About Pamitran

Pamitran is specialized in organizing tours through Indonesia, including the remotest of areas such as the mysterious Sumba Islands and the charming Flores. Through its well-planned tours, friendly service, and touch of expertise, Pamitran provides its clients quality tours through the numerous islands of the Indonesian archipelago.

Our Services

Pamitran provides several kinds of services. We advise our clients about the best spots in Indonesia and develop adjusted tours which fit our clients’ wishes and needs. We make it possible for them to have the journey they will never forget. We provide several example of tours on our website, which of course are possible to adjust. Take a look and let your dreams become true. Beside tours, we also provide transport services. If you’d like to explore Indonesia, but want to have more flexibility in your own program, renting a motorbike, car, van or bus is maybe something for you. When you’ve already made a program but need some help with booking flight tickets, train tickets or even hotels, don’t hesitate and contact us for more information. We provide yet another service, our ticketing desk. We will help you to get what you are looking for in the right budget. Take a look at our website for more information and inspiration. Pamitran “Pertemanan – Friendship”


We make your travels through Indonesia unforgettable!

Pamitran wants you to enjoy all the beauty that Indonesia has to offer. Together with you, we make individually-tailored programs that meet your demands. You can enjoy the trip to its fullest and explore places you’ve always dreamt to visit. Pamitran gives you the possibility to combine the freedom to choose places you wish to visit with the security of a packaged tour.

Indonesia consists of many islands, and each island has its own specialty. The numerous islands of Indonesia and the people of Indonesia enable you to experience the diversity of cultures, traditions, and an intact, truly pristine nature. We leave it entirely up to you to decide how you want to travel through this fantastic country. You can be someone who prefers traveling luxuriously or you could be someone who prefers traveling in backpacker style. Our professional and enthusiastic tour operators are at your service in order to design your journey together with you.

Especially for those who travel individually, we also organize sightseeing activities such as visiting the beautiful centuries-old temples in Indonesia or climbing the mighty volcano Merapi in easy to join groups. We will make sure that you travel without any worries and problems. We assure that with Pamitran, you will experience Indonesia at its best.

We guarantee you a trip you will never forget!

Mission of Pamitran: “Conservation of the travel agency “Pamitran”, which foresees the need to offer personalized services such as tour, transport, and ticketing throughout Indonesia, all with good quality services.”

For Pamitran it is really important that every trip will be adjusted to the clients’ wishes. Indonesia is a country with rich nature, culture, and many interesting sights. All trips and activities organized by Pamitran are led by professionals  and are able to book with or without guide. The program can consist of visiting the regular visit sights in Indonesia, but Pamitran will make the program more interesting by providing special activities which would bring the clients closer to the real Indonesian life. Pamitran provides activities for everyone (active, adventure, relaxing, and also cultural activities).

Some sightseeing activity examples are:
•    Hiking through nature;
•    Introduction to Indonesian local life;
•    Introduction to the Indonesian language;
•    Introduction to the Indonesian house factories (Tahu, Tempe, Gula Jawa etc.);
•    Introduction to how typical Indonesian products are made (Gong, Wayang Golek (wooden puppet), Silver, Batik etc.);
•    Rafting, Climbing Mount Merapi or other mountains, diving, surfing and other outdoor activities;
•    Golf;
•    Cultural trips to heritage (many temples and old Colonial architecture can be found in Indonesia), getting to know the history about the formal colonization of Indonesia;
•    Workshops like batik painting, cooking lessons etc;
•    Visiting artistic performances as for example the Ramayana Ballet;
•    NEW MOTORBIKE TOURS (daily, multiple days, week(s))

These activities can also be booked by tourists who are not traveling with Pamitran!
Pamitran arranges the pickup, brings the tourists to the place where the activity takes place and afterwards, the tourists are brought back to their hotel or other places where they want to go. It is possible to arrange full-day trips, spread trips over several days or just rent a car with a personal driver. Pamitran makes it all possible for all clients.
Indonesia attracts many tourists. There are those who book their trips through an agency and there are those who travel on their own. The individual travelers like to fill in their trip on there own. Also for these travelers Pamitran offers the possibility to experience Indonesia at its best.  Travelers are also able to book separate activities, tours, transport, tickets (plane / train / ferry) and hotels at Pamitran.

Our Clients

•    Indosat TBK Yogyakarta
•    PT Citra Jakarta
•    Dinas Pendidikan DKI Jakarta
•    Dinas Kebudayaan Provinsi Yogyakarta
•    Yamaha Harpindo Jl Mataram Yogyakarta
•    PT. Mindo Yogyakarta
•    Red Awning
•    JogjaMag Yogyakarta
•    Bank Panin
•    Dinas Kecamatan Pulau Berau Kalimantan
•    IBM Jakarta
•    BAPPENAS Jakarta
•    PT Sabilina Jakarta
•    PT Panca Amara Utama
•    Samsung Jakarta
•    PT Rifan Financindo Bandung

•    Apotek Bayeman Yogyakarta
•    PT Technip Balikpapan
•    PT Konexindo Jakarta
•    Universitas Respati Yogyakarta
•    PT Kibar Jakarta
•    PT Poyry Indonesia
•    PT Energi Pelabuhan Indonesia
•    PT MU3 Yogyakarta
•    PT Vega Marina Yogyakarta
•    PT Krakatau Indah
•    PT Sampoerna Surabaya
•    Clara Indonesia
•    Artis film Haji Backpacker
•    Kla Project dan crew
•    Cak Lontong
•    Cowboy Junior dan crew and more