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June 3, 2016
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Imogiri Pine Forest : Hidden Beauty in South Yogyakarta

Imogiri Pine Forest : Hidden Beauty in South Yogyakarta

Hutan PinusImogiri Pine Forest is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Yogyakarta. Destinations begun to attract local teens at the beginning of this year, and since then this destination has attracted a lot of travelers, both travelers from Yogyakarta or from outside Yogyakarta. As the name implies, Imogiri Pine Forest is located in the southern part of Yogyakarta, precisely in Imogiri.

Imogiri Pine Forest offers exotic beauty of hundreds of towering pine tree. This forest will become famous reddish brown color of the soil, the air is fresh, cool wind, and the sun peeking in between tree clawing the sky. Renowned for its romantic scenery, the forest became one spot of interest as a place to take pictures. Many photographers, both amateur and professional, to make this place as a destination for the photoshoot. Users of social media were competing to come to this place to take pictures and upload to their account.

Because it lies at altitude, visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the hills that lie to the south of Yogyakarta. A third-degree viewing post made of wood built to accommodate visitors.

Interested to see it with your own eyes? Imogiri Pine Forest is a 45-minute journey by car or motorbike from the city center. We recommend that you visit Imogiri Pine Forest in the morning, when the sun is most flattering look. No charge admission.

Imogiri Pine Forest

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