Caving Climbing Trekking

Caving Climbing Trekking

One of the adventure activities in Indonesia is caving. Lots of caves are explored; some of them are documented well by the Head of Geotourism Commission. Caves in Indonesia also facing an impact of development, especially karsts caves. Mt. Sewu in Java Island is composed by more than 10,000 m high coconut-shellshaped hills, a morphological characteristic of dissolved karst. The dissolving karst eventually formed some hollow spaces and turn into underground caves. The Luweng Ombo cavity has 110 m depth.

The Republic of Indonesia is the world’s most expansive archipelago, stretching almost 5,000 km from Sabang off the northern tip of Sumatra, to a little beyond Merauke in Southeastern Papua. It stretches north and south of the equator for a total of 1,770 km, from the border with Sabah to the small island of Rote off the southern tip of Timor.

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Indonesia is certainly the place to get a high adrenalin and excitement for your holiday. Unique geologic and climatic conditions have created spectacularly sharp contracts; towering ice capped mountains, steaming jungles and glaciers. Idyllic palm – fringed beaches, carefully manicured terraced hills and savannahs; monumental expressions of here are an amazing variety of biodiversity. The choices are enormous and are sure to keep any visitor to these shores captivated.

Most parts of the country’s island are mountains; in Papua there are peaks so high they are snowcapped year-round. North-central Kalimantan and much of Central Sulawesi are also mountainous, but in most other parts of Indonesia volcanoes dominate the skyline. Any visit to this amazing archipelago will, more than not, be too short. There is simply too much to see and do but never enough time.

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