where to stay in Jakarta? Do not confuse, as finding best hotels to cheap one is so much easy. There are many hotels from five stars to simple and cheap guesthouse for you. All you need to do is search them and choose one of the most suitable with your need. Ready to know some recommendation of Jakarta hotels? Check it out on: Jakarta Hotels.

Best Time to Visit

Actually anytime is the best time to visit Jakarta since it has tropical climate in which it is perfect for fine holiday. But remembering there might be floods in the city during wet season, dry season between May and September will be the best one. In Christmas or Ramadan, the two major holidays in Indonesia, prices tend to skyrocket so for the backpackers you can choose another time than this.

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