Aceh is a province located in the Westernmost of the Indonesia region bordered with Malacca strait in the north which is the strategic marine transportation location in the world. In the history of the word trade. Aceh has known as the spice producer area, so that invited the attention of province of Aceh also inherite various historical sites such as “The Kingdom of Samudra Pasai in XIII Century”, art and culture that can be visited until today. Aceh also rich of unique and diversity of natural tourism object. Aceh has 73 rivers, 3 lakes and 663 island and have 334 tourism objects (228 natural tourism, 91 historical and cultural tourism and 25 special interest attraction).

The Kingdom of Sultanate Aceh was a long-lived state with a rich cultural heritage that although thick with Islamic influences also till kept remnants of it’s Hindu past in it’s customs, art and everyday traditions. Nevertheless, the shades and the raditional values of Islam dominate the art and traditions of Aceh, the messages of Islam are predominate in the culture of Aceh; respect-fullness, energetic and heroic in all aspects of life.

Aceh has been a cosmopolitan society since it’s beginnings. Aceh itself faces the Straits of Malacca, one of the world’s most important sea traffic lanes that connects Western markets with the countries of Asean and East Asia in particular with China, Korea & Japan. The Acehnese people themselves tradition-ally show great respect to visitors. The Acehnese themselves are descended from various ethnic and religious backgrounds that have nevertheless lived in harmony throughout history.

Aceh has tropical climate, so that allow it rains allover the year, although the possibility of rain in Aceh all the year, but seasonal changes can be occured. The dry season usually occurs from Juli to September which preceded by dry season since the end of March. Generally, the climate condition in the north of Aceh is hot temperature between 25-30 celcius degree and can be reach to 32 celcius degree in the dry season. While in the high land generally range between 19-20 celcius degree.

Aceh has a lots of potential, especially the culture and nature. It has lots of beach, combining to beautiful mountain landscapes and culture.

Information about Sabang & Weh Island. (Popular for diving, snorkeling, and famous in natural beauty.)

Places of Interest :

  • Baiturrahman Great Mosque
  • Museum Tsunami
  • Museum Aceh
  • Kapal Apung PLTD
  • Lampuuk Beach
  • Zero Kilometer Statue, Sabang
  • Iboih, Sabang
  • Guha Tujouh, Laweung, Pidie
  • Samudera Pasee, North Aceh
  • Ketambe, Aceh
  • Mount Leuseur National Park

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Aceh & Sabang (Weh Island)