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Banyusumurup Center of Keris Accessories

Bayusumurup Center

Banyusumurup Centre will educated you about Keris or known as kris is an asymmetrical dagger with distinctive blade-patterning achieved through alternating laminations of iron and nickelous iron (wikipedia)

Both a weapon and spiritual object, kris are often considered to have an essence or presence, considered to possess magical powers, with some blades possessing good luck and others possessing badDepending on the quality and historical value of the kris, it can fetch thousands of dollars or more.

In 2005, UNESCO gave the title Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity to the kris of Indonesia. In return, UNESCO urged Indonesia to preserve their heritage.

Banyusumurup Centre is a village located in Bantul, the Yogyakarta Special Province. This village is known for the craftsmanship of its people in making this traditional weapon. So it is not strange that this village turns into the center for the making of keris (wavybladed ceremonial dagger) accessories. In this village, tourists can enjoy and observe the making of various keris accessories and the process of kris decorating. Here, tourists have the chance to get complete picture of how to create this traditional weapon along with its accessories. This area can only be reached by private vehicle or taxi because public transportation such as city buses are not available for this route. Whatever the condition is, try to visit and get the opportunity to see and experience firsthand the practice of making kris accessories such as warangka (sheath of kris) and pendok (kris handle) and it’s just in Banyusumurup centre.

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