About Pamitran

Pamitran is a good developed company 217032_2003511526324_1199675347_2462973_3817913_n.jpg_3_400specializing in traveling through Indonesia. Through its proprietary products, services and wealth of expertise, Pamitran provides clients unblased expert tours through Indonesia. The company also advice clients about the best spots in Indonesia but prefers to develop a journey together with the clients.

On our website you can find some examples of tours and activities, but we prefer and pursue to a customized tour or activity. All these tours and activities will be developed together with you! Take a look around at our website for more information and ideas.


"Pertemanan - Friendship"


Travelling through Indonesia on an unforgettable way;

Pamitran want you to enjoy all the beauty of what Indonesia has to offer.
How? That is something you can decide completely. Together with you we make a total customized program which fits to your demands and so we can create an unforgettable journey. Pamitran gives the possibility to combine individual freedom with the security of a whole organized tour. If you are more interested in separate activities like visiting some of the beautiful temples in Indonesia or climb the volcano Mount Merapi, even then you came to the right place.

Indonesia consists of many islands, each island has its own diversity. This provides Indonesia a diversity of interesting culture, ancient treasures and (intact) nature.
We leave it entirely to you how you want to travel through this fantastic country. If you prefer traveling luxury or just primitive, for us it does not matter. Our professionals and enthusiastic tour operators are standing completely at your service for creating your journey together with you. We make sure that you can travel without worries and problems, so you can experience Indonesia at its best.

We guarantee you a trip you will never forget!


Advantages of traveling with Pamitran;

  • Expert personal advice from a travel specialist that knows the country like no other! We make your program more interesting by the specific activities which bring you closer to the real Indonesian life;
  • Experienced, local guides are selected with an incomparable knowledge of the country and the people;
  • Carefully selected hotels and pensions, we do not always count the stars;
  • Small scale, location and atmosphere are very important for Pamitran;
  • All will be customized to your needs, from hotels, transport to hot spots;
  • Pamitran is a local travel agency and businesses is directly arranged with hotels or carriers. There is no additional intermediary between that also need to earn from it. Therefore we can offer a strong value for money.

Mission of Pamitran: "Conservation of the travel agency" Pamitran", which foresees the need to offer personalized tours or separate activities throughout Indonesia, where the customers are fully included in the organization of the tour or separate activities."