A Complete Bandung Travel Guide

Bandung travel guide city or is called Kota Bandung by the local, become the capital of West Java Province. This is the biggest metropolitan city in the province. The city of flower is its another name, because there are many trees and various flowers decorate the town. It is also dubbed Parijs van Java by the Dutch government for its beauty and comfort.

Bandung Indonesia map is located in 140 km southeast of Jakarta. If you go to Bandung from Jakarta by car, you will need for about three hours to arrive. It is faster if you use train.

There is also much history in this city. It is the first place in Indonesia where the first technical institute, ITB now, built. The Asian-African Conference of 1955 was organized here so that Bandung got a big name in the eyes of the world. As if endless, this city also gets the nickname of fashion city because it becomes a shopping paradise of various kinds of good and souvenirs typical of Bandung and other areas of Indonesia, to the modern and international fashion style.

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9 Must See Attractions in Bandung

What can you do for your Bandung Travel Guide? What are the interesting places in the city of flower? Is there any unique Bandung tourism? Don’t waste your time to question much because here are the 9 must see attractions in Bandung.

Tangkuban Perahu Crater

The legendary Tangkuban Perahu (boat-turned-mountain) is an icon in Bandung. It is a stratovolcano which has a quite unique tourism. People will get close to the crater to see the hot water springs and boiling mud, and buying egg that cooked on the hot surface.

Kawah Putih (White Crater)

White crater, a place so iconic in Bandung is also need to be visited. This lake is created from the eruption of Mount Patuha. The water is murky white and there is also white sand around the lake. The growing plants are weird and look a bit mollified, adding the mystical impression as if it comes from another world. This place is often used as a shooting location and photos with unique themes as well, and should be the perfect one to introduce Bandung Indonesia points of interest.

Floating Market Lembang

Visiting the Lembang floating market will certainly reminds you to that of Thailand’s floating market. Similarly, the floating market Bandung is selling Bandung food that you can taste to feel the authentic Indonesian cuisine. Other activities besides culinary tours are rowing boats, riding ATVs, water cycling around the lake, and looking at cactus gardens.

Malabar Tea Plantation and Factory

Bandung is famous of its tea plantation and factory. While you come to Malabar area you can see a vast tea fields around you. Experience also picking tea leaves, explore the factory, and tasting the product after all.

Saung Angklung Udjo

Now this is the time for you to know the original art of Bandung in Saung Angklung Udjo. This is the place where you can found the traditional instrument of Angklung and other traditional dance. Angklung is a musical instrument made of bamboo pieces, which if shaken will produce a distinctive voice that became a tradition of Pasundan land music. This place was built by Bandung renowned artist, Udjo Ngalegana, and the funds obtained from this tourist spot are donated to poor children around.

Famous Street in Bandung

There are several famous street to stroll around and go shopping. Remember, Bandung is Paris van Java which is famous for the best fashion style and quality. Other than that people can try its culinary. The recommended one is Dago Street, Braga Street, and Riau Street.

Farmhouse Milk Lembang

European farm and plantation mixed with Indonesian can be found in Farmhouse Milk Lembang. The atmosphere is so unique, but a more suitable style for family-friendly tour. Children will immerse in their world while adults can enjoy the stunning scenery while drinking pure milk.

Cai Ranca Upas Ciwidey

In Cai Ranca Upas village you can be friend with the deer. Located in a plateau of 1.700 mdpl, you can relax in a cool breeze air, while feeding the deer and come into contact with them.

Hawu Mountain

This place is perfect for testing your adrenaline and seeking things to do in Bandung like climbing, trekking, and hammocking activities. The limestone cliffs are quite high and there will be so much interesting scenery you can get when you get into its peak. You can take pictures of superheroes theme on the cliff tops.

Hawu has a very famous spot for photographer. It is a cliff that has a hole in the middle. If the sun is hot, the light can penetrate the center of the hole so that people who stand under it will be amazed to see this scene. This cliff is the origin of the name of Mount Hawu. Hawu means stove for cooking in Sundanese. The hole in this cliff has a resemblance to a typical Indonesian fireplace hole.

Nearby Tourism in Bandung City

Bandung is best to explore when you also go to the other interesting places around it. Some of them are:

  • Jakarta: the capital city of Indonesia. Modern and metropolitan city.
  • Bogor: the city famous for its gardens and flora.
  • Yogyakarta: the cultural and historical city in Indonesia.

Bandung Nightlife 

Exploring the beauty of Bandung is not only when the sun is above your head. Spend your vacation for night tours in this city. Here are some things you can do for Bandung night tour.

Strolling around Cibadak, Dago Street, and Sate Building

The first thing to do at night is walking around Cibadak Street and Dago. This is the perfect place for hang out with friends as like typical Bandung nightlife Indonesia. You can meet many cheap snacks or foods that are usually sold by the street vendors. They are open till late at 12 a.m.

Soak Yourself in Hot Spring Tangkuban Perahu

If you are interested to feel the warm water produced by the sulfur pool, try to visit Hot Spring Resort located near Tangkuban Perahu. The place is always full of people and get into the peak at holiday. They usually come to the pool and soak themselves at 11 p.m until 2 a.m or even 3.

Taste Indonesian Coffee and Cuisine

Another night activities in Bandung is to drink coffee and taste the local cuisine of Bandung. Some of the best places to find coffee are Ngopi Doeloe, Kopi Ireng, Kopi Progo, and Roemah Kopi which has Arabica and Robusta coffee original from Indonesia. For you who want to also taste Indonesian culinary can come to Braga Street. If you are lucky you can find Braga Culinary Night which will give you time to feel the local or even international food. Many restaurants here build with unique architecture, so it is sometimes used as photo background.

Have Romantic Time in Hills Area

Going with your couple can be a good choice for you, because you can go with her or him to hills area and enjoying the romantic view from above. The two best hills area are Bukit Bintang (Star Hills) and Caringin Tilu. Come to this place earlier so you can spend your romantic time to see sunset. After that the view will be changed to the city light under the hills. Don’t forget to bring jacket because the weather is very cold and fog sometimes come.

Enjoying Nightclub

Bandung also has several best nightclubs. Here you can have party with other foreigner and of course local people. Enjoy the music and dance which will make your night super fun.

Best Places for Shopping in Bandung

Apart from its unique tourist attractions, the city is known as the Indonesian Paris as it is the most complete shopping center of fashion. Here you can find local to international brands. And Indonesian style fashion to overseas with guaranteed quality. You can also do cheap shopping in Bandung because there are many markets. But if you want to buy branded items, you can go to factory outlet in Bandung. Check it below.

  1. Pasar Baru Trade Center

Becoming the largest shopping center in Bandung makes Pasar Baru Trade Center a place that must be visited. The products are quite complete and the price is affordable. But the quality is certainly best. The market is always full of traders and tourists who want to try cheap shopping in Bandung.

  1. Cihampelas Street

Cihampelas Street is also the icon of Bandung Indonesia shopping. Because of that, this street is always crowded by people. The goods that are quite famous here is a t-shirt with funny words and souvenirs typical of Bandung that can be brought home as Bandung souvenirs.

  1. Cibaduyut Market

The next recommended place of where to go shopping in Bandung is Cibaduyut Market. It is a center of bags and leather shoes. The goods are original made in Indonesia so it is very durable although used many times. The competitiveness of its products is also not inferior to the famous products in the mall. Shopping here means you will get high quality products at a cheaper price than in the mall or factory outlet.

  1. Dago Street

The location that is often used as a place to hang out is also save a number of distro that sells the best fashion in Bandung. The price is affordable and the style is also up to date. Some distro sell branded clothing. Walking in this area and you can even buy souvenir typical of the flower city.

  1. Factory Outlets

Bandung City Guide

foto by : jotravelguide

The last recommendation for shopping in Bandung is the factory outlets. There are many of them in this city, but some of the popular are Heritage, Rumah Mode, Grande Fashion Gallery, The Summit, Stamp, and Terminal Tas. If you want to find branded items from all over the world, try Heritage, Rumah Mode, The Summit, and Grande Fashion Gallery. They provide you import bags, clothes, accessories, and shoes, and even export goods. While if you want to shop the unique clothes and fabric from Indonesia, you can go to Stamp. Goods sold here made in Indonesia and the icon in Stamp is the original shoes made by Cibaduyut craftsmen. Same as Stamp, Terminal Tas also the center for made in Indonesia bags.

How to Go to Bandung City

By Air

Bandung is accessible by air. There are direct domestic flight from Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Bali, Surakarta, and almost from anywhere else in Indonesia region. As for the international flight, the direct flight can only be done via Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore.

By Train

You can catch a train if you are already inside Indonesia region. From Jakarta, Bogor, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and more you can use train to save the budget. Of course it is the best and on budget option if you are from around Central Java or East Java region.

By Car

The easiest way is if you come from Jakarta or Bogor. Car can be used to go to Bandung and it’s approximately just 2.5 hours drive. For that, you can trust us to rent car bandung. The price is affordable and the car can be used easily to get around Bandung wherever you like.

Best Time to Visit

During the dry season is the best chance to go here and to almost other area in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. It is from June to September where the rainfall is very little to none everyday. Bandung weather is also colder compare to Jakarta for example because it is a highland, similar to Bogor. In the dry season this is a typical perfect trip to Bandung, right?

Best Hotel to Stay in Bandung

The city has popular hotels. Some of them designed uniquely to make the stay of the guests perfect. So, make sure you will stay overnight in one of these hotel:

  • Kamojang Green Hotel and Resort
  • Lakeside Rancabali
  • Grafika Cikole
  • GH Universal Hotel
  • Villa Air Natural Resort

Let’s explore Bandung and it best attractions with Pamitran Tours. Our Bandung Tour Package is the cheapest and of course the best in quality. Contact us for complete offer and price information.

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